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Mr. Moyer from U.S. – Mini Woodturning CNC Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Jun. 01, 2022 Last Purchase Item: EagleTec Mini Woodturning CNC Lathe EA-T8025A From: The U.S.

“Thank you so much for your help after purchase. I am really enjoying the machine and it's capabilities. Your customer service is great.”

“Thank you for being so responsive. I almost got everything figured out.”

“The machine is working great, I have everything figured out.”

“Thank you so much for your help. Your customer service has been amazing, I am very happy with the service.” 

Our Story

On May 17, 2022, we received inquiries from Moyer. The customer mentioned in his quest that he was looking for a mini woodturning cnc for making Kendama. After comprehensively considering the processing and production characteristics of Kendama, we sent a commercial proposal to the customer; in the proposal, we recommended the model EA-T8025A because this lathe can meet not only the production needs of customers but also the equipment with the highest production efficiency.

The client was very interested in our proposal and responded positively. From May 17 to May 19, he inquired about the requirements of the wood blank shape, the working demonstration of the CNC wood lathe, and the shipping cost to the San Diego seaport in the United States. We have given clear explanations and confirmations for these points that customers care about one by one.

On May 20, the customer emailed us the drawing of the product he was going to make to double-check that the proposed machine could make them. We took the received drawings to the technicians for confirmation and then replied to the customer that the suggested lathe was the perfect fit for his needs.

On May 25, the customer said he still had some questions before purchasing and asked if he could arrange a skype conference. We agreed to a video conference on May 26 at 8:30 pm PST.


Next, we conducted a video conference as scheduled. And answered the questions of customers one by one. After the video conference, we issued a proforma invoice at the client's request and sent it to him. After receiving the proforma invoice we sent, the customer replied that he would wire the down payment to us soon.


On June 1, the client notified us that he had sent the down payment. We received the customer's deposit on June 2. We put the customer's order into production and informed him that the expected completion date is July 4.

Our production team got the wood lathe ready ahead of schedule on June 23. We email photos and test videos of the lathe to the customer. He is delighted with the video and pictures and confirms the remaining balance amount.

mini woodturning cnc for making Kendama

We received the balance payment for the lathe from the customer on August 10. Then we immediately booked the shipping space with the freight forwarder. Then we informed the customer of the expected departure date and asked him to contact the local customs broker in advance; in the next few days, the customer needed to submit the ISF form to the US customs.

On August 18, we got the cnc wood turning machine trucked to the port of departure - Qingdao, China.

eagletec cnc wood turning machine in the crate

The vessel carrying the customer's lathe set sail from Qingdao Port on August 25 for the other side of the Pacific Ocean - the United States.


The customer received the machine he ordered on October 5.

On October 6, the customer said that an error code appeared in the inverter after turning on the machine. We instructed the customer to check the wiring, the status of the emergency stop switch, etc.; we found that none of these were the cause of the problem. The customer suddenly realized that he had connected the lathe to 110V electricity instead of 220V. This is the real reason. We confirmed with the customer that the woodworking cnc should be connected to 220V~240V single-phase, 16A electricity. After the customer corrected the input power, the lathe worked great.

eagletec mini woodturning cnc review 1

On October 11, the customer told us that he had made a finished product with the new lathe and was delighted with the output.

turned Kendama sample by eagletec mini woodturning cnc

On October 12, the customer told us that he had made a new drawing, but the production finish of the new drawing was not ideal. He asked us what we recommend. We gave some suggestions, but the client figured it out himself. His graphic is too pixelated; after cleaning, it works well.

eagletec mini woodturning cnc ea-t8025a review

On October 14, we helped the customer solve the issue that the internal cutter could not normally work with the G-code he exported. We found that the code for activating the inner turning tool was missing in the file output by the customer. We sent the corrected code to the customer and asked him to throw it on the lathe for testing. The customer told us that he had solved the problem.

Mr. Moyer from U.S. – Mini Woodturning CNC Reviews

On October 15, customers asked about the application scenarios of different knives. We have answered all the questions from our customers. Customers have praised our after-sales service and machine performance.

eagletec mini woodturning cnc ea-t8025a comment

On November 2, we followed up with the customer and asked him if he had solved the problem of incorrect product shape details caused by using inappropriate knives. The customer said he solved it and has now solved all the doubts.

eagletec mini woodturning cnc ea-t8025a comment 2

On November 4, the customer wanted to order some individual knives with us, but before ordering with us, he wanted to see if he could buy them locally. We suggested he go to a local lathe tool shop and ask.

eagletec mini woodturning cnc ea-t8025a review 2

In the end, the customer did not find a local store that sold the knives. He ordered it from us; we FedExed the blades to the customer; he received the knives about a week later.

The ability to provide continuous after-sales service on time is an essential criterion for evaluating a supplier. Completing the sales process does not mean that the supplier has fulfilled his obligations. An excellent supplier like EalgeTec CNC should provide continuous after-sales support to assist customers in putting the wood-turning cnc machine into production and start making money for them as soon as possible.


If you are looking for a wood lathe of great quality with excellent support, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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