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CNC Router 2040 with 4000 x 2000 Work Table Size

Model: EA-2040V

Category: Wood CNC Machine

Brand: EagleTec CNC CNC Router 2040 with 4000 x 2000 Work Table Size

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$7500 / SET

Price Range: USD6600 to USD9500 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 10 to 15 days

Warranty: 12 months 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: CNC Router 2040 with 4000 x 2000 Work Table Size 4.6 /5 based on 35 reviews



CNC router 2040 is a basic wood router construction but with a big working size of 4000 × 2000mm. Generally speaking, such a big size cnc machine, if the production technology is not perfect, the mechanical parts (such as mounting surface for linear guides or rack) will be deformed after using for a period of time. In order to prevent this problem happen, EagleTec machine base is welded with seamless steel structure; processed by high-temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress, in that way, it can prevent from being deformed. The vacuum table is divided into eight zones; the T-slot profile is embedded in the PVC table to get more possibility on material clamping. The cnc router 2040 with 4000 x 2000 work table is very popular among customers such as Russia, Brazil, and Tunisia.

If the size is what you need, let's move on. If you need a smaller bed, please check on router cnc 2000x3000 or 4x8 cnc router for sale.

cnc router 4000 x 2000 - photo

Advantage of EagleTec CNC Router 2040 

Perfect production technology, machine construction is via high temperature tempering and vibrating stress relief (VSR) to improve the rigidity. Ensure that the cnc router mechanism does not deform for a long time such as 5 or 7 years. As several customers told, our machine works still perfectly after 10 years. This is nearly impossible if the machine is not built in a good way. 

• With a high-power 4.5kw water-cooled spindle, it can easily handle any woodworking jobs from cutting to milling and engraving. The power is sufficient. 

4.5kw water cooled spindle on cnc router 2040 - photo

• All electronics is top quality best ones here, including YAKO driver - Model. YKA2811MA, Fuling VFD, original RichAuto cnc controller - A11, CHNT magnetic contactors. Please refer to photos below. They are crucial for a router machine's durability. 

cnc router 2040 electronic components inside control cabinet upper half photo

cnc router 2040 electronic components inside control cabinet lower half photo

• In order to facilitate the operator to monitor the running state of the spindle, the inverter display panel is installed at the cnc router 2040 machine operation panel which is outside the control cabinet.

cnc router 2040 inverter display on machine operation panel - photo

• From the perspective of safety, protection earth and thermal overload protection are provided inside the electrical box.

Packaging details of EagleTec CNC Router 2040 with 4000 x 2000 Work Table

• Delivery in SKD condition. Based on the width limit of conventional containers, the beam of 2040 cnc router needs to be knocked down to load into the container. See the picture below for details

2040 cnc router beam knocked down and ready for delivery - photo

• Full machine set will be tightly wrapped with plastic films to avoid rusty. Please refer to photos below for details.

• As the final step of the packaging, the whole cnc router 2040 is fixed on a strong steel pallet, so as to facilitate the operation of the loading and unloading; it is also a protective measure for the machine meanwhile. Check the photo below please

cnc wood router 2040 tightly wrapped by plastic film and fixed on steel pallet - photo

cnc router 2000 x 4000 delivery by truck – photo

Q: Is there any assembly works for this 2040 cnc router once received?

A: To get it accommodated in container, the gantry kit was taken down. So once you received the router, you will need to assemble the gantry kit back. But take it easy, specific guide with instructions step by step will be sent to you for this task. Simple to follow it, and you will complete the assembly. In addition to that, our support team is here for you at any time. From the feedback of our customers, almost all them can complete this with our guide. 

Standard Accessory of Machine CNC Router 2040

full set accessory of cnc router 2040 ready for packing

• Tool box

• Spanner set

• Hose clamp

• On/off button, emergency stop switch, limit sensor (Vulnerable parts)

• Machine foot

• T-slot clamp set

• Router cutters for machine testing purpose

• Seal rubber for vacuum table

• Transmission belts (Vulnerable parts)



Solid wood, MDF, plastic, PVC, acrylic, and other nonmetal materials.


CNC router 2040 with 2000x4000 work table is good for woodworking jobs including carving, cutting, milling and more.

Features of Woodworking CNC Router 2000x4000

• With 8 supporting legs with adjustable leveling feet.

• Beam is made of steel. A steel beam is superior to a aluminum in its ability to suppress and absorb the forces created during cutting. It is internally ribbed in order to stiffen the assembly; this design is inimizing the vibration while increasing accuracy and repeatability.

• XY transmission is rack and pinion which is fast feeding speed and good accuracy; Z transmission is by rolling ballscrew.

• Each axis of motion is supported on high precision linear guide ways. Hiwin linear guides allow for higher feed speeds and a better quality of cut. 

• The Y-axis uses a dual drive, one for each side of the gantry.

• Programming software good for this g code cnc router, e.g. Type 3/Artcam/UcanCAM etc.

• CNC router 2040 has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

• All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central system.

Technical Parameter of CNC Router 2040 with 4000 x 2000 Work Table

TypeBig size woodworking router
XY Working Size2000 × 4000mm
Z Axis Stroke200mm
Max. Feeding Height of   Z200mm
Max. Cutting Speed20,000mm/min
Spindle4.5kw water cooling, variable speed range 0-18,000RPM, ER25
Drive MotorBig torque, Stepping - 6.0N.m
CNC SystemRichAuto A11 or Weihong NK105G2 or NC studio
Vacuum Pump230CBM/h air flow, water-ring 5.5kw
Small ElectronicSchneider, Omron, CHINT (All is top quality and durable one)
XY TransmissionHelical rack and pinion - 1.25 modulus, belt joint
Z TransmissionRolling ballscrew - 25mm 
Max. Power Consumption14KW
Power SupplyAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph or customized as requirement
Net Weight1800KGS
PackingCompletely wrapped with plastic film and then packed into strong plywood case
Packing Size4900x2250x1800 (Approximate. 20CBM)

FAQs Regarding EagleTec CNC Router 2040 Machine

Is there manual for the router operation? Is it in English?

Yes, there is. Full set tutorials concerning machine operation will be provided along with the router; and they are in English. All the guide is the most specific one for your exact router machine; there are instructions step by step; follow it, you will know how to do. From the feedback, 90% customers can starts their machine after learn the guide themselves.

Who will guide us to start up the machine?

Our skilled technician team is always here for you to answer you any question or guide you to start up your machine. So, when you need us, just contact us. We will guide you everything you need to know to start up your new machine. 

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