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CNC Wood Router 4x8 for Sale at Affordable Price

Model: ET-1325SV

Category: CNC Wood Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC CNC Wood Router 4x8 for Sale with Affordable Price

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$5450 / SET

Price Range: USD4800 to USD6500 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 10 to 15 days 

Warranty: 12 months 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

Recommendation: CNC Wood Router 4x8 for Sale at Affordable Price4.9 /5 based on 195 reviews 



CNC wood router 4x8 is the most popular model in all our cnc routing machines, it generally refers to a router with a 4 by 8 feet (4'x8' or 48"x96") working size. This CNC Router ET-1325SV is built with one single head and vacuum-sorb working table as well. The electric spindle adopts a liquid-cooled one, which is much better for a long time of continuous carving or milling. The working table is a two-in-one design and can fix material by vac-sorb as well as by clamp according to your production requirements. The unique industrial plug design makes the electrical components of the wood router more stable and durable. This 4x8 cnc machine is ideal for universal application and beginners. So, we can say it is one of the best entry-level wood routers. EagleTec ET-1325SV cnc wood router for sale with affordable price and best customer service now! 

For your information, we have launched a new product on the market, if you have an interest, please check our 2023 new 48 x 96 cnc wood router table here. 

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No need vacuum bed? Then please check another model: cnc router table 4x8 without vacuum; if you need a vacuum, let's move on...

cnc wood router 4x8 front view photo

Demo Video of 4x8 CNC Wood Router ET-1325SV

In the video, you'll see the router engraves nameplate information with a plastic sheet. Enjoy! 

Quick Details of Affordable CNC Wood Router 4x8

• 4x8 feet work area converted to metric units is 1300x2500mm (Smaller size option 4x4 cnc router is available as well)

• Control box style: individual

• Machine construction: welded steel

• 3.0kw water-cooled electronic spindle, 24,000rpm, ER20

• With big torque and heavy load stepping driver YAKO2811, fly speed is up to 35m/min

RichAuto Auto Now controller A11

• 2 in 1 design vacuum table, Vac-sorb with T-slots table 

• Acceptable program software: ArtCAM, Aspire, JD Paint, etc.

• Container Loading Capacity for 4x8 cnc router: 5PCS/20GP, 12PCS/40HQ (SKD condition)

• 100% Original PMI linear railway and bearing, lifespan is no less than five years under regular operation. For your information, the lifespan of copy items is probably just one year. To get outstanding durability, it is essential to go with original Taiwan linear motion components. (Made in Taiwan)

100% original PMI linear railway on eagletec cnc wood router - photo

Advantage of EagleTec 4' x 8' CNC Wood Router System

• 15 crucial production details are taken care of by our skilled staff. Learn more details now.

• From a long-time milling utilization point of view, the water-cooled spindle is prior to air-cooled because water's cooling effect is always better than by air.

water cooled spindle on eagletec cnc wood router - photo

Q: There is a water cooled drive head. Does this require a water source and drain?

A: The water-cooled motor is the default configuration of this model. The c and c 4x8 table router machine will come with a set of dedicated accessories, which include a small water tank and a submersible pump. It is actually a water circulation system. We need to inject an appropriate amount of water into the water tank, connect the water pump's outlet with the inlet pipe of the spindle, and then place the outlet pipe of the spindle in the water tank. In this way, water will flow from the water tank into the spindle for cooling. Then, it will return to the water tank through the outlet pipe to form a circulation mechanism. If you don't like water-cooled motors, we have another option: air-cooled motors.

• 100% original PMI linear guides ensure the machine's accuracy greatly. Compared with copy one, much more durable also. To check one machine's durability, you should check what quality linear guides it using. 

• All the cables of the whole 4x8 cnc wood router are top-quality high-flexible shielded cables, eliminating the occurrence of signal interference and static interference.

