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How is The Package of EagleTec CNC Router? Is It Strong Enough?

Publish Date: Aug. 23, 2021 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Aug. 23, 2021

As an overseas buyer, in addition to the quality of the cnc machine and the service level, you must also be very concerned about whether the packaging of the purchased cnc router equipment is seaworthy or strong enough. We can assure our users that our machines are appropriately packaged, fully enclosed, and sufficient for their weight and size; they contain a base for loading and unloading, stackable, forklift-able, and non-Hazardous.

To prove what we are saying here, we recorded a video about the entire packaging process while packing a machine. It will show you how we packaged a 4x4 cnc router machine from beginning to finish. Please enjoy it.


With our text explanation below, you can understand it more clearly.

Step 1. We first put the electrical cabinet together with other accessories of the machine to the table. Of course, we have already placed the bubble cushion on the PVC bed to prevent it from being bumped.

Step 2. Anti-rust measures - We apply anti-rust oil to all the guide rails, racks, and lead screws on the 4' x 4' cnc router to prevent them from rusting and corroding during transportation. Then we wrap them in plastic film.

Step 3. Anti-collision measures - We will place foam as a protective measure for some fragile parts (such as the operation panel).

Step 4. To prevent the machine from sliding in the packing box and causing losses, we nailed many wooden piles on the 4 feet of the wood routing machine. Then it is fixed.

Step 5. We use straps to tie up all the accessories placed on the table tightly. In this way, it can prevent items from colliding with each other and prevent them from sliding on the table.

Step 6. Waterproof measures – We cover the machine with a rain cover and then wrap the entire device with plastic film tightly.

Step 7. We nailed the body of the plywood crate and then sealed the top cover.

Step 8. Last, we fasten the sealed plywood case with packing straps. The packaging process is complete.


Obviously, during the entire packaging process, we have considered the potential safety hazards such as rust, waterproof, corrosion, and collision. Hence, our packaging is a seaworthy and safe package. You can rest assured that the machine you receive is intact.

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