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RichAuto AutoNow A11 DSP CNC Controller

Model: RichAuto-AutoNow-A11E (A11S)

Category: CNC Spare

Brand: RichAuto

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD290.00 / SET

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Lead Time: Ready to ship

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Shipping Method: by courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS)

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RichAuto A11 is a very popular CNC motion controller which is ideal for all types of 3 axis cnc router machines. Comparted with other control system, it is easier to use. It is the best entry level controller for beginners. Another advantage is that it is an independent hand-held controller, not a PC-based one. So you do not need to put a computer there for cnc wood router operation purpose. RichAuto AutoNow A11 DSP CNC Controller for Sale with Full service now!

full set richauto a11 dsp controller

Demo Video of Full Set RichAuto AutoNow DSP A11 Controller

What Is Included in The Full Set of RichAuto AutoNow A11E / A11S DSP CNC Control System

● Hand-held motion controller (A11E / A11S) – 1 PC 

● Interface board - 1 PC

● 50-Pin data communication cable - 1 PC

● USB data cable - 1 piece

full set richauto a11 dsp cnc controller lies on the table

Application of Rich Auto A11 Controller

It is suitable for any kind of 3-axis cnc routers or cnc mill includes multi head cnc router and stone cnc router

What Is the Difference Between RichAuto A11E And A11S?

As we know, there are two versions of the RichAuto A11 handheld controller: A11E and A11S. In fact, from a usage point of view, the two can replace each other with no issue at all, and The only difference between the two is the language on the keyboard: A11E has English only on its keyboard; while A11S has both English and Chinese there. Please refer to the photo below (the left one is A11E and the right one is A11S):

richauto a11e keyboard vs richauto a11s keyboard

Based on this, if you do not have a specific request on both versions, we will ship the goods at random. And if you need a specific version, please let us know when you place an order.

Quick Details of RichAuto AutoNow A11 DSP CNC Controller

Hand-held RichAuto DSP A11 Controller 

Hand-held RichAuto A11 DSP cnc controller unit

RichAuto A11 hand-held controller label with model and series number

RichAuto A11 hand-held controller label

Equipped with 3-Inch LCD single-color display

RichAuto A11 3-Inch LCD single-color display

Features of RichAuto DSP A11 Control System

● DSP is short for digital signal processing.  

● RichAuto A11 is an updated version of RZNC-0501.

● Both languages available: English and Chinese.

● RichAuto DSP A11 support the standard G code.  

● It is an entry-level controller for 3 axis cnc router machines.  

● Built-in 512 M memory.

● USB interface; Plug and Play.

● The breakpoint can be saved according to the actual production needs.

● RichAuto A11 system has a spindle multi-speed control function.

● With the parameter backup function, if the accidental deletion of parameters occurs, it can be quickly restored.

● A11 has power-down protection. If a sudden power failure occurs, the controller automatically saves the current machining coordinates; then, it continues from the last stopped coordinates next time.

● Support the adjust speed ratio online. Users can adjust the speed ratio, to adjust the processing speed and empty running speed, speed ratio values from 0.1-1, Ascending, or descending per 0.1 numerical.

● With manual control mode. In manual mode, the system provides three kinds of motion including continuous, step (crawl), and distance.

●Self-test function, the system comes with I/O port signal detection capabilities, easy for troubleshooting.

● Processing with high-speed and smooth, support high subdivide, make sure processing with high accuracy and high speed.

three sets richauto a11 dsp controller in cartons

Technical Parameters of RichAuto AutoNow A11 DSP CNC Controller System

Product No.RichAuto AutoNow A11
CategoryCNC motion controller 
Processor DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Minimum Input Unit0.001mm
Display 3-inch LCD single color 
Communication PortUSB
Simultaneous Axis QuantityThree
Applicable MotorStepper & Servo 
Control SignalDifferential signals
Power Failure ProtectionSupport
Breakpoint ContinueSupport
Manual ModeContinuous, Step (crawl), and Distance
Interpolation Line, Arc, and Curve
Hard / Soft limitSupport
Maximum Pulse1MHz
Password ProtectionSupport
LanguageEnglish & Chinese
Applicable MachineAny 3-Axis CNC
Working PowerDC 24V

FAQs about A11E / A11S RichAuto Control System

Q: How should I order this DSP A11 controller?