• The high torque YAKO YKA2811 drivers make the machine's idle speed up to 35m/min. For your information, if with Leadshine 860 driver, you would get 25m/min only.  

yako yak2811 drivers inside the electronic cabinet of cnc wood router - photo

• Original RichAuto A11 CNC control system is much more durable when compared with cracked NC Studio. It is friendly to newbies as well. 

• 2 in 1 vacuum hold down table increases the clamping performance by 30%, at least.

cnc wood router 4x8 vacuum table photo

Application of CNC Router Machine 4x8:

Applicable materials for 4x8 Router with Vacuum Hold Down 

CNC wood router 4x8 is good for all types of wood, PVC, HDPE, Plastic, MDF, PT Plywood, Acrylic, and other non-metallic materials. (sheet materials no more than 4x8 in size)

The applicable industry of 4' x 8' CNC Wood Router System

It has a wide range of applications: General work, woodworking, sign-making, crafts work, decoration panel, musical instrument, etc.

Features of EagleTec CNC Router 4x8 Machine 

• The X and Y axis motion is via a rack and pinion drive system, which is hardened for extremely long life and ground for an outstanding accuracy; The Z axis is driven by a hardened Germany rolling anti-backlash ball screw.

• The Y-axis uses a dual drive, one for each side of the gantry.

• Machine base is welded with seamless steel tubes, processed by vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress, and six legs support it with adjustable leveling feet.

• Beam is made of steel. A steel beam is superior to aluminum in its ability to suppress and absorb the forces created during cutting. It is internally ribbed to stiffen the assembly; this design minimizes the vibration while increasing accuracy and repeatability for cnc router machine 4x8.

• All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central system.

EagleTec 4x8 CNC Router Machine Regular Accessory 

For this wood cnc machine 4x8, the specific accessory contains the following items:

• Toolbox – 1PC (will serve as water tank during machine operation)

• Adjustable leveling feet – 6 Sets

• Collets – 3PCS (3.175mm, 6mm, 12mm, one for each size)

• Pump – 1PC (for spindle water cooling system)

• Spanner

• Hexagon Set

• Transmission belt - 2PCS

• ON/OFF button – 2PCS

• Proximity sensor – 2PCS

• Emergency stop – 2PCS

• Universal cutter for machine testing purposes

• T-slot clamps – 6 Sets

full set regular accessory of 4x8 cnc wood router on its table

FAQs about the EagleTec 4' x 8' CNC Routers

Q: I need a 220V single-phase CNC Woodworking Router. Do you have that version?

A: Yes, for ET-1325SV, we have the version of 220V single-phase. The two versions' machine configuration is the same; the difference is the optional auxiliary equipment, vacuum pump, and dust collector. The two must be changed from three-phase to single-phase.

Q: Can we get a rotary axis added on the 4x8 cnc wood router?

A: Yes, sure. We can add a rotation axis to it as the fourth axis so that it will be upgraded to a 4x8 4 axis cnc routers for woodworking.

Q: What are the wearing parts of EagleTec 4x8 CNC Router ET-1325SV?

A: For this machine, the vulnerable parts contain transmission belts, button switches, and proximity sensors. EagleTec provides free spare along with your device. Kindly check the packing list stated above.

Q: Does the wood CNC router machine for sale take a special bit, or are they readily available, and where, and how much do they cost, and are they easy to take out and put in?

A: Yes, there are dedicated router bits for 4x8 cnc router table machines. With the machine, we will provide a case of bits for making sample parts. If you need to buy more, you can purchase from us; you can also find them in your local hardware market. The cutter's installation and disassembly are effortless, and they can be completed with two wrenches.

Q: The power requirement is AC480V/60Hz/3Ph; can that be achieved on the cnc router table 4x8 for sale?

A: Yes, we can make that by equipping the machine with a transformer, just like what we did on this computerized wood router EA-1325V. It is a machine we made for a customer in the U.S.

Q: What is the guideline for the working speed of the 4x8 wood cnc machines?

