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High Definition CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter Machine For Sale

Model: EA-PL0260T Pro | ET0260

Category: Plasma CNC Tables

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC High Definition CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter Machine For Sale

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD26680 / SET

Price Range: USD26000 to USD53860 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Operation OD Options: 170mm, 230mm, 320mm, 400mm

Chunk: Air-actuated, or Manual type (both options available)

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: High Definition CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter Machine For Sale4.8/5 based on 27 reviews


Brief Description­­

EA-PL0260T Pro is a rotary type plasma cnc table for the metal-working industry engineered to process cutting, notching, and piercing operations of square / rectangle / round tubes, angle irons, and PFC channels. The plasma tube cutter has a single plasma torch, and the maximum working area for the standard package is 230mm x 6,000mm (D x L). In imperial, that is 9 inches by 20 feet. The Max Working OD (outer diameter) can be upgraded to 320mm or 400mm as per your requirement. With an AC servo motion system, it features excellent acceleration and deceleration. High Definition CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter Machine For Sale with best support now.

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red cnc plasma tube cutter machine with a square mild steel tube on it


Work Demo – Profiling & Cutting Square Tubing with CNC Tube Plasma Cutter

Please watch the following demo to understand how the cnc plasma cuts square tubing. Hope it helps.

CNC Plasma Tubing Cutter Application

Applicable Field of Rotary CNC Pipe Cutting Plasma Machine

• Intersecting Line Cutting Process

• Cut-Off, Straight Cut, Angle Cut, Mitre Cut

• Profiling

• Notches

• Pierce

• Saddle Joints

• Open Holes Operations: (round hole, rectangle hole, polygon hole, obround hole, cross holes, and freeform hole)

• Freeform Parts

Tube Types The Plasma Rotary Cutter Can Cut

• Square

• Rectangular

• Round (Circle)

• Angle (L-shape)

• U-beam (PFC-channel, C-channel)

Square Tubing Plasma Cutting Machine Applicable Materials

Carbon Steel, Galvanized Tube, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, And Copper.

Projects completed by the CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

The cnc plasma rotary tube cutters are suitable for cutting shapes, designs, and notches on various metal tubes.

square tubing projects being cut and notched by cnc tube plasma cutter

Features of CNC Plasma Rotary Tube Cutters

• The headstock of the rotary unit fix and supports the square tube. And it is equipped with rollers to facilitate the movement of the square pipe forward and backward.

rotary's headstock and air actuated front chuck for square tube clamped

• The front chuck is air-actuated. It has automatic positioning to ensure that the tube is clamped in the center of the chuck.

• The tailstock is a four-jaw chuck with two sets of motion systems. In addition to the clamping function, it is also responsible for the tube's rotation and forward and backward movement.

the 4-jaw rear chuck and tailstock of the cnc plasma square tube cutter machine

• Dual drive design – both front and rear chuck are powered by Yaskawa AC servo motors (750W or 850W). In addition to the top-quality servo system, the rectangular tube cutting machine is also equipped with top-level planetary gearcases as the transmission mechanism. It features a small gap and good precision. It brings us benefits like robust power, fast feeding speed, and high cutting efficiency.

dual Yaskawa servo motor for the front and rear chuck motion

• The cnc plasma system is the 4-axis controller FX430A with simple programming options. It comes with a drawing library of commonly used industrial cut parts. Program input from the USB flash disk. The system has two languages, Chinese and English, which can be switched according to actual needs.

cnc plasma system FX430A operation panel and monitor

• The THC torch height regulator controls the rising and falling of the cnc plasma torch to allow the cnc tube plasma cutter to work along the uneven surface. The latest control system version already includes a built-in height controller, so there is no need to use an external style.

thc torch height controller is installed above the cnc plasma system

• Yaskawa servo system drives the headstock and the tailstock with excellent accuracy, quiet operation, fast acceleration, and deceleration. The Leadshine Hybrid servo system powers other motion axes. Most electrical components are placed in a well-sealed electronic house.

cnc tube plasma cutter's electronic house filled with components

• Z-axis adopts Leadshine servo motor and coupler transmission. 

cnc plasma square tube cutter z-axis transmission detail

• The rack and linear guideways are brand-name products: P&C and square type 20mm. Square type is much better than the round ones on durability and precision.

P&C brand rack and high precesion linear rails

• The dust-proof design can effectively prevent dust and slag from falling on precision transmission parts such as guide rails and racks. It reduces the failure rate of the machine and increases durability.

dust proof cloths on the cnc plasma tube cutter machine

Accessories of 4 Axis CNC Tube Cutter Machine

Standard accessories include these: TubeMaster nesting software (4 axis version), USB drive (complete tutorials inside), plasma cutter consumables, goggles, gloves, jaws, and wrench.

full accessory set for cnc plasma square tube cutter

Package and Shipment Details about the CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

cnc tube plasma cutting machine packing and shipment process

Please watch the following video to understand the whole packing process.

Quick Details of CNC Square / Round Tube Plasma Cutting Machine

• Working Size 230mm D x 6,000mm L (In imperial: 9in D x 20ft L)

• Other options for working diameter: 170mm (6.69in), 320mm (12.59in), and 400mm (15.74in). 

• Heavy-load plasma machine base

• Single plasma torch

• Fangling plasma cut system - 4 Axis version 

• THC torch height controller

• Yaskawa Servo motion system on the front and rear chuck

• Planetary gear case

• Plasma cutter: please select as per your actual production needs.

