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Top Four Pro Tips To Minimize the Dross During Plasma Cutting

Publish Date: Nov. 26, 2020 Author: Mr. Cheng Publisher: EagleTec CNCModify Date: Nov. 26, 2020

When we work with a CNC plasma cutting machine, the most common factor affecting the cut edge quality is the slagging phenomenon, except for the cut surface's bevel. Also, part of the metal slag will even firmly adhere to the metal workpiece. It is difficult to remove, which dramatically increases the workload of secondary processing. Here are the Top four Pro tips for that if you want to minimize the dross generated during cnc plasma table cutting.

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Set A Suitable Operating Power for The Plasma Cutter According To The Material And Thickness

The power should be a proper one or the best suitable one for the workpiece's material and thickness. (Clients who need our help consult us for free, and we have professional after-sales guidance, so it's easy to be an EagleTec customer) In this way, sufficient plasma arc strength can be ensured. The molten metal can be blown away directly during cutting with gas, which is very useful for cutting efficiency and preventing dross.

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Feeding Rate Of The CNC Plasma Cutting Table Should Be Appropriate

When the feeding rate is slow, the cutting torch arc jetted forward by the cutting torch will form a bubble of metal deposits at the bottom of the cutting gap --- "slow slag", this slag will firmly adhere to metal, and it is difficult to remove.


If the cutting is too fast, the cutting torch arc will be relatively lagging and will leave fast slag. This slag is much easier to remove, but if you want to remove them, you must start with the following aspects:

● Reduce the cutting speed of the cnc plasma machine.

● Reduce the distance between the cutting torch and the workpiece.

● Increase the oxygen concentration in the protective gas.

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The Flow Rate of The Airflow Must Be Matched with The Cutting Power

For airflow control, the flow rate must be matched with the cutting power. It does not mean that the larger the airflow, the better. Too large airflow will shorten the plasma arc so that the cutting temperature will be lowered, and the cutting finish will be worse. On the contrary, excessive slagging will even cause double arcs, which is very likely to stop the cutting process.

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The Electrode and The Nozzle Center Must Be Aligned

Control the concentricity of the electrode and the nozzle; the electrode and the nozzle center must be aligned. This will not damage the regular operation of gas and arc. Misalignment will cause a loss of gas and arc and will affect the cutting ability. It is challenging to deal with dross because stainless steel's toughness is solid, and the dross is hard to remove. It is laborious and laborious to use grinding, which causes big troubles in our daily production.


By improving from the above four aspects, we can reduce the amount and the probability of dross.


I hope this article is helpful to your cutting job.

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See you next time. 

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