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CNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter Rotary Axis

Model: EA-1530PLT PRO

Category: CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC CNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter Rotary Axis

Condition: New Condition

Plasma Generator: 63A, 120A, 160A, 200A 

Reference Price: USD7,780 / SET

Price Range: USD7780 to USD27000 / SET Depending on Configuration

HS Code: 845640

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Start Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Delivery Time: In 15 days

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation:CNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter Rotary Axis4.9/5 based on 97 reviews 



Plug and play setup; Easy to use. The equipment here is a cnc plasma table with pipe cutter and drilling head from full-service manufacturer EagleTec CNC. The rotary axis is for circular pipes profiling. So, the plasma cnc machine EA-1530PLT is a good cut solution for both circular tubes and sheet metal materials. In the default version, the rotary cutter can hold a circular pipe with a diameter of not more than 200mm (7.87"); the length can be up to 3,000mm (118"). About the plain cutting table, the working size is 1500x3000mm, if, in the English unit, that is 5 x 10 feet. The drilling head is used to drill small holes in the steel plate.


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cnc plasma 1530 with rotary pipe cutter

Drilling & Cutting Demo of CNC Plasma Cutting and Drilling Machine with Pipe Cutter EagleTec EA-1530PLT PRO

Here is a functional demonstration of the CNC plasma cutting & drilling machine with a pipe cutter rotary. From the video, you can learn how it drills, cuts plates, and cuts circular pipes. Please enjoy!

Advanced Features of EagleTec CNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter

● Combined design: CNC plasma table with rotary attachment; rotary lies to the left side of the plasma table and serves as the pipe cutter. The maximum holding capacity is 200x3000mm default. (7.87"D x 118"L)

cnc plasma table with rotary tube cutter ready in workshop

● Except for 200x3000mm, we have more options on the rotary pipe cutter working size for you; they are 300x3000mm (11.8" D x 118" L), 400x3000mm (15.7" D x 118" L), and 500x3000mm. (19.6"D x 118"L)

blue cnc plasma 1530 table and its pipe cutter rotary are ready for delivery

● The headstock of the plasma rotary cutter is a 3-jaw chuck, which is driven by a stepper motor. 

rotary tube cutter’s headstock with its stepper motor assembled

● The cnc plasma 1530 table comes with a plasma cutting torch and a drilling head, making it a cnc plasma cutting and drilling machine. If you like, you can also get a flame (oxy-fuel) cutting torch on the device. 

You may ask:

Q: Can this drilling head do tapping?

A: No, it cannot. For your information, it can do drilling only. 

Q: What is the maximum hole size it can drill?

A: It can drill a 16mm diameter hole as the maximum. For the holes over this size, you are suggested to use the plasma cutting head to cut that. 

plasma cutting torch and drilling head on cnc plasma 1530 table

● Dirt-proof design is applied to three axes: this design prevents the racks, pinions, and linear bearings away from the machining debris or other dirt to guarantee the working precision of the plasma machine and prolong the lifespan of the machine set.

the three-axis dust-proof cnc plasma machine is assembled and placed in the eagletec-cnc workshop

● The plasma cutting system is FLMC-F2300A, a dedicated plasma controller consisting of a monitor, a keyboard, and a control board. It is in English for export equipment.

FLMC-F2300A cnc plasma cutting system with thc torch height controller

● The two functions of pipe cutting and plate cutting can be switched with one toggle switch.


● Equipped with an automatic torch height controller: With this system, when cutting uneven materials, the plasma cut torch can rise or fall with the undulation of the material to achieve the quality cutting effect. To understand better, please watch the demonstration video here.

● CNC plasma table ventilation: there is an exhaust fan at the machine's back for smoke removal.

The plasma table built with an exhaust fan as the ventilation and drawers for slag recovery

● Four drawers are on the side of the machine for easy recovery of slag. 

● Free CAM software is provided along with the full set cnc plasma table with a pipe cutter. It is the FASTCAM English version, which provides nesting and finding the optimum part location and orientation to minimize material waste.  

● Free plasma consumables are provided with the cnc plasma table: the package includes 20 pieces of nozzles in two sizes, each size 10 pcs, and 20 pieces of electrodes.

Quick Details of CNC Plasma Cutting and Drilling Machine with Tubing Cutter

● CNC plasma table with tube cutter rotary axis combined construction 

● Fully welded heavy-load frame

● Plasma downdraft table

● One plasma cutting torch and one drilling head

● STARFIRE plasma cut control system with LED display in English

● Arc voltage torch height controller included

● Plane table working size: 1,500x3,000mm (5x10 feet)

● CNC tubing cutter working size: 200x3,000mm (standard version)

● Dual drive

● Plasma generator – please select it as per your production requirement

Production Utility of 1530 Plasma Table with Tube Cutter


● Good for cutting service shops & big manufacturing workshops.

