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Linear ATC CNC Router for MDF Furniture Sheets

Model: EA-1325LATC

Category: ATC CNC Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC Linear ATC CNC Router for MDF Furniture Sheets

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$15,188 / SET

Price Range: USD13828 to USD21800 / SET as per the different configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 20 to 25 days

Warranty: 12 months

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: Linear ATC CNC Router for MDF Furniture Sheets4.9 based on 5.0



Linear ATC CNC router is good at making MDF furniture sheets including the cabinet, door panels, office furniture, and more. This type of furniture usually requires multiple tools to complete. In the CNC operation of multiple tools, the ATC router has its unique advantage that it would change tools automatically and doesn't need to stop until the whole furniture panel job complete.

You may ask: 

Which one is better, with ATC ( auto tool changer ) VS without? 

Let's dive in...


The cnc wood router without ATC can do exact jobs as well, it just would take a long time and the accuracy of the job would be slightly worse. Why? Suppose we are using a machine without ATC in the operation of multiple tools milling, what should we do for tool changing? First, we have to stop working and change the tools by hand; after that, we have to set up the new origin point for the new tool and start the machine to mill again. This operation will take two disadvantages apparently: 

• It is a waste of time for sure; 

• Since the machining is not based on the same reference ( workpiece origin ) point, the accuracy of the routed workpiece will be worse a bit. You probably know that the best situation is that one milled job has only one reference point. Setting the reference point multiple times for the same workpiece will undoubtedly increase the accumulation error of milling.

The conclusion is that ATC can increase productivity by saving time in the tool-changing process; since all machining is based on the same reference point, ATC offers us better processing accuracy.

linear atc cnc router ea-1325latc front view - photo

Work Demo: Linear ATC CNC Router EA-1325LATC Cut Screen out of 12mm MDF Panel

It can work with aluminum also. 

While working with aluminum, the spindle rate is 18000rpm; the feeding rate is 15,000mm/min. As we can see, to enable the machine to mill aluminum precisely, it should work with a coolant spray system. It is a dedicated option for aluminum machining. If you have aluminum jobs to work, you’d better go with this option.

Advantage of EagleTec Panel Furniture Making CNC Router with ATC (Auto Tool Changer)

• Unique three-layer machine base design for better stability. It is supported by 6 legs with adjustable leveling feet. Welded with 6mm thick-wall square tube, via vibrating stress release process (VSR). If you have interest, please read how EagleTec build a machine

linear atc cnc router main part - photo

• This is one of our unique production processes. Gantry is made of an 8mm thick steel tube, ribbed inside also to increase the cnc router's rigidity. Needless to say, a ribbed one is prior to an unribbed one on stiffness capacity, in return, offering better precision-milled pieces. 

• Independent electronic control cabinet at the side of the machine. Big and beautiful, good for future maintenance. The control panel is embedded in the cabinet. 

linear atc cnc router full set with control cabinet at side - photo

• Adopting Taiwan SYNTEC CNC controller special for ATC cnc router machines. A true closed-loop control, Precise & Reliable.

syntec controller on control cabinet of linear atc router – photo

• As an option, the system could be WEIHONG NC60A also. It is an industrial computer; compared with other models, it is more effective and compact. The hardware set mainly includes: WEIHONG NC60A host, Lambda terminal board, MPG, LED monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

WEIHONG NC60A cnc system for linear type ATC automatic tool change cnc router

• The MPG handwheel facilitates us to set the work origin; because the operator can hold it and walk to the machine to operate.

• The software is NC studio. The display language can be English or Chinese. Readable file would be G code in ***.nc, ***.txt.

weihong nc60a cnc controller with NC studio software

nc studio software interface in English

• The best ATC spindle for woodworking on earth. Genuine Italy HSD ATC spindle Model.ES929, 9.0KW, air cooling, ER32 collet, ISO30 tool holders. The economic package panel furniture cnc router would come with a Chinese ATC spindle 9.0kw with ISO30 tool tapers.

HQD brand atc spindle on the row type atc woodworking cnc router

• Linear tool storage library at the end of the working bed, which can get 8 tools accommodated there. Vac-sorb working table.

linear atc cnc router with tool library at the table end - photo

Q: Which is better, Linear ATC VS Disk Type ATC? How to Choose Between the Both?

