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4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers for Woodworking with Rotary Axis

Model: EA-1325SVR

Category: Real 4 Axis CNC Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC 4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers for Woodworking with Rotary

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD7958 / SET (standard package)

Price Range: USD6000 to USD11000 / SET as per different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder – Put order into production on receipt of deposit

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Trade Assurance

G.W.: 1450KGS

Package Dimension: 3200*2200*1900mm (13.38CBM Approx.)

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: 4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers for Woodworking with Rotary4.6 /5 based on 33 reviews 



EagleTec EA-1325SVR is a high-end 4x8 4 axis cnc router for woodworking applications. The 4x8 refers to the flatbed's actual working size; Its 4th axis indicates the rotary cnc table (not the spindle rotation). Probably you know that the rotary axis can be built in two different ways: index or simultaneous. 


So you may ask:

Is the 4th Axis here Simultaneous or Index?


It is simultaneous that would lend you more flexibility. What is the difference? With the index one, you have to disable X instead of making rotary able to work. For EA-1325SVR, you needn't do that, actually, you can make X, Y, Z, and A all axes work simultaneously. To support 4-axis simultaneous, we equipped the machine with an advanced 4-axis CNC control system WEIHONG NK280; also, we configured an individual motion unit for the rotary table. 1325SVR is a true 4 axis cnc machine for general woodworking application engineered to process cutting, carving, sculpture engraving, and 3D machining operations of wood elements. Woodworking 4x8 4 Axis CNC Router with rotary axis for sale at a favorable price now! 

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4x8 4 axis cnc router 1325SVR placed on the floor

Flat and Rotary Working Demo in both EagleTec and Customer Workshop

This video includes a demonstration of plane working and a display of four-axis rotary machining. The flat-working is taken in our workshop when we test the machine before delivery. The job is a relief of a lamp. Rotary processing is carried by the customer when he made his first operation in their plant after receiving the cnc. Here is the demo, please enjoy it!

Customer Case Share

For your reference, we'd like to share a customer case with you here. They bought the exact woodworking 4x8 4 axis cnc router EA-1325SVR from us. The customer just started his new project – Queen Anne style furniture; we guide them through everything from programming to the CNC operation. When he finished his first queen leg sample under our guidance, he sent us the review below. If you have an interest, please click here to read the whole story.

Q: How Long Does this CNC Router with Rotary Axis Take to Make the Queen Ann Table Leg in The Video from Start to Finish?

A: It was completed by 3 tools in totally. We first use a 12.7mm straight flute cutter for roughing; then use a 6mm ball nose spiral router bits for the second roughing; finally, use a V bit for finishing. The whole job took a total of 5 hours.

Right Configuration of 4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers for Woodworking

• For the convenience of operation, we abandoned the removable design and adopted the built-in rotary table construction. This way, you no longer need to disassemble and frequently assemble the rotary.

cnc rotary table at the side of flatbed under the beam

• The rotary headstock is a three-jaw chuck driven by an individual NEMA34 stepper motor with worm gear. The tailstock is a thimble-type fixture. It is capable of clamping a 300mmD x 2000mmL workpiece at maximum.

three-jaw chuck headstock and thimble-type tail stock of rotary on 4x8 4 axis cnc routers for woodworking

• The flatbed of the 4x8 4 axis cnc router for woodworking is a PVC vacuum suction table with several T-slots embedded. The clamping method can be vac-sorb or clamps.

4x8 4 axis cnc routers for woodworking in EagleTec CNC plant

• To obtain excellent 4-axis control maneuverability, we adopted a high-end advanced CNC system called WEIHONG NK280.

weihong nk280 controller embedded in the control cabinet

• The system consists of a host, a board, a keyboard, an LCD color display, and a handheld pulse generator (MPG), which is essentially an industrial computer. The host, keyboard, and screen are integrated and embedded in the control cabinet.

control cabinet of 4x8 4 axis cnc router get its controller and other electronics accommodated

• The MPG will help you set up workpiece origin and make processing simulation more easily.

manual pulse generator hang on the control cabinet of 4x8 4 axis cnc router

• The equipped electric spindle is an air-cooled 3.5kw Chinese spindle (Brand - HOQ).

hqd air cooling spindle mounted on the beam of 4x8 4 axis cnc routers

• At the front and left side of the flat table, we have installed a total of 5 pieces of Pneumatic Material Alignment Pop-ups. This design dramatically shortens the clamping time of the wood sheets and in return, improves productivity.

pneumatic material alignment pop-ups installed at the front of flat table of EA-1325SVR

Optional Configuration and Auxiliary Device for the CNC Wood Router 4 Axis

Optional Configuration

There are another two options on the 4 axis cnc router controller:

RichAuto A18 handheld DSP controller

Pros: It is an entirely individual control system without getting the computer involved.

Cons: Because the memory is relatively small, it takes a little longer to read a larger toolpath file.

4x8 4 axis woodworking cnc router packing process

• WEIHONG 95A controller

Pros: It is a numerical control system based on the Windows operating system. The reading, loading, and calculation speed are faster than A18. The system runs with excellent stability.

Cons: You will have to get a computer set to run it.

Auxiliary Device

• Dust collector.

• Vacuum pump.

Application of 4x8 4 Axis CNC Routers with Rotary Table

Application Industry

It is a cnc router for general woodworking applications engineered to make door panels, Cabinetry, Exhibits and Fixtures, furniture, woodworking projects, complex 3-dimensional leg curve patterns, table or chair legs, cabriole, sculptures, 3d art, interior decoration, curved parallelogram shapes, signs, and more. 