● Circular pipes and metal plate jobs like cut letters, signs, patterns, and shapes (rectangular, slot, square, circular, special shapes, etc.) With a drilling head, it is also suitable for drilling works. 

Materials Good For

Carbon Steel, SS, Aluminum, Brass, and other nonferrous metal.

Metalwork Projects Machined by The CNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter

It is a cnc plasma cutting and drilling machine with a pipe cutter to cut plates and pipes and drill holes in metal elements. The upper left is the project-cut tube, the upper right is the project-drilled steel plate, the lower left is the project-cut steel plate, and the lower right is the project-machined metal part.

cut pipe project and cutting drilling jobs by cnc plasma table with pipe cutter

Package and Delivery of CNC Plasma Table with Drilling Head

For 1530 plasma table with a tube cutter, it is packed this way:

• We first brush the rail with engine oil to prevent it from rusting during transportation.

• Due to the container's width limitation, we have to remove the beam and place it on the table.

• Inner packing: Wrap the machine tightly with wrapping materials.

• The last step is to put the device in the wooden box and then seal the package.

CNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter being packed

Full Service of EagleTec CNC Plasma Table with Circular Pipe Cutters Profiler

● On-site setup is required, but it is just some plug-and-play work. Users can do this well with our guide instructions. Because to get the machine accommodated in the container, the beam has to be knocked down. 

● Detailed tutorials (in the forms of PDF and Video) with step-by-step instructions will be provided to you together with your cnc plasma machine. The demo machine in all manuals is your exact machine; only in this way can you understand it better and faster. 

● And our team has the pleasure of providing one-to-one online support when you need it. We will guide you through everything until you put your cnc plasma into production.

Technical Parameters of CNC Plasma 1530 Machine with Rotary Tube Cutter

Product ModelEagleTec EA-1530PLT PRO
Construction TypeCNC Plasma Table with Pipe Cutter Attachment 
Flat Table Working Size1,500x3,000mm (5x10 feet)
Tube Cutter Working Size200x3000mm (D x L) (Diameter 300mm, 400mm, and 500mm available)
Cut Torch Type and Quantity1 Plasma torch (flame torch can be added as an option)
Drilling Headwith
Plane Cut TableSawtooth downdraft plasma table
Circular Tube Cut Table3-jaw chuck rotary axis 
Flat Cutting Speed0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Rotary Feed Rate0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Plasma CNC ControllerFLMC-F2300A with colorful LED display in English
Communication InterfaceUSB
Communication CodeInternational standard G-code
Arc Voltage T.H.C ControllerIncluded
Nesting Software for PlasmaFASTCAM in English
Linear Guide Rail Square type, 20mm
Drawers for Slag Collection with 
Driving MotorStepper
TransmissionRack and pinion
Plasma Cutter PowerPlease select as per your production requirement 
Plasma Table Working PowerAC220V, Single Phase 
Packing Dimension3900x2250x1850mm (16CMB around)
Gross Weight1550KGS

FAQs about CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Rotary Axis

Q: Does the Rotary Pipe Cutter Attachment Come with a Fixture to Do Square Tubing?

A: EA-PL1530ST can do circular tube cutting only; it can not do square tubing. By upgrading the CNC system and rotary pipe attachment, we can make it do square tubing as well. Our all-purpose CNC table plasma cutter EA-P1530T1 Pro is this type.

Q: This Machine Requires a Computer, Correct?

A: The CNC operation part doesn't require a computer. But you will need to run the nesting program and output G-code files with a typical computer. After that, we throw the file to the CNC controller via a USB drive and get the machine to run.

Q: Due to The Power Source in Canada, Can I Purchase a Machine with No Power Source, A Pipe Cutter, And All Cables?

A: Yes, you can purchase a machine without a plasma source. We would get all the necessary cables equipped with the machine.

Q: Do I Have A Choice in Machine Color, or Are All These Models Blue?

A: Of course you have. You can tell us the color you want, and we will build the cnc tubing cutter machine according to your request.

Q: What is the structure? Is this frame bolted together, or is it welded frame?

A: The machine base is welded structure; it is heavy-load for industrial production purposes. Additionally, the mounting base surface for linear guides and racks is all precisely milled via a metalworking 5-axis CNC machining center.

Q: Can It Cut Stainless Steel?

A: Plasma can cut stainless steel; just the cutting edge will turn black due to burnt. Using plasma is not always perfect for cutting stainless, fiber laser cutting machine is the best for that.

Q: I Have Never Used a CNC Plasma Machine Before. Do You Provide Training?

A: For the exact machine here, we have the full set of practical tutorials for beginners A to Z. It will be provided to you together with your device. Besides, we are also happy to provide you with online training as long as you need it. All beginners can master the use of the machine by themselves through these two methods of training.

Q: Can We Add the Oxy-Fuel Torch on The CNC Plasma 1530 Machine Here?

A: Sure, it can be. Please decide whether to add it according to your production needs.

If you like our cnc plasma table with pipe cutters here, please call for quote now.


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