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Top Quality Stone CNC Router for Sale at Favorable Price

What Is Stone CNC Router?

Stone CNC Router refers to a kind of dedicated cnc machine engineered to process carving, engraving, milling, and profiling operations of marble, granite, jade, gemstone, and aluminum elements. 

What Is the Difference Between Stone CNC Router and Wood Router?

First of all, the stone cnc router comes with a water circulation system to cool the tools during the machining process. This system is mainly composed of water pot, nozzle, water pump, and hose. But please note that a qualified stone cnc machine is by no means just adding such a cooler to cnc wood router, and more importantly, please read the next point.

Second, it is vital to have a high mechanical stiffness for the stone cnc router. If you compare stone cnc machine and wood router of the same size, the weight and toughness of the former should be almost twice that of the latter. Such a device is qualified for stone and aluminum working applications.


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