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Mr. Paul from the U.S. – Woodturning Lathe EA-TL1530T2 Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Nov. 02, 2023 Last Purchase Item: EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe EA-TL1530T2 From: The U.S.

"We made a couple newel posts . Worked very well . It was very stable running a large piece of wood . It was a 6” x 6” x 48” ."

"We were able to make a small sample !!!  It is working well so far . I will share videos when there are small enough to include as attachment. I’m sure I will need additional support as we learn about the machine."


"We have been practicing with the lathe it is working well."

"We are enjoying learning the cnc lathe."

"I appreciate your help!!"

"Yes I received your email, thank you . We are putting all the information to use . It is all working well."

eagletec cnc woodturning lathe e ea-tl1530t2 reviews from u.s. customer

Our Story

It's a long story. Please be patient :) When the first time Mr. Paul reached out to us, it was Jun.24 in 2022. He browsed our item CNC woodturning lathe EA-TL1530T2 on our website and then sent us an inquiry using the contact form. The inquiry said he was looking for a cnc lathe to do at least 36” spindles. He was looking for semi automatic or fully automatic. Looking for advice on different models.

On the same day, we got back to Paul by email to double check the dimensions of their wooden spindles. After receiving the clarification, we propose three different wood lathe models in the order of automation level. They are: 

Mini CNC Wood Lathe EA-TL1020ST

CNC Wood Lathe with Milling Spindle EA-TL1530T2

Fully Automatic Wood Lathe EA-TL1530SF


A few days later, Paul emailed us to ask if he could see our machines at the IWF22 show in Atlanta. We understand that a face-to-face conversation and seeing the lathe with his own eyes would be a good chance to build trust between our two parties. However, it is impossible for us to attend the fair due to the COVID; also, China is locked down at that time. So we replied to Paul honestly.


Nothing happened from July of 2022 to August of 2023. During this period, we kept in touch with Paul by emailing him some new machines or shipments from time to time. And he occasionally replied to us with messages that they are still interested; they are still in the market just haven’t purchased yet.


The time has come to September 2nd of 2023. Paul sent us a photo of the wooden spindle he wants to make and asked us if that is something our CNC woodturning machine capable of. We noticed that the baluster has fluting on one portion; so we confirmed with Paul the EA-TL1530T2 and EA-TL1530SF are good fits for making spindles with flutings. In the email, we included the live demos of both machines.


Paul had fruitful communication with us from September 13 to October 16, 2023. We confirmed many details, including the working size limit of the machines, difficulty level of the operation, the required electricity connection, how long for shipping to US, the final cost for everything including for actual machine TL1530T2, customs, processing etc., the CAD systems workable with the machine, customer service, availability of parts replacement.


On October 18, Paul emailed us and requested us put the details we agreed together and send an official final proposal. We were getting closer.


Paul told us they were ready to proceed with the purchase on October 31, 2023. He asked us to send the information needed to get the machine on order. We made a proforma invoice and sent it to him for purpose of making the down payment on the same day.


Paul got the down payment paid on November 02. The next day, we put his order into production.


Our team got the lathe ready on November 15. We emailed the photos to Paul and asked if they wanted to send a DXF file to us for testing it on the machine. Paul said he would send one shortly.

EagleTec CNC wood lathe EA-TL1530T2 ready in the plant

Paul sent us the drawing for testing on November 19, 2023. We tested his new lathe with his DXF drawing on November 21 and shared the video with him. I included the video here, also.

Paul paid the remaining balance on November 29, 2023. We proceeded with the shipping. On December 01, we completed the packing work.

EagleTec CNC wood lathe EA-TL1530T2 under packing

The machine was delivered to the loading port (Qingdao, China) on December 04.

Mr. Paul from the U.S. – Woodturning Lathe EA-TL1530T2 Reviews

We sent the required paperwork to Paul on December 05 and reminded him to ask his broker to file the ISF form on his behalf before the Vessel's departure. Everything went well.


The vessel left the loading port and headed to Chicago via Los Angeles. About 35 days later, Paul had the lathe arrived at his facility. In the next couple of days, he unpacked it, set it in place,  learned the guides on the USB drive, and had an electrician make the electricity connection.


On February 02 of 2024, Paul emailed us that "We were able to make a small sample !!!  It is working well so far . I will share videos when there are small enough to include as attachment. I'm sure I will need additional support as we learn about the machine."

EagleTec CNC wood lathe EA-TL1530T2 reviews

As he got to know the machine better by practice, Pual asked us some questions regarding operation skills. We answered him one by one before our Chinese New Year holiday. 

When we were back to work after the CNY vacation, I informed Paul and he replied that "We have been practicing with the lathe it is working well. We did have some questions I will send to you tomorrow."

EagleTec CNC wood lathe EA-TL1530T2 comment

Our team gave Paul a detailed explanation of every question he had. Paul said: "I appreciate your help !!"

CNC wood lathe EA-TL1530T2 reivew

After about one month of practice, Paul and his team are familiar with the lathe operation. He emailed me, "We are putting all the information to use. It is all working well."

CNC wood lathe EA-TL1530T2 comments

Just today, Paul happened to be running some large pieces of newly posts and shared with us his feeling and experience below.

EagleTec CNC woodturning lathe review


Based on the good experience with our machines and after-sales services, Pual is very willing to serve as a reference customer for EagleTec CNC in the United States. If you want to speak with him, please contact us.


Are you still worried about finding a reliable CNC wood lathe manufacturer? Please review more testimonials. You can sleep tight if you work with EagleTec CNC. If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us


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