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CNC Foam Router for Sale with Top Quality and Reasonable Price 

What Is A CNC Foam Router?

CNC foam router is referring to a dedicated routing machine for giant foam, wood or aluminum workblank milling usage. Control mode is CNC (an acronym for computer, numerical and control). It should never be an enlarged version of wood router, but rather a completely different equipment built in accordance with industrial machine tool standards from mechanical architecture to electronics. From the performance point of view, it is the same as a light duty CNC gantry milling machine.

Application Scope

CNC foam router is often applied to industries including Mould-making (lost foam, wood foundry pattern, aluminum casting pattern, Expanded Polystyrene Mold), Custom EPS EVA Molding, 3D Polystyrene Shapes, Foam Sculpture Props & Statues, Rapid Prototyping and more.

How Many Kinds of CNC Foam Router Are There?

Well, this need to see from which perspective. From a motion axis quantity perspective, there are 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis cnc foam router; from application point of view, there are cnc foam router for polystyrene, for woods and for aluminum.


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