• HIWIN 20mm square guides

• TuberMaster 4-axis nesting software in English

one set cnc plasma rotary tube cutter ready in the workshop

Best Support for CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter

• Complete set tutorials in English, including machine setup, hardware operation, and software programming, are provided to you with the plasma machine. It is a specific, practical, step-by-step manual for your exact device, not a general, meaningless one for many models. Beginners can also master the operation of the machine by following our instructions. 

• We will provide comprehensive online training along with the machine, which is a course from the beginning until you put your cnc tube plasma cutter into production.

• All EagleTec CNC plasma machines come with lifetime support. Our technical team is available during business days. You can contact them by email or phone. Occasionally you may have to leave a message, but we will respond with solutions in the order we receive them.

The Latest Appearance of the Plasma CNC Tube Cutting Machine

High Definition CNC Plasma Square Tube Cutter Machine For Sale

cnc plasma rotary tube cutter novel design in 2021

Technical Parameters of High-Definition CNC Plasma Tube Cutter Machine

Product ModelEA-PL0260T Pro | ET0260
Construction TypeRotary Type CNC Plasma Table
Working Size230mm D x 6,000mm L (In imperial: 9"D x 236"L) - Standard Package
Other Options of Work Diameter170mm (6.69") / 320mm (12.59") / 400mm (15.74")
Cut Torch Type and Quantity1 Plasma torch 
Clamping ModeBy headstock (air-actuated) and 4-jaw tailstock 
Cutting Speed0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Plasma CNC ControllerFX430A with colorful LED display in English
Program InputUSB port
Communication CodeInternational standard G-code
Arc Voltage T.H.CIncluded
Nesting Software for PlasmaTubeMaster in English (4-axis version), programmable format (***.stp, ***.igs, ***.sj)
Linear Guide Rail HIWIN square type 20mm - branded product
Motion System for RotaryYaskawa AC Servo - dual-drive design 
Motion System for X/ZLeadshine Hybrid Servo
Plasma GeneratorPlease select as per your production requirement 
Plasma Table Working ElectricityAC200V~240V, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz or Made to order
Packing Size7800x1400x2140mm (24CMB around)
Gross Weight2200KGS

cnc square round plasma tube cutter for sale

FAQs about the Square / Round Plasma Tube Cutter for Sale

Q: What Software Do You Provide for this CNC Tubing Notcher Plasma Cutter? Any Information You Can Provide Regarding the Software, License Fees, Annual Subscriptions, Update Costs, etc. Would Be Very Helpful.

A: The genuine TubeMaster (4-axis version in English) will be provided with the machine to you without extra charge. It is a nesting software that is perfect for square and round tube cutting projects, developed by FL CNC.

complete set tubemaster nesting software 4 axis version

Q: How Does the TubeMaster Work? We would be interested to learn more about the software platform and interface.

A: As a nesting software, it works this way: You import your part model into the TubeMaster program and then set the dimensions of the steel pipe to be cut, the required quantity of the part, and other relevant parameters; the software will automatically calculate and nest the pipes; after the nesting is completed, The software will generate a G-code file, which is the cutting path that is readable by the CNC system of the plasma rotary cutter machine. Then, we throw this G-code file into the machine's CNC system to run, and the machine will automatically cut the required parts for us.

Q: What File Formats of The Part Modeling Can Be Editable in The Tubemaster?

A: For your reference, parts in these formats (.stp/.ips/.sj) can be directly imported into the TubeMaster without any conversion.

Q: Are There Any Options on the Length of the Rotary Plasma Cutter?

A: Yes, there are. Except for the standard length of 6000mm, other options can be made to order. Please tell us your desired cutting length.

Q: Can I Get a Hypertherm Plasma with the CNC Plasma Pipe Cutter Machine?

A: Yes, the Hypertherm plasma source/cutter options are available. 

Q: Does the CNC Pipe Cutters Have a Certification?

A: Yes, it does. We have the CE certification (MD and EMC) for the cnc tubing cutter plasma machine. The soft copy can be sent for your reference as per your request.

Q: Can You Supply Me The Pipe Plasma Cutter Without the Plasma Source and I Get It Locally?

A: Yes, we can supply you with the machine without a plasma source, and we will get all the cables involved. So you can run it after connecting your source. The plasma sources usually come with their own torches. We want to make it clear that when the machine is not coming with a source, it also doesn't have a torch.

Q: Is There Any Additional Assembly Works Required Once the Square Tube Plasma Cutting Machine Arrives?

The machine would be packaged and shipped as a whole, so no additional assembly work is required. After receiving the CNC tube plasma cutting machine, you only need to connect the plasma cutter with the plasma table and give the machine power.

Q: What Kind of Warranty and Service Do You Offer for The CNC Square Tube Cutting Machine?

It is a 12-month limited warranty. Under warranty, you'll enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except plasma cutter consumables. (nozzle or electrode)

After that, we will provide continuous technical support. This service is free and lifetime. When you need our help, contact us, and you will get an answer from us within 24 hours at most. If any parts need to be replaced after the warranty period, we only charge the cost of raw materials.

Q: What Is the Delivery Time for This CNC Pipe Plasma Cutting Machine?

The lead time is 15 business days on receipt of the down payment.

Q: Do You Have a CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine for Round Pipe Only?

A: Yes, we do. It’s a 3-axis plasma rotary cutting machine that tackles round (circle) pipes. The standard model EAG-6000 has a 200mm D x 6000mm L cutting size. Other sizes can be made to order. It is powered by an AC servo motion system. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and specification details. 

cnc plasma rotary cutter for round pipes cutting

If you like the cnc plasma tube cutters for sale here, please ask for pricing now.


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