A: The electronic spindle and motion driving system are the two prime factors of working speed for a cnc router 4x8. Come to ET-1325SV; it is equipped with a 3.0kw spindle, strong driver YAKO2811MA, and stepper motors. This combination is outstanding in the stepping drive system.

• For cutting or routing, the suggested rate is no more than 30,000mm/min.

• For engraving, it is no more than 12,000mm/min.

The speed here is a guideline for you. The specific rate should be determined case by case; usually, factors of material hardness, router bits quality and step-down size need to be taken into consideration.   

we are packing the 4x8 cnc router

Q: How many years can this 4' x 8' cnc wood router system work for me?

A: The quality of critical components determines the lifespan of a wood cnc router machine; they usually include two parts: mechanical parts and electronic components.

• From the mechanical part, we need to check the quality level of the linear guideways. ET-1325SV is using original Taiwan PMI linear guides and sliders, which is the top grade in the industry.

• Come to electronics, it uses the original RichAuto handheld controller, best stepper driver – YAKO2811MA, and top-grade spindle motor.

Based on the configuration level like this, it is safe to say that the machine can work for five years at least, perhaps longer.

Q: What is the actual machining accuracy of this entry level cnc router 4x8 for sale?

A: To answer this question, let's look at the crucial factors that will affect the cnc wood router's accuracy. There are four mainly:

• The weight of the machine base. It should be sufficient. For a 4x8 cnc router machine, qualified weight should be no less than 1,000KGS. If less, the machine will cause wobble during machining.

• Need to check what kind of equipment is used to machine the mechanical parts. It refers to all the basal plane for assembly. The machine can be a 5 axis cnc machining center, a 3 axis cnc machine, or a regular gantry planer. Needless to say, 5 axis cnc machining center is the best, and the gantry planer is the worst. EagleTec is using 5 axis; please check out here: how EagleTec build CNC

• The linear guides precision. Top grade one is always from Taiwan or Japan. It can be original PMI, HIWIN, or other brands with the same quality level. The precision for such items is 0.05mm.

• Worker skill. Apparently, a skilled worker will assemble the machine in a better way. In turn, the equipment is better on accuracy.

Honestly, EagleTec ET-1325SV can get a precision of 0.10mm/300mm. It should be the best result for a 4' x 8' cnc wood router system with steppers. If you see a similar router with 0.01mm from somewhere, it is nearly impossible actually, since the accuracy of the guide rail is 0.05mm, and this refers to the top grade one from Taiwan, not the regular one from China mainland. Think about it, on this basis, it will accumulate mismachining tolerance and assembly inaccuracy; what should a reasonable accuracy look like?  

Wood CNC Machine 4x8 Technical Parameter

TypeSingle head 8x4 cnc wood router
XY Working Size4×8 feet
Z Feeding Height200mm
Machining Precision0.1mm / 100mm
Max. Idle Running Speed35m/min
Max. Routing Speed20m/min
Drive Motor450B stepper
SpindleWater cooling 3.0kw, variable speed 0-24,000RPM (Optional: 4.5kw / 5.5kw)
InverterFuling VFD 3.7kw
CNC ControllerRichAuto DSP A11
Working TableT-slot style vacuum platform
XY TransmissionHelical rack and pinion
Z TransmissionTBI Rolling balls crew
XYZ LinearPMI rail and bearing, origin from Taiwan
CablesHighly flexible shielded cable
Other ElectronicsSchneider, Omron
Working Power220~240VAC/60Hz, 1 Phase or 3 Phase, or Made to order
Max. Power Consumption12KW
Net Weight1,200KGS
Optional Configuration 1.Vacuum pump system ( Air-ring 2.2kw/Single-phase - 2SETS, or Water-ring 5.5Kw/3P - 1SET)
Optional Configuration 2.Dust removal system ( 2.2Kw/1P, or 3.0Kw/3P | 53m³/min | ≤70dB )

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