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5x10 CNC plasma Table for Light Industry

https://www.eagletec-cnc.com/cnc-plasma-table/industrial-cnc-plasma-table.htmlModel: EA-PL1530

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Plasma Source: 120A HUAYUAN

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC 5x10 CNC plasma Table for Light Industry

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$7,250 / SET

Price Range: USD6000 to USD9500 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: 5x10 CNC plasma Table for Light Industry4.8 /5 based on 92 reviews 



This 5x10 CNC plasma table, EA-PL1530, is a customary model; the full welded heavy-duty frame; Equipped with an automatic arc voltage torch height controller; The maximum cutting size is 1500x3000mm, which is 5x10 feet in the English unit. Drawers are designed on the side of the machine base for cleaning the dross simply. The 5x10 cnc plasma table here is a good cut solution for sheet metal materials whose size is no more than 1500x3000mm. 

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steel cutting 5x10 cnc plasma table

Working Demo: Metal Part and Graphic Project Cut on EagleTec 5 x 10 Plasma Table

You’ll see a metal part and a graphic metal project made on the EagleTec plasma cnc 1530 machine. Please enjoy it!

FAQ. Does CNC Table Plasma Cutter Cut Stainless Steel?

Yes, it does. Stainless steel cutting is one of the universal applications of plasma cutting cnc table. Simply watch the demo below to get some idea.  

Quick Details of 5x10 CNC plasma Table for Light Industry

● Fully welded heavy-duty construction

● 5' x 10' (60" x 120") efficient cutting range (1500x3000mm)

● Automatic THC torch height control (T.H.C in short)

● 120amp IGBT famous brand plasma cutter included - AC380V, 3Phase

● Starfire CNC plasma table controller

● Drawers on the side of the machine body

● Dual motor drives on Y-axis

● High precision linear guide rails - square type 

Advanced Configuration Details of Industrial 5' x 10' CNC Plasma Table for Steel Cutting

● Full construction, including machine base and gantry, is welded with thick steel, heavy-duty load.

heavy duty 5x10 cnc plasma table

● To facilitate the cleaning of scrap residue, we have designed 3 drawers on one side of the cnc plasma 1530.

drawers on the side of the 5x10 cnc plasma table

● Famous brand STARFIRE professional plasma CNC system is equipped; LED display; Language in English; the system has a design pattern library inside. All commonly used cutting shapes can be found here; the operator only needs to set the dimensions.

starfire plasma cnc system

● Professional cutting software FASTCAM is provided along with the 5x10 cnc plasma table.

Q: Can the Plasma Cutting Software Read “***.dxf” Files?

A: Yes, it can do that for sure. You can use AutoCAD for your drawings first and then use the FastCAM (provided by us) to convert the drawing with the extension name ***.dxf in another format that can be run in CNC plasma table here.

● Equipped with an automatic arc voltage torch height control system, it can also achieve high precision cutting for steel sheets with an uneven surface.

automatic arc voltage torch height control system

● The famous Chinese brand HUAYUAN 120amp IGBT plasma cutter included; suggested a maximum quality cutting thickness of 20mm for carbon iron. It runs on AC380V electricity. Volts AC220V is not available for this model. If a 220V plasma source is required, we can go with American Hypertherm which is able to work with AC220V / 3Ph power. 

120amp plasma cutter

Q: How Long Is The Cable That Connects The Plasma Generator/Cutter With The New CNC Table?

A: The cable for the plasma cutting torch from the generator to the machine is 7.5 meters long.

Application of 5x10 Plasma Table 


Metal signs cut, Exterior door fabrication, Metal parts making, custom sheet metal fabrication, and more. 

CNC Plasma Cutting Projects

cnc plasma projects exterior door and metal parts

Materials good for CNC Plasma 1530 Machine

Carbon iron, aluminum, stainless steel

5 x 10 CNC Plasma Table Package Detail

● For CNC plasma 1530, we usually use wrapping material and bubble film to wrap it up as inner packing.

● The equipment will be fixed on the pallet.

