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Mr. Diego from Ecuador – 3 Head CNC Router Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Nov. 23, 2021 Last Purchase Item: EagleTec 3 Head CNC Wood Router EA-2030VMH3 From: The Ecuador

"hi brother how are you, I tell you that the beautiful machine finally arrived, the box arrived a little battered but it did not suffer many consequences, only the parts that were under the table have bent a little. For the rest all good my dear brother.”

Our Story

Mr. Diego is our regular customer and a good friend from Ecuador. He is the owner of a Slatwall panel fabrication factory. Our first contact was in 2018, and we have known each other for 4 years till now. He once ordered our double head cnc machine EA-2030VMH2 in January 2019. After a period of use, he highly praised our machine quality and after-sales service. Based on the need to expand production capacity, Diego ordered this 3 head CNC Router EA-2030VMH3 from us in November 2021.

The customer wired the deposit to us on November 24; we well received his deposit on November 27. The whole production cycle took about 40 days. On January 6, 2022, we got the machine ready and notified the customer of this information. On the second day after receiving our notice, the customer wired us the balance of the cnc router.

three head cnc router for sale

Next, we worked on the process of shipping and export clearance. On Jan.14, we trucked the CNC out.

three head cnc router is trucked out

The vessel departed on January 20th. After more than two months of the sea voyage, the machine arrived at the seaport of GUAYAQUIL in Ecuador. And the customer was working on the process of import clearance and pickup. After these formalities were completed, the customer transported the machine to its factory by truck on April 13th. The following is the unloading scene at that time.

Ecuadorian customer is unloading the three head cnc router

The customer unpacked the machine a week later, did the initial setup, and got it ready to run.

EagleTec 3 head cnc router ready in customer’s workshop

After some time, the customer put its new machine into production. You can see from the video below that two EagleTec CNC machines are running at full capacity to produce Slatwall boards for customers.

Undoubtedly, the customer's repurchase once again proves our excellent product quality and outstanding after-sales service level. If you are also looking for multi head CNC of great quality, I believe EagleTec CNC is one of your best choices. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 


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