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CNC Wood Lathe for Sale with Affordable Price

What is A CNC Wood Lathe?

CNC wood lathe (also known as cnc lathe for wood, cnc wood turning machine, and cnc woodworking lathe) refers to a dedicated lathe machine engineered to process turning, milling, and broaching operations of solid wood in square or round. In short, it’s a typical machine for turning wood. CNC is an acronym for computer, numerical, and control. The workpiece is clamped via the motor-driven headstock and the air-actuated tailstock system. 

Utilization Scope

CNC wood lathe machine is always applied to such fields: Stair Parts Fabrication (baluster, newel post, roman column etc.), Furnishing, Furniture Making (table legs, bed rails, sofa, and chair legs etc.), and Sporting Goods Industry (baseball bats making, Indian club, etc.).

Materials Good For CNC Wood Lathe

All kinds of solid wood elements, such as neutral wood, beechwood, bamboo, etc.

Requirements for The Shape of Wood

It should be square or round.


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