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How to operate CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Pipe Cutting Rotary Attachment

Publish Date: Jun. 08, 2021 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Jun. 08, 2021

As dual-purpose equipment, cnc plasma cutting machine with pipe cutting rotary attachment has been favored by many clients. It can cut both flat and circular pipe metals. And today’s post I am going to show you exactly how we operate it, step-by-step. Hope it helps.

The 5x10 plasma table on the left is responsible for plane cutting. And the rotary axis on the right is for pipe cutting. The plasma controller is Starfire.

cnc plasma machine with pipe cutting rotary attachment

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Video operation demonstration

Part 1. How to Use CNC Plasma Table to Cut with Metal Plate


• We put an 8mm thick mild steel plate on the table; Move the cutting torch to the position you want to start cutting.

Note: The position where the plasma cutting torch stops is the origin point of the workpiece.

• According to the plate thickness, we need to set an appropriate output current for the plasma source.

Note: the greater the thickness of the plate, the greater the output current required

• Set a reasonable cutting speed according to the thickness of the plate

Note: the bigger the thickness of the plate, the slower the rate should be set.

• Select the design file

• Perform cutting.

Part 2. How to Use Rotary Axis to Cut with Pipe

• Move the cutting torch directly above the centerline of the pipe.

• Make earth grounding for the rotary attachment; we can connect the table feet and rotary feet with a cable.

• To facilitate the demonstration, here we use a blade to make the connection.

• Choose the shape you want to cut, here we take a square as an example.

• Set the size of the square, press OK.

• Set a proper cutting speed as per the tube thickness.

• Set an appropriate output current according to the material thickness.

• Enter the diameter of the pipe here.

• Press F7

• Then press F1.

• Set the mode to plasma cut

• Perform cutting.

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See you next time.

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