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Quality Multi Head CNC Router for Sale 

What Is Multi Head CNC Router?

The multi head cnc router mentioned here refers to such a specific type of routing machine, which is equipped with multiple individual machine heads or multiple electric spindles. They are designed for the requirements of specific industries or applications. Therefore, such machines are usually customized production.

Benefit of Multi Head

The benefit of the multi-head design is that you can get more items produced in the same amount of time.

How Many Kinds of Multi Head CNC Router Are There?

There are 3 types totally: fully independent multi head cnc router (the router has multiple heads and each head with one spindle), one head with multiple spindles, and two head with multiple spindles.

Applications of Multi-Head CNC Router Machines

It is ideal for mass wood carving jobs in Euro-style furniture production, and slatwall panels cutting application.


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