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Large Industrial CNC Plasma Table for HVAC Metal Ductworks

Model: EA-PL1560H

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Brand Name: EagleTec CNCLarge Industrial CNC Plasma Table with Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD16700 / SET

Price Range: USD7950 to USD19500 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Trade Assurance

Recommendation: Large Industrial CNC Plasma Table with Hypertherm Plasma Cutter4.8/5 based on 17 reviews


Brief Description­­

EA-PL1560H is an industrial CNC plasma table with a large cutting size – 1500x6000mm. It comes with a single Hypertherm CNC plasma torch and a Hypertherm plasma cutter – powermax125. The Yaskawa servo system drives all three motion axes (X/Y/Z); The plasma cutting system is Shanghai FLMC F2300A; Besides; it also gets the THC torch height controller involved. The plasma table for sale here is a perfect cut solution for light industries such as HVAC system making. 

Let's dive into more details. 

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industrial complete cnc plasma table on the floor

Work Demo – Cutting Sample Part out of a Thin Sheet with Large CNC Plasma Table

Please watch the CNC plasma cutting video here to get a straightforward understanding of this machine. By the way, it is a good choice to cut thin plates with a low-power plasma generator like 63amp. Please enjoy it! 

Industrial Plasma Table Utilization

Applicable Field

The large CNC plasma table here is ideal for light industrial metalwork plants, for example, a plant to make HVAC metal ductworks. 

Applicable Materials

Suitable for routine and odd-shaped cutting of various metal plates, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, brass, and more.

Projects completed by the Large CNC Plasma Tables

This industrial plasma table is often used in the laying-off and cutting of large-format metal sheets for metal product fabrication, i.e. coil steel cutting in HVAC system fabrication. The following are some stainless-steel projects completed by it.

stainless-steel projects by large CNC plasma tables

Specification Details of Industrial CNC Plasma Table 1500 x 6000

• The plasma table is welded by thick-walled steel tubes; This structure has good mechanical rigidity and meets the light industry's production needs the best.

complete bule industrial cnc plasma table ready in workshop

• The cutting bed is a sawtooth-shaped downdraft table. The exhaust fan is mounted at the back of the machine for ventilation. We can also build it with a water table according to your needs.

industrial plasma table with downdraft cutting bed

• The three motion axes' linear guides have reliable dust protection measures to prevent the slag and dust from dropping on their surfaces.

best industrial cnc plasma table with reliable dust protection on XYZ

• A dedicated ballscrew mechanism performs the rising and falling of the CNC plasma Z axis.

CNC plasma z axis with ballscrew transmission mechanism on plasma table

• The plasma machine torch is a brand-name product: Hypertherm. It is recognized as the best plasma cutter brand in the world.

hypertherm cnc plasma torch mounted on the industrial cnc plasma cutting table

• To Match with the cutting torch, the cnc plasma machine comes with a 125A plasma cutter – Hypertherm powermax125.

hypertherm powermax125 plasma cutter placed beside the plasma table

• The CNC plasma system is Shanghai FLMC-F2300A with simple programming options because the system has a built-in cutting drawings library of the most commonly used standard parts in industrial applications. Program input from the USB flash disk.

CNC plasma cutting system FLMC-F2300A operation panel with LCD monitor

• There are rollers around the cutting area to facilitate the feeding operation of the sheet metal.

cnc plasma cutting table with rollers around it

• Three sets of AC servo drive systems execute three-axis motion; the servo is a brand-name product: Japan Yaskawa.

3 sets Yaskawa servo pack installed in electronic cabinet of industrial plasma table

Quick Details of Industrial CNC Plasma Cutter 5x20

• 1500mm x 6000mm plasma cutting size – 5'x20'

• Thick-walled steel tubes construction

• Hypertherm single CNC plasma cutting torch

• Coming with Hypertherm powermax125 plasma cutter

• Shanghai FLMC-F2300A plasma CNC system with THC controller

• Sawtooth-shaped downdraft plasma cutting bed (water table as an option)

• Yaskawa full AC servo drive

Global Support and After-sale Service for EagleTec Light Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Table EA-PL1560H

• When you receive the machine, we will guide you through everything until you put the plasma cnc table into production. A full set tutorial in English from hardware to software is provided to you along with the plasma machine. It is a specific, practical guide for beginners. Most users can master the operation of the device by following our guide. 

• In addition, if you have any questions, we can provide online guidance at any time.

Package and Shipment of HVAC Plasma Table for Sale

• First, we use wrapping material to wrap it up as inner packing.

• Second, the HVAC plasma cutting table is packed in a strong plywood case.

• Last, it is loaded into a container for sea shipment.

large industrial cnc plasma table is under loading

Technical Parameters of Large-Sized Industrial Plasma Table

Model No.EA-PL1560H
Machine TypePlasma Cutting CNC Table 
Control ModeCNC
Cutting Size1500mm x 6000mm (5' x 20')
Torch Type and QtyPlasma cutting torch - 1 Piece, Hypertherm 
Plasma CutterHypertherm powermax125
Flame Torch and Drilling HeadBoth can be added on this basis as needed
CNC Plasma Z-AxisDedicated ballscrew rising and falling mechanism
Plasma Cutting CNC SystemShanghai FLMC-F2300A with programming options 
Driving MotorFull AC servo, Yaskawa
Program Input Interface USB port
Arc Voltage T.H.Cincluded 
Linear Guide Rail Square type, 20mm 
Cutting TableSawtooth downdraft bed (water table as another option) 
VentilationExhaust fan at the back of the table 
X Y TransmissionRack and pinion
CAM Programming SoftwareFASTCAM in English
Plasma Cutter Consumables (For Free)Nozzles - 20PCs; Electrodes - 20PCs
Plasma Table Working ElectricityAC220V, single phase 
Plasma Cutter Working PowerAC380V, 3Ph
Package Dimension6700x2160x1800mm (26.05CMB around)
Gross Weight2400KGS

FAQs about the Industrial CNC Plasma Table EA-PL1560H

Q: What Is Needed to Operate The Plasma CNC Table for Sale?

A: To operate the machine, you'll need compressed air. The proper air pressure range should be 0.6~0.8Mpa. If you use air in your workshop, you don't need to buy one extra.

Q: Can We Have the Oxy-Fuel Torch or a Drilling Head On this Large CNC Plasma Table?

A: Of course, you can. According to your request, we can add a drilling head to this device and make it a CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine; we can also add an Oxy-fuel torch to it and be a cnc plasma and flame cutting machine.

Q: Can We Have More Options for Plasma Cutter?

A: Yes, of course. Except for powermax125 here, you can have Hypertherm (45amp, 65amp, 85amp, 105amp, 200amp) and HUAYUAN (63amp, 100amp, 120amp, 160amp, 200amp). Please choose according to your needs.

Q: What Is the Delivery Time for This HVAC CNC Plasma Cutter?

A: It is 15 business days from receipt of the deposit.

Q: What Kind of Warranty Do You Provide for The Industrial CNC Plasma Cutter?

A: Warranty is 12 months from the date of vessel departure; Under warranty, you enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts, such as nozzle or electrode.

Service or technical support is constant. Whenever you need help, contact us, and you will get an answer from us within 24 hours. 

If you like the large industrial CNC plasma table for sale here, please ask for a free proposal now.


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