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Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter for Carbon Steel Sheet

Model No.: ET-G3000

Category: CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 

Plasma Generator: 200A HUAYUAN 

Brand: EagleTec CNC Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter for Carbon Steel Sheet

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$11,500 / SET

Price Range: USD9900 to USD14000 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter for Carbon Steel Sheet4.6/5 based on 31 reviews 



Gantry CNC plasma cutter refers to a kind of plasma cutting machine with only the gantry kits and without a working bed. Except for table type, it is another common construction that is always adopted by plasma cnc machines. Unlike table one, gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine is no longer restricted by container size in shipping as it has no bed. Based on this feature, it is an ideal solution for giant carbon steel sheet cutting. Gantry cnc plasma cutter for sale with good price and unmatched service now! 

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gantry cnc plasma cutter for sale with good price and unmatched service

Video Show – Cutting 8mm Carbon Steel Sheet with Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter

Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine is Perfect Solution for Giant Sheet Cutting

Suppose there is a customer who wants to cut metal sheets with a size of 3000x4000mm, we can build a table type cnc plasma machine with the exact cutting size to meet his needs; But when we arrange sea shipping, the problem comes. There is no way to get it accommodated in the container as the container width is 2350mm only, and the table size is over 3000mm. The consequence of this is that we made the plasma machines but we couldn't deliver them to our customers over the sea. The gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine can solve this problem very well. Because it abandoned the traditional construction of the table and the gantry assembly together, only keep the gantry kit and linear guides there. In this way, the machine size is not limited by the size of the container anymore. And it can also well meet the user's cutting needs for large plates. In terms of cutting size, the maximum width can be up to 4,000 mm (X-axis) and there is no limit on the length (Y-axis).

Features of Heavy-Duty Gantry CNC Plasma Machine for Carbon Steel Sheet Cutting

heavy duty gantry type cnc plasma cutter machine

● The gantry plasma cutting machine can be equipped with multiple pieces of plasma and flame torches according to user requirements. Model ET-G3000 here is equipped with a plasma torch, a flame torch, and a drill head. So it is a cnc plasma/flame cutting and drilling machine. 

gantry cnc plasma cutter with plasma flame and drill unit

● The box-shaped structural beam is suitable for big span length; heavy-load capacity; dual-drive makes the machine run stable and reliable.

cnc gantry plasma machine with box structural beam

● The cross guide rail adopts imported linear guide rail with high precision; The longitudinal guide rails are special steel rails with a surface that is ground and has high precision and wear resistance.

● The gantry cnc plasma is equipped with an LGK-200IGBT (200amp) plasma source, which offers a maximum quality cut of 40mm for carbon steel.

cnc gantry plasma cutting machine with 200amp plasma source

● The plasma cnc control system is ShangHai FLMC-F2300A; an LED monitor and keyboard; It is equipped with an automatic ignition device and a tempering preventer, which is safe and stable.

FLMC-F2300A plasma cnc controller for gantry type plasma cutter

● The electrical cabinet is installed on the beam and wired according to CE standards.

electronic cabinet of gantry cnc plasma cutter

Application of EagleTec Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Applicable Field

Ideal for the quality cut of various thickness (3 ~ 300mm) sheet metal.

Materials Good for

Carbon steel, stainless steel, and nonferrous metal.

Gantry CNC Plasma Projects

gantry cnc plasma projects-metal doors

Quick Details of Plasma Oxy Fuel Gantry CNC Cutting Machine ET-G3000

● Gantry type plasma/flame cutting and drilling machine

● Plasma/Flame Cutting Torches & Drilling head

● X-Axis cutting size 2,200mm

● 200amp plasma source LGK-200IGBT

● FLMC-F2300A plasma CNC controller

● Stepper drive

gantry cnc plasma machine for sale

Useful Tips for Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter ET-G3000

● After receiving the machine, the user can prepare a working platform to be placed under the gantry if they like.

● The foundation of the gantry cnc plasma cutting machine is an H-shaped steel foundation. The standard configuration does not include this. Please prepare it yourself. As another option, we can also provide this foundation to the user. The cost is borne by the user.

Technical Parameter of EagleTec Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Working Width2200mm3200mm4200mm5200mm6200mm
TypeHeavy Load Industrial Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine
Control ModeCNC
THC Torch Height Controllerinvolved
Communication InterfaceUSB
Communication CodeInternational G code
Cutting Torch Quantity1 Plasma & 1 Flame
Drill HeadEquipped 
Plasma Cutter200amp Huayuan, LGK-200IGBT
Plasma Cutting Thickness3 ~ 40mm Quality Cut
Flame Cutting Thickness5 ~ 300mm 
Programming SoftwareFASTCAM in English
Gas for FlameAcetylene, natural gas, propane, Oxy
Torch Stroke200mm 
Drive SystemStepper
Idle Motion Speed10,000mm/min
Machining Speed0 ~ 6,000mm/min
Linear Guide RailHigh precision square type 
Plasma Machine Working PowerAC220V/50Hz, Single Phase
Plasma Source Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3 Phase
Plasma Source Cable Length7.5 meter
Air Pressure Requirement0.4 ~ 0.5 MPa (4~5 kg/cm2)
Free Plasma Cutter ConsumablesNozzles - 20PCS, Electrode - 20PCS
Suitable FoundationH-style steel (optional configuration)

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