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Advantage of EagleTec

eagletec cnc advantage

We promise that all parts and components (cnc controller, linear guideway, driver, inverter etc.) of the machine are 100% original, never use copy ones. Never cut corners for seeking high profit or winning order. This is the bottom line we have been insisting on. If any cheat, we unconditionally refund the payment to customer and customer return the cnc machine to us. More details, please refer to our return policy

Top 15 crucial details are taken care and strictly controlled by us in process of production.

Perpetual worry-free technical support is provided to all EagleTec Machines from our team with more than 10 years industry experience.

EagleTec is committed to manufacturing high-speed, high-precision, stable and durable CNC equipment. We never do things to cut corners in pursuit of profit, we firmly believe a good reputation and consistent service will reap a bigger profit in the long run. This is also the bottom line we have been insisting on until now. And we will continue to do so, no matter how bad the competitive environment is.

As a user, what benefits will you get from us?

1. Quality machine without trouble, which makes your production efficient than your competitor.

2. Good warranty 1 year minimum & The technical support for life.

3. The best after-sale service from us with more than 10 years' experience in this field, and my company team 14 years’ experience. You will enjoy the process how we guide you from beginning to bring the machine into your production.

4. Your clients are satisfied on your product quality.

5. Your client continued orders.

6. You can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders.

7. Our professional service after sale and quick technical support in 24 hours.

8. Reasonable price. A reasonable price is made up of machine manufacturing costs plus reasonable profits. In today's competitive environment, no company is looking for high profits. What we can do is to earn a reasonable profit to keep us going on.


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