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What is A CNC Drilling Machine?

CNC drilling machine is a subcategory of metal working equipment; it is a computerized numerical controlled hole processing machine tool that mainly focuses on drilling or tapping. With some upgrades, they can perform milling processes as well.

How CNC Drilling Machine Works?

It uses a rotating tool, which can be a milling cutter or a particular drill, to create various holes in a stationary workpiece, with precision and speed. Depending on the requirements of the machining task, the tool can move along one, two, or three axes.

What Does A CNC Drilling Machine Do?

From the view of machining capacity, it can perform processes of drilling, tapping, milling, grooving, spotting, chamfering, and more; From the perspective of application fields, it is the first choice in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, drilling of extra-long stacked plates, flanges, valves and other tubular parts, structural steel, longitudinal beams, and other porous parts.

Materials Good for CNC Drilling Machine

Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Stee, Marble, Composite Material etc. 

Types of CNC Drill Machines

According to different methods of motion, the equipment is mainly divided into two types: gantry moving and fixed beam but table moving.


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