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2 In 1 CNC Plasma Cutting Table with Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Model: EA-PL1530ST

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Plasma Generator: Hypertherm 65amp (Made in the USA)

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC CNC Plasma Tube Cutter | Sheet

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$10,580 / SET

Price Range: USD6000 to USD25000 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

HS Code: 845640

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: CNC Plasma Tube Cutter | Sheet and Pipe Cut 2 In 14.8/5 based on 89 reviews 



EA-PL1530ST, plasma cutting cnc table is a popular 2 in 1 cutting solution for users. As a two-function cnc plasma cutter tables, it can cut circular pipes as well as sheet metal materials. It can cut flat patterns on various sheet metals such as carbon steel, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc., and can cut off the round tube or cut various shapes on the round tube. We can see from the machine photo, there is a rotary axis on the right side of the plasma table. This rotary is the rotating pipe cutter. With a 5x10 flat plasma table, it can cut sheet metal which is undersize of 1500x3000mm. In the aspect of the plasma cutter, the Hypertherm 65amp from the USA is adopted to ensure the smoothness and verticality of the cut. Suggested Max. cut thickness for Hypertherm 65apm is 10mm carbon steel. Please note it is not the limit, just a proper value we suggested. The plasma cutting system is adopted Starfire with an arc voltage torch height controller (known as T.H.C). EagleTec CNC plasma cutting table with Hypertherm plasma cutter for sale at a good price now.

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Demo Video: How Does EagleTec 2 in 1 Plasma Cutting CNC Table Work?

CNC Plasma Cut Table Specification

● The heavy-duty machine frame is welded by a steel structure and then subjected to vibration stress relief treatment to eliminate welding stress. Good mechanical structure stability.

5x10 cnc plasma table with rotating tube cutter

● The Y-axis adopts a double synchronous drive system, which effectively ensures the speed and accuracy of the whole cnc plasma machine.

cnc plasma tube cutter for circular pipe cutting

● The rotating device is placed on one side of the cnc plasma table; it is movably designed to move the position as needed.

cnc plasma table with rotary device at side

● High-quality plasma cutting torch.

plasma cutting torch of cnc plasma tube cutter

● The user-friendly roller design greatly facilitates the loading and unloading work of metal sheets.

rollers on cnc plasma table 5x10

● The machine is equipped with a high-sensitivity arc-voltage torch height control system that automatically adjusts and selects the optimum cutting distance to ensure the cutting accuracy of the workpiece.

plasma cutting system with torch height controller

● CNC system for plasma cutting, StarFire brand. With an LED display; The operation tips can be promptly displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the operator can master the machine operation with simple training.

● This machine has unique smoking and dust removal device for a clean working environment.

smoke and dust remove fan on cnc plasma table

● Hypertherm 65amp plasma source cut with excellent smoothness and verticality.

hypertherm plasma source 65amp

Application of CNC Plasma Cutting Table 2 In 1 Machine


The machine is widely used in the fields of lamps, petroleum, chemical, machinery, pressure vessels, aerospace, and other manufacturing fields.

Cutting Capacity

Can cut any pattern on sheet metal and orbital tubes, also can cut off round pipes. 

Applicable Materials 

Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, copper, and aluminum.

Quick Details of Plasma Cutting Table CNC with Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

● Heavy-duty frame

● Hypertherm 65amp plasma cutter

● Flat cutting size: 1500x3000mm

● Rotary cutting size: 300x3000mm (diameter x length)

● StarFire plasma cutting control system

● Arc voltage torch height controller 

● Plasma cutting Burn table

● High precision linear guideways

● Stepper drive

There Are Many Other Options Concerning the Configuration for You

● Plasma source options:

Hypertherm from USA - 45amp, 85amp, 105amp, 125amp and 200 amp.

Chinese HuaYuan plasma source – 63amp, 100amp, 120amp, 160amp and 200amp.

● The flame cutting torch can be added to this plasma machine as needed.

● The drive system can be upgraded to the Japanese Panasonic AC servo system.

Packing detail of EagleTec 2 in 1 CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

● To get the cnc plasma cut table accommodated in the container, the gantry of EA-PL1530ST will be knocked down when packing; after that, the full machine will be tightly wrapped with wrapping film and packing into a strong plywood case which is ideal for a long time sea shipping.

● Packing case dimension is 3700x2250x1850mm, approx. 15.4CBM.

we are packing the cnc plasma table with round pipe cutter

Technical Support on EagleTec CNC Plasma Cutter Table

● One-to-one tutorials and instructions will be provided to you with detailed operational steps. The tutorials are a specific guide for model EagleTec EA-PL1530ST, not a general one for many models. Only in this way can make our users use the plasma machine as soon as possible.

● Online global technical support is available for you at any time.

Technical Parameters of Heavy Duty Steel Cutting CNC Plasma Cutter

Machine TypeIndustrial Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Size for Flat1500x3000mm
Cutting Size for Rotary300x3000mm (diameter x length)
Cutting Speed0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Rotary Feed Rate0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Plasma SourceUSA Hypertherm 65amp
Max. Quality Cut Thickness10mm of carbon steel
CNC Plasma ControllerStarfire Brand with LED display in English
Communication InterfaceUSB
Communication CodeInternational standard G-code
Auto Arc Voltage T.H.CEquipped
Linear Guide Rail Square type, 20mm 
Drawers Optional
Plasma TableBlade type, burn table, with smoke removing fan 
Driving MotorStepper
TransmissionRack and pinion
CNC Plasma SoftwareFASTCAM in English
Plasma Table Working PowerAC220V, single phase 
Plasma Source Working PowerAC380V, 3Ph
Air Pressure Requirement0.4 ~ 0.5 MPa (4~5 kg/cm2)
Packing Size3800x2000x1550mm (12CMB around)
Gross Weight1500KGS

If you like the two-in-one cnc plasma cutting table for sale here, please contact us now for pricing.


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