● Last, we pack the machine with a seaworthy plywood case to protect it from damage. 

a 5 x 10 cnc plasma table 1530 machine is under packing in EagleTec plant

Global Support on EagleTec CNC Plasma Table 5x10

● We will guide you from the beginning until your production starts in the following ways:

Full set user manual in English regarding this 5' x 10' CNC plasma table from hardware to software is provided to you together with the machine. It is a specific, practical, step-by-step manual for your right machine, not a general, meaningless one for many models.


● If you still have a question, we can guide you online via video chat, video tutorials, text guides, and more. 

Technical Parameters of 5'x10' Heavy Industrial CNC Plasma Table

Model No.EA-PL1530
Machine TypeCNC Plasma Cutting Table, heavy-duty
Control ModeCNC
Cutting Size5x10 feet (1500x3000mm)
Plasma Cutter120amp IGBT, brand - HuaYuan (famous Chinese)
Max. Quality Cut Thickness20mm (mild steel)
Plasma CNC SystemStarfire control 
Communication InterfaceUSB
Auto Arc Voltage T.H.Cincluded 
Linear Guide Rail Square type, 20mm 
Drawers 3 Pieces 
Plasma TableBlade type, downdraft burn table
CNC Plasma Table VentilationExhaust fan
Driving MotorStepper - 5.8N.m 
TransmissionRack and pinion - helical 
CAD SoftwareFASTCAM in English (read dxf files)
Plasma Table Working VoltsAC220V, Single Phase or AC110V 
Plasma Cutter Working VoltsAC380V, 3Ph (AC220V, 3Ph)
Package Dimension3600x2260x1800mm (14.65CMB around)
Gross Weight1200KGS
Plasma Cutter ConsumablesNozzles - 20 PCS, Electrode - 20 PCS
Optional Water cooling plasma cut torch and water table

FAQs Concerning The 5ft x 10ft CNC Plasma Table Plasma Cutting Machine EA-PL1530

Q: With Your 5x10 Plasma Cutter, Can You Import and Cut DXFs?

A: To cut parts with the 5x10 cnc plasma cutter table, a few steps must be followed. Initially, as you said, a DXF drawing of the specific part is required. Subsequently, the DXF file must be imported into the provided nesting software called FASTCAM to generate the G-code. With the G-code readily available, you can throw the codes to the CNC for cutting without any additional steps.

Q: Do The 5x10 Plasma Tables Come with A Plasma Cutter/Source?

A: Yes, they usually come with a good plasma cutter/source that can meet your production needs very well. If you don't need a plasma source, EagleTec CNC can only sell the cnc plasma table.

Q: Is There A Controller That Has English Language for Me?

A: Yes, the control system is in English. And the provided CAM software is in English too.

Q: Could you confirm the air pressure that the plasma generator uses? So we can know if our current air compressor is enough or if they will need to upgrade it.

A: The appropriate air pressure range for the machine is 0.4 ~ 0.5 MPa (4~5 kg/cm2). Any air compressor no less than 4kw should be sufficient for such a requirement.

Q: Can We Have the Oxy-Fuel Torch On EA-PL1530 5 x 10 CNC Plasma Table?

A: Yes, you can. EagleTec CNC can build EA-PL1530 with two torches: one plasma and one flame.

Q: Is the Plasma Table 5x10 Delivered Ready to Use or Require Additional Assembly Once It Arrives?

A: For a 5'x10' bed size plasma machine, it is delivered and ready to use. Once you receive it, you need to make an electricity connection; then it's ready to start. That's all. 

Q: What Is the Delivery Time Of This 5x10 Plasma Table?

A: It is 15 business days from receipt of the deposit. 

Q: What Kind of Warranty and Service Do You Provide for This CNC Plasma 1530 Table?

A: Warranty is 12 months from the date of vessel departure; during this period, you enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts, for instance, nozzle or electrode.

Service or technical support is constant. So anytime you need support, contact us, and you will definitely get an answer from us within 24 hours.

If you like the 5x10 plasma table for sale here, please contact now for pricing.


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