A: There are two types of tool magazines: linear type and carousel type (also known as disk type). Let's look at the difference between both their pros and cons.

row type tool changer cnc router

• Linear ATC System

Pros: Less cost; The stability will be better because the linear tool bank is purely a mechanical mechanism and does not involve any electronics.

Cons: Linear ATC takes longer to change the tools than a Disk Type ATC CNC Router

• Disk ATC System  

Pros: with the excellent tool changing speed, we can only get the tools changed in 1 second at maximum.

Cons: Cost more. Reliability is slightly worse since it gets the electronic components involved as well. 

Above are the advantages and disadvantages of both ATC types. Users can choose the ATC type that suits them according to their own preferences.

• The tool length sensor is beneficial for ATC cnc machines. It performs automatical calibration of the length for multiple tools, which significantly improves work efficiency.

tool length sensor nex to the linear tool changer on the cnc router

How We Get the ATC Wood CNC Machine Packed

cnc router with linear tool magazine is under packing process

Quick Details of 1325 Row Type ATC CNC Machine to Make MDF Cabinet Doors

• Linear tool storage library at the end of the working table, which can get 8 tools accommodated. Another common option on this is circle type; please check on the router cnc 2030 atc machine if you are interested.

• Vac-sorb working table.

• Max. Working Size 1300x2500mm (4x8 feet) - Standard | 1500x3000mm (5x10 feet) - optional

• Linear tool storage with 8 positions

• Genuine Italy HSD auto tool change electric spindle, air-cooled, 9.0kw, ISO30, 24000rpm (or Chinese Brand HQD 9.0KW)

• SYNTEC computer numerical control for auto tool change (or WEIHONG 60A)

• Helical rack and pinion transmission on XY, 1.25 modulus

• Rolling ballscrew transmission on Z

• Square type linear guideways and bearing, 25mm 

• Delta servo on XYZ, dual-drive on Y-axis

delta servo motor and drivers for linear type auto tool changer cnc router

Application of ATC Router


4x8 Linear ATC CNC router is widely used in MDF furniture sheets making (panel furniture) industries like cabinet doors, classic cabinets, modern cabinets, wooden door panels, office furniture, bedroom furniture, TV walls, and musical instrument manufacturing (guitar and speaker). 


It is good for solid wood, MDF, PVC, plaster wall board (drywall), foam, aluminum, and more.

linear atc cnc router for sale

How to Make ATC Work?

In G-code, the T command is used to select the specified tool, and the following number indicates the selected tool number. The operator can define himself which tool number he will use. For example, if the project being processed requires 3 different tools to complete, the operator can name them T1, T2, and T3 respectively. In the finished tool path file, the path to be executed by tool No. 1 is placed below the T1 command; the path to be executed by tool No. 2 is placed below the command of T2; the same goes for T3. In this way, when we run the code, the machine can follow the code instructions to make the ATC work.

Technical Parameter of Linear ATC CNC Router for Sale

Model No.EagleTec EA-1325LATC
TypeCNC Router with ATC
Working SizeStandard: 1300x2500mm (4x8 feet) | Optional: 1500x3000mm (5x10 feet)
Working TablePVC vac-sorb table with 6 zones
Tool Storage LibraryLinear style with 6 positions at the table end
SpindleHSD ATC spindle, genuine product, ES929, 9.0kw, 24000RPM, or China brand
Tool HolderISO30
X-Axis MotionAC Servo Delta 850w
Y-Axis MotionAC Servo Delta 850w, dual drive
Z-Axis MotionAC Servo Delta 850w with holding brake
Control SystemSYNTEC from Taiwan, true closed-loop controller | WEIHONG NC60A system
ElectronicsOmron, Schneider
Protection ComponentsThermal protection for the motor, braking resistance, fuses
Linear GuidesTaiwan square linear guideways, 25mm size
X Y TransmissionHelical rack & pinion - 1.25 modules; belt-driven gear case
Z TransmissionRolling ballscrew and coupler
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph ( or Made to order)
Net Weight1600KGS
Package Dimension3400x2270x2100mm (approximately 16CBM)
Packing WayComplete machine

Daily Maintenance

After you put the machine into production, please take care of the following maintenance list.

