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2024 New Style Affordable CNC Plasma Table for Sale at Low Cost

Model: EA-PT1530 PRO

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Affordable CNC Plasma Table for Sale with Low Cost

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$4,980 / SET

Price Range: USD4500 to USD6500 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 300 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: 2022 New Style Affordable CNC Plasma Table for Sale at Low Cost4.7/5 based on 67 reviews 



EA-PT1530 PRO is the best value sheet-metal cut solution provided by EagleTec CNC, because it has an affordable price but with the 2024 latest design. CNC plasma table cutting size is 5x10 feet, or we can say it in metric, 1500x3000mm. The plasma cutting controller is Starfire; the system comes with programming options and lots of conventional drawings for cut jobs. We can select the right drawing and do programming in the controller for some simple cut works and then start the plasma cnc machine to cut directly. It is ideal for cutting regular and flat metal sheets, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, etc. EagleTec 2024 new style affordable cnc plasma tables for sale at low cost now!


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2020 new affordable cnc plasma table for sale

Plasma Cutting Video – Cutting 50mm Steel Plate with New EagleTec Affordable CNC Plasma Table PT1530 PRO

This video was shot while the new machine was being tested in our plant. It demonstrates the CNC table cut through a 50mm thick steel plate. The equipped plasma generator is an LGK-400IGBT (Power-400amp). Please enjoy it!

Main Configuration Instructions of 2024 New Design Low Cost Plasma CNC Table

● Fully welded heavy-load industrial machine base construction. Further, the appearance of this machine is the new design we just released in 2024. 

affordable cnc plasma table with heavy industrial machine base in plant

● Dust-proof design on the X and Z axis: precise transmission parts, including rack and linear guideways, are the most possible place that is adhered by the debris from cutting. This design keeps these parts away from debris so to guarantee the quality cut and prolong the service life of the cnc plasma table.

low cost cnc plasma table with dust proof protection

● The affordable plasma table PT1530 comes with a downdraft cutting bed. And you have two options on that: blade type and sawtooth type. Please refer to the following pictures; the upper one is blade one; the lower one is sawtooth type.

inexpensive cnc plasma table with blade type bed

inexpensive plasma cnc table with sawtooth bed

● The rising and falling of the plasma cutting torch are controlled by a THC torch height controller. It makes the machine intelligent so that it can cut uneven material perfectly.

plasma cutting torch and thc on budget cnc plasma table

● Free plasma cutter consumables: you will get free consumables with the affordable plasma cutting machines for sale here. There are 20 pieces of plasma cutting nozzles in two sizes, each size 10 pieces, and 20 pieces of electrodes. 

● There is an exhaust fan at the back of the machine as a ventilation device for the downdraft plasma cutting table.

exhaust fan mounted at back of the plasma table as ventilation

● Multiple plasma generator options available; Two brands: Hypertherm-USA and HUAYUAN-China. Since every customer's needs are different, our affordable plasma cnc here does not include a specific plasma cutter. Please select the appropriate one according to your actual cutting requirements.

Hypertherm USA: 45A, 65A, 85A, 105A, 125A, and 200A.

HUAYUAN China: 63A, 100A, 120A, 160A, and 200A. 

Quick Details of Inexpensive CNC Plasma Cutter Table

● Cutting size 5x10 feet (1500x3000mm)

● Fully welded frame

● Single plasma cutting torch (drilling head or flame torch can be added as per your requirement)

● Starfire plasma cutting cnc system

● Blade or sawtooth downdraft plasma cutting bed

● THC torch height controller 

● Package: first, use wrapping materials to wrap it up as inner packing; then enclose it in a strong plywood case. 

affordable cnc plasma table under packing in workshop

Application of 2024 Best Value CNC Plasma Table  

Suitable Industry

Suitable for flat sheet metal cutting, including mild steel, carbon steel, SS, aluminum, and copper.

Suitable Facility of CNC Plasma Cutting Table for Sale

Both small metal-cutting service shops and big manufacturing plants.

