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CNC Oscillating Knife Vibrating Knife Cutter Machine for Sale

What Is A CNC Oscillating Knife?

The CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is a high-speed, single-layer (a small amount of multi-layer) material cutting equipment. It is widely used in automotive interiors, signage, clothing, home furnishing, composite materials, and other fields. According to the commands issued by the CNC system, it can automatically and accurately complete the entire cutting, marking, and other processes.

How Many Types of Vibrating Knife Are There?

The vibrating knife can have multiple options on the blade. According to different materials, you can choose a tangential knife, drag knife, round knife, milling cutter, and more.

How Does A CNC Knife Cutter Work?

The blade will vibrate up and down at a high frequency to cut through the material when the CNC knife cutter is running. The vibration frequency is as high as tens of thousands of times per minute, which works like a saw blade, but without a sawtooth, so it is environmentally friendly and will generate no powder.


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