• Clean the sawdust cut by the machine daily, especially the transmission components. There should be no materials or debris on them.

• Regularly check the wear of router bits and collets to avoid producing defective products.

• Lubricate the machine transmission parts on time. Please run the XYZ manually after lubrication is done. This step is to make lubrication oil average everywhere.

FAQs about EagleTec 4x8 Wood Furniture ATC CNC Router Machine EA-1325LATC

Q: Which Type of ATC Is More Reliable?

A: It is the linear ATC. Because this thing is a purely mechanical device. The disk ATC mechanism also includes electrical components, which are slightly more complex and, therefore, less reliable.

Q: What Program Does the ATC Wood CNC Router Use?

A:  The operation program for the CNC is NC Studio Phoenix (original version). The machine can work with a majority of CAM programs such as ArtCAM, Aspire, Fusion 360, Vcarve (Vectric), MasterCAM and etc.

Q: Will It Work with Vcarve Pro Software?

A: Yes, it works with Vcarve too. The CNC runs international standard G-codes.

Q: Is It Possible to Add A 4th Rotary Attachment?

A: Yes, it is possible. After adding a 4th rotary axis attachment, the machine will be able to handle the production tasks for both flat and square/round materials. The 4th axis will be a 4-axis simultaneous rotary, which is capable of complex rotary carving/milling processes.

Q: Do You Know the Cost of Shipping for This Drywall CNC Machine?

A: We will be pleased to check that for you if you could tell us a port of entry or your location. We will provide you with two to three transportation options for you to choose from. This allows you to choose the option that is most hassle-free and cost-effective.

Q: Is there any additional assembly required once the China ATC cnc router received?

A: No, there isn't. Nothing needs to be knocked down for packing a 4' x8' size linear ATC CNC router. Therefore, no assembly is required on your side. What you should do is simply hook up the machine with your electricity power. Then you can start it. 

Q: Is there a manual book to guide us?

A: Certainly yes. Specific tutorials (PDF and Video Guide) will be provided to you along with the ATC wood CNC machine. They are in English. There are clear instructions step by step. For the ATC machine, eighty percent of users can put it into production by self-study. If you are still confused after reading the manual, we are here to guide you. You can rest assured that we will guide you with everything you need to know to put your machine into production. Below is an operation demo for your reference. 

Q: How to Use ATC CNC Router?

A: In general, the entire process is roughly divided into six steps.

Step 1. Create a tool path G-code file. This file should include T commands that can make ATC work, and the number of T commands should be consistent with the actual number of tools to be used in the machining process.

Step 2. Throw the completed G-code file to the CNC system through its USB port.

Step 3. Set XYZ=0 for the first tool; the workpiece origin we set should be consistent with the processing origin in the G code file.

Step 4. Please calibrate the lengths of the remaining tools and read the calibration values into the CNC system.

Step 5. Do the setup for machining parameters include the feed speed of each motion axis, fast travel rate, spindle RPM, etc.

Step 6. Start the auto work. 

Q: What is the warranty for this atc router?

A: It's 12 months since the departure date of the vessel. During the warranty, we will provide you with a free replacement for any broken parts or components. For your information, we provide technical support to you forever.

Q: What can we do if the linear ATC cnc router goes wrong?

A: For troubleshooting, kindly contact us ASAP and illustrate the details for us. Our team will provide you with a solution in no more than 24 hours for sure. It can be through drawings, schematics, PDF tutorials, video demos, or live video chat.

Q: Are there any forums we need to fill out before purchasing?

A: No, there isn’t. If you are ready to purchase or move forward, we will send you the proforma invoice for arranging the down payment by wire transfer. There are no forums that need to be filled out before purchasing. Thanks. 

Q: What is the transaction process like?

A: We will put your order into production once your down payment is received. After the production is completed, we will conduct tests for your machine and take videos and photos, then share them with you. If you think everything is okay, then you can get the remaining balance paid, and we will proceed with the shipping arrangements. The entire transaction process is like this. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

If you are looking for a reliable linear atc cnc router manufacturer or factory, please contact us to get a free quote.


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