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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale with Factory Price

What Is A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine, also known as fiber laser cutter, is a kind of laser metal cutting machine that uses a fiber laser generator as the optical source.

How Does A Fiber Laser Cutter Work?

The fiber laser generator outputs a high energy density laser beam. The laser beam reaches the cutting torch through fiber-optic communication. After that, it finally gathers on the surface of the workpiece, instantly melt or vaporize the area where it is illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot;The two motion axes (X and Y) of the laser cutting machine will move the irradiation position of the light spot along the surface of the workpiece, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting.

Advantage of Fiber Laser Cutting

Fast, precise, and especially good for metal materials cutting.

Utilization Field

It is very suitable for high-precision cutting of metal materials, with smooth cutting edges and no burrs. 


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