Applied Materials

Flat-working: Acrylic, MDF, ACM, Melamine, Phenolic, Plywood, HDPE, PVC, Solid Surface, Foam, Solid Wood, White expanded PVC, and more.

Rotary-working: Wood elements only.

Packing Process of 4 x 8 Router with 3D Capabilities

4x8 4 axis woodworking cnc router packing process

Here is the whole process.

Technical Parameter of Woodworking 4 Axis CNC Router for Sale

Model No.EA-1325SVR
Type4 Axis CNC Router
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Four
Machine BaseHeavy-duty, finish by CNC machining center, not a simple handjob
Rotary Table Built-in construction, 11.8”D x   78.7"L [300mm x 2000mm]
Rotary ClampingBy head and tail stock
Flat Working BedPVC Vacuum with embedded T-slot 
Bed Size1300x2500mm (4'x8')
Flatbed ClampingBy vac-sorb or clamps 
X-Axis Stroke4 foot [1300mm]
Y-Axis Stroke8 foot [2500mm]
Z-Axis Stroke11.8 inches [300mm]
Electric Spindle Air-cooled 3.5Kw, 18000rpm
Collet SizeER25
Acceptable Tool Diameter 3.175 ~ 16mm (1/8“ ~ 5/8”)
Electronic CabinetIndividual type
Tool Length SensorIncluded
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Motion DriveNEMA34 stepper motor
Driver YAKO YKA2811MA
Fast Travel Speed35,000mm/min 
Max. Cutting Speed20,000mm/min 
CNC ControllerWEIHONG NK280 4 Axis Control 
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, planetary gearcase 
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, planetary gearcase 
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew, 25mm, pitch 10mm 
Rotary TransmissionWorm gear 
X   Linear Guides Square type, 20mm
Y   Linear GuidesSquare type, 20mm
Z   Linear GuidesSquare type, 20mm
Communication CommandG code (***.nc)
Compatible Programming SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, PowerMILL
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Lubrication SystemVolumetric Central lubricating, manual type
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph)
Max. Power Consumption9KW 
Net Weight 1,380KGS
Gross Weight1,450KGS
Package WayPlywood Case
Package Dimension3200*2200*1900mm (13.38CBM Approx.)
Vacuum PumpOptional
Dust CollectorOptional

FAQs about Woodworking 4 Axis CNC Routers 4x8 with Rotary

Q: What Is the Toolpath Programming Software (CAM Software) for This Woodworking 4x8 4 Axis CNC Router?

A: We shall answer in two parts: three-axis machining and four-axis machining. For the three-axis working, you can use ArtCAM or Aspire software. In terms of the four-axis mill, the software is PowerMILL. EagleTec CNC would like to provide detailed tutorials of ArtCAM and PowerMILL to you if we work together. They are practical guides for beginners with instructions step by step. And here is a demo for your reference:

Q: What Extra Parts Will You Send Me with the 4x8 CNC Routers for Woodworking?

A: The 4 axis wood cnc machine would come with accessories and extra parts like collets, spanner set, leveling machine feet, clamps, transmission belts, dust hood, fuses, on/off button, emergency stop button, and limit sensor.

Q: Is a dust shoe for the spindle included so I can connect the dust collection? Is any dust collection hose included?

A: The machine comes with both a dust shoe and hoses for collecting dust.

Q: Does the machine come with a zero touch plate?

A: Yes, a tool-length sensor plate is included with the machine.

Q: Will I Get Extra Bits?

A: Yes, we would provide 1 set of bits for the manufacture of the sample part along with the cnc router with rotary axis.

Q: How We Would Get It into The Building (Or Even Off the Truck)?

A: Its weight is 1450KGS, and the package dimension would be 3200x2200x1900mm. We need to use a forklift to get it off the truck and get it into the building for such a machine.

Q: Just Making Sure But That Unit Does Have The Rotary With It - Correct?

A: Correct, the model EA-1325SVR did come with the 4-axis simultaneous rotary axis. And the rotary has a permanent location which is on the right side of the machine.

Q: What Will It Cost Me in Freight? How Long Is It Normally on A Ship?

A: We can take care of getting the machine to the port of entry. Please advise us of the closest entry port to your location; If you do not know that, you can tell us your site instead, so we can know which entry port is the closest one to you. Once we see the port of entry, we would quote you the freight and tell you how long it will take to be on the ship.

Q: I Will Need an Importer/Exporter to Handle Documentation Can You Help with That?

A: Yes, we are very pleased to help you with this. If we can deal, we would take care of all the shipping documents; also, I would request our shipping forwarders to go through the whole process of customs clearance for you in the U.S. We have helped lots of customers who have no experience with overseas purchase like this.

Q: If The EA-1325SVR Will Accept Files Created in Carveco Maker?

A: Yes, the EA-1325SVR accepts the files created in Carveco Maker. Carveco is an updated product of ArtCAM.

Q: What Support Will You Give If We Close A Deal?

A: You will get a perfect solution that gets both toolpath programming and machine operation involved from us. EagleTec CNC not only sells cnc machines but also guides you step by step to put your device into production. Below is an operation demo for your reference. Technical support is also a crucial part of the product value. About this, please refer to our testimonials.

Q: What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer for This 4 Axis CNC Router 4x8?

A: It's a 12-month warranty since the departure. Under warranty, you’ll enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts. After that, we provide you with constant free online support; for spare parts replacement, it will be charged based on raw materials cost.

Q: What Is the Lead Time for This Machine?

A: We put your order into production on receipt of the down payment, and the lead time is 15 business days. 

If you like EagleTec 4x8 4 axis cnc routers for woodworking, please contact now for a free quote.


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