Cut Projects Complete by Affordable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The upper left is the project-metal doors, the upper right is the project-cut thick steel plate, the lower left is the project-cut stainless steel plate, and the lower right is the project-steel decoration out of the metal sheet.

metalwork projects finished by the affordable cnc plasma cutting machine

Technical Parameter of Affordable CNC Plasma Cutting Table EA-PT1530 PRO

Machine ModelEA-PT1530 PRO
Machine TypeCNC plasma cutting table 
Actual Cutting Size5x10 feet (1500x3000mm)
Working TableDowndraft table, blade type, or sawtooth 
Cutting Torch Quantity1 Plasma torch
Control ModeCNC
Load-free Speed8,000mm/min
Plasma Cut ControllerStarfire, in English
Communication CodeStandard G-code
Communication InterfaceUSB
Auto Arc Voltage T.H.Cincluded
Linear Guide Rail Square type, 20mm 
Drawers Without, as an optional item
Driving MotorStepper
TransmissionRack and pinion
Nesting SoftwareFASTCAM in English (provided free with plasma machine)
Plasma Table Working PowerAC220V, single phase 
Plasma GeneratorSelect as the actual production requirement
VentilationExhaust fan at the back of plasma table 
Package Dimensions3700x2260x1800mm (15CMB around)
Gross Weight1100KGS
Free Consumables20 nozzles and 20 electrodes for the plasma cutting torch 

FAQs about Budget Plasma Table Cutter With 2024 New Design

Q: What Kind of Computer/ Software is Required by the Plasma Cutter Tables for Sale?

A: You'll get nesting software along with the table. It's original FastCAM in English. Any computer with the Windows Operating System can run the provided nesting software.

After creating the shapes in your CAD program, you can import the shape drawings into the provided nesting software and output the G-codes. Then, you throw the codes to the CNC controller, and the plasma machine will cut.

Q: One Question for The FastCAM Software. When I Have a Photo or Module I Need To Cut, Does This Program Directly Take The Lines And Edges Of The Cut, Or Do I Need To Draw The Cuts?

A: First, you should have the drawing of the job; I'm talking about the drawing in DXF format. (AutoCAD) That is to say, you need to draw the lines of the cut. The FastCAM is used to transfer the drawing into the CNC code that the machine can run.

Q: Does The Plasma Cutting Tables For Sale Include Spare Parts?

A: We provide some nozzles and electrodes for free along with the machine; 10 pieces for each.

Q: Do The Same Nozzle and Electrode Cuts From 2mm to 20mm?

A: Good question. Nozzles come in different orifice sizes; typical sizes are 1.1mm (good for 2-6mm thickness), 1.3mm (good for 6-10mm), 1.5mm (good for 10-15mm), and 1.7mm ( good for thickness above 15mm).

Q: How Do I Know That the Nozzle Needs to Be Changed?

A: When the cutting finish is obviously bad, it's the time you need to change the nozzle and electrode. Both the nozzle and electrode should be changed together.

Q: Do You Have Plasma Cutter Consumables for Purchase?

A: Yes, you can purchase some more consumables from us. We can provide you with a list of suggestions for them. Of course, you can also send us a list of yours if you already have one.

Q: Cutting Size 3m*1.5, So It Cuts Sheet Plate With This Size 3m*1.5m, Right?

A: Yes, exactly. And the overall bed size would be bigger than the actual cutting size.

Q: When Packed, Is It Ready for Use, Or Does It Need to Be Collected Together?

A: Just connect the plasma generator to the table and give power to the machine. Then it can work for you.

Q: Is the Affordable CNC Plasma Cutter A Water Table?

A: For the model EA-PT1530 here, it comes with a downdraft cutting table as default. And the water table is optional; if you prefer the water table, we can build a machine like that according to your requirements.

Q: What Is the Structure of the Benchtop Plasma Cutter? Is this Frame Bolted Together, Or Is It Welded Frame?

A: The machine base is welded structure; it is heavy-load for industrial production purposes. The mounting base surface for linear guides and racks is also precisely milled via a metalworking 5-axis CNC machining center.

Q: What Is the Cooling Type for Plasma Cutter?

A: For the plasma cutters below 120amp, they are working with air. For 160A and 200A plasma sources, they come with a chiller.

Q: Is the Plasma CNC Table Coming with Air Compressor?

A: Our default quotation does not get the air compressors involved; If you need it, you can purchase it from us, and we will ship it to you with the plasma machine.

Q: Please Can the Plasma CNC Machine Work With 220V, That Is What We Are Using Now?

A: It totally depends on the plasma cutter. Only low-power plasma generators like Huayuan 63amp and Hypertherm 45amp can work with 220V, and other models cannot. You can consider using transformers or phase converters as a solution.

If you like the 2024 affordable cnc plasma table for sale here, please contact now for pricing.


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