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What is 5 Axis CNC Router?

As the name implies, the 5-axis CNC router refers explicitly to a type of CNC mill machine with five motion axes. The five axes are the typical three axes - XYZ plus two rotating axes - A and C with the RTCP options. 5-Axis opens many possibilities for CNC projects creation to machining projects that can't be completed with 3 axis and 4 axis. Even for conventional projects, 5-Axis would complete faster and with better accuracy than the other two.

How Many Types Of 5 Axis CNC Router Are There?

There are many ways to classify 5 axis CNC router, and the common ones are the following:

There are 5 axis CNC wood router, 5 axis foam router, 5 axis CNC stone router, and hobby 5 axis CNC router from the different applicable industry.

From the motion of the machine, there are 5 axis CNC gantry router and 5-axis table-moving router.

There are mini 5 axis CNC router, large 5 axis CNC router, and desktop 5 axis CNC router from the perspective of different machining sizes.

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