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Computerized Router with Customized Voltage AC480V

Model: EA-1325V

Category: Wood CNC Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC Computerized Router with Customized Voltage AC480V

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$5450 / SET

Price Range: USD4800 to USD7600 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 10 to 15 days

Warranty: 12 months 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: Computerized Router with Customized Voltage AC480V4.8 /5 based on 8 reviews



The computerized router EA-1325V is a standard model of woodworking cnc router from EagleTec, but with customized American power supply standard - AC480V 3Phase. Because some cities in the United States have AC480V of electricity, this machine was specifically built for US customers. In addition to 480V, other voltages can be made to order as well.


For your information, a computerized router table refers to a routing machine with a computer numerical control way, which is widely known as CNC in short. 

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computerized router special for American

Advantage of EagleTec Computerized Wood Router for American

• Specially designed for certain places of the United States, the working voltage is AC 480V/60Hz, 3Phase. There is a transformer that turns the machine working volts to be AC480V. 

480v transformer on eagletec computerized router machine

• User-friendly design, vacuum pump, and vacuum cleaner control are integrated into the machine's electric control cabinet.

vacuum pump vacuum cleaner wiring aviation and on off control button photo

• Dual protection on vacuum pump motor and dust collector motor, and they are fuse and thermal overload relay protection. Make sure the computerized router machine will run safely without a problem. In addition to that, such a protection design will save losses for you even some issues happen as the relay will shut off the electricity to protect the motors. 

dual protection on computerized router from eagletec

• With automatic tool calibration and spindle real-time temperature monitor. We can monitor spindle status at any time, and take measures to reduce the temperature when necessary, refresh the water for example. 

computerized router tool calibration sensor and spindle temperature monitor photo

Package Detail of Computer Controlled Router Table

EagleTec computer router table is completely wrapped with plastic film to prevent being rusty and then packed into a strong free-fumigation wood case. Keep the machine in good status after long time sea shipment. 

computerized router wrapped with film tightly

computerized router packing into plywood case

Quick Details of Computerized Routers for Wood with AC480V

• Working size 4 by 8 feet (48" x 96")

Water cooled spindle 3kw, 24000RPM, ER20

• Fuling inverter 3.7kw, the best brand in China

RichAuto A11E cnc controller

• Common vacuum adsorb working table

• YAKO YKA2811MA driver for step motors, volts from DC90V to 110V, most powerful stepping drivers and can acquire 25m/min cutting speed on wood sheet 

• AC480V 3Phase working power (Need AC380V? Please check this machine: 4x8 cnc wood router with 380V)

• Vacuum pump as an optional device

• Dust collector as an optional device

Application of Computerized Router for Sale

Computerised Wood Router Applicable Field

EagleTec computerized routers are usually used in the woodworking industry and other general applications such as sign making, artworks, musical instrument making, wall panel making, and more. 

Materials Good For Computer Controlled Router Woodworking Machine

All types of wood, PVC, plastic, acrylic, foam, and other non-metallic things. 

Features of Computerized Router Table with Customized Voltage

• The machine base is welded from thick-wall steel tubes, then perform VSR treatment to eliminate stress. The benefit of VSR is that machine stability is improved.  

• The design of the 6 rib support effectively prevents the vacuum adsorption bed from depression. It enables the computer controlled router woodworking machine to work for 6 years without deformation at least. Under proper usage, it can work 10 years well. 

• Y-axis is driven by dual motors, one on each side. 

• Central lubrication system for all the linear guides and bearing on the computerized routers for wood. 

Technical Parameter of EagleTec Computerized Wood Carving Machine

Type  Computerized wood router
X Y Stroke4 by 8 feet (48"x96")
Height from Table to Beam200mm (7.87")
Working TableCommon vacuum adsorb
Electric Spindle3.0kw water-cooled, 24000RPM, ER20
Clamp Range of Cutter3.175mm to 12.7mm (tool shank diameter)
CNC ControllerRichAuto Auto Now A11
Motion MotorNEMA34 Stepper, 5.8N.M
Stepper DriverYAKO YKA2811MA, DC90V to 110V, most powerful
Linear GuideHIWIN linear guideway and bearing, 20mm size
X Y TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, 1.25 module
Z TransmissionTBI rolling ballscrew
Working PowerAC480V 3Phase
Max. Power Consumption15KW
Net Weight1200KGS
Gross Weight1280KGS 
Packing Dimension3050x2000x2050mm (approximate 12.5CMB)
Vacuum PumpOptional device
Dust CollectorOptional device

FAQs about Computerized Wood Engraver

Q: Please confirm that the sheet goods (plywood, plastic, etc.) are held to the table with a built-in vacuum system. If the sheet is smaller than full size, will the vacuum table still work?

A: EA-1325V provides two options for you. Option one, the sheet goods can be held by T-slot fixtures. Option two, the materials can be held to the table with a built-in vacuum system. This option requires a vacuum pump. The entire table is divided into six vacuum zones. If the material is small, you can open only one or two zones. Therefore, the vacuum table still works. FYI, each zone has an individual on/off valve.

Q: What is the vacuum pump? What does it do? Do we need this to run the computerized wood cutter?

A: The vacuum pump is required when you want to hold the material to the table by the vacuum system. Its purpose is to extract the air under the table to achieve a vacuum state.

Q: How is dust kept out of the vacuum hold-down system? I don’t understand how the router blade can cut the shapes, so they are loose/free of the baseboard and not cut the table.

A: Usually, we will place a 3mm thick MDF sheet between the material being cut and the table as protection. It can prevent the working table/bed from being cut. It can also prevent dust from falling into the vacuum hold-down system.

Q: The suction hold-down system would be holding the MDF sheet and not the material being cut. Does this mean that you screw or otherwise fasten the MDF sheet to the underside of the material being cut?

A: In most cases, the suction hold-down system would be holding both the 3mm protection (MDF) sheet and the material sheet being cut very well. Because the power is sufficient. If the sheet is too thick to hold, we can also use the T-slot fixtures/clamps to keep it to the table.

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