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High Performance 4 Axis CNC Router for Sale

What Is 4 Axis CNC Router?

Probably you know that 3 axis refers to axes of X, Y, and Z in the CNC field; Correspondingly, the 4-axis refers to axes of X, Y, Z, and A commonly, but sometimes A would be replaced by B-axis. Therefore, CNC Router with Axes of (X, Y, Z, A) or (X, Y, Z, B) is 4 axis cnc router machine.

What Technical Advantage Does 4 Axis CNC Router Have?

The 4-axis cnc machine can do most of the 3D machining / milling / carving jobs. So it is also known as 3D cnc router. 

What Programming Software Does 4 Axis CNC Router Work With?

It is PowerMILL software, which is a dedicated 4-axis machining program. Editable model format is ***.stl, also known as STL models.

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