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Will Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Eventually Replace CNC Plasma Tables?

Publish Date: Jun. 17, 2023 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 17, 2023

Metal cutting occupies a large proportion in the manufacture of automobiles, ships, pressure vessels, construction machinery, petroleum and other industries. Usually, we use cnc plasma tables and fiber laser cutting machines to do this work.

The principle of plasma cutting machine is to use the high energy density and instantaneous high temperature of plasma to melt metal materials, so as to realize cutting.The principle of the fiber laser cutting machine is to use the fiber laser to send out the light beam to focus on the workpiece with high density through the reflection and focusing lens, and then melt the metal at high temperature, and blow the molten material away through the auxiliary gas to achieve the purpose of cutting.


Fiber laser cutting is a higher technology than plasma cutting so In the first few years of fiber laser cutting machine, its cost is much higher than cnc plasma table.


Therefore, for some small metal fabricators, in order to achieve better cutting effect in thin plate, a cnc plasma table equipped with Hypertherm plasma source is the best choice.
So, if we had asked this question five years ago, the answer would have been no.

But with the continuous development of fiber laser technology, the price of laser generators continues to drop, and now we can get a 1.5kw fiber cutting machine at almost similar price with an 85A Hypertherm CNC plasma table. Let's take a concrete example to illustrate.

Did you know that a CNC plasma table equipped with an 85A Hypertherm plasma source is capable of cutting through a metal sheet that is up to 12mm thick? The entire machine costs around $11,000. As another example, to cut a 12mm steel plate, a 1.5 kW laser cutting machine for metal would be needed, which typically costs around $12,900.


Obviously, no matter in terms of machine price, performance advantages and cutting effect, in the field of thin metal sheet cutting, cnc plasma table will gradually be replaced by fiber laser cutting machines.However, in the cutting of thick metal sheets, CNC plasma cutting machines still occupy an important position. This is because high-power fiber lasers are still very expensive compared to higher-power plasma.

To cut a metal sheet that is 22 mm thick, a 125A Hypertherm CNC plasma cutting machine is a suitable option. The cost of the entire machine is approximately $15,800. However, if a fiber laser cutter is preferred, a 6kw laser generator would be necessary, and the machine would cost around $60,000.

Obviously, in the field of thick plate cutting, plasma cutting machine is still the most economical and practical choice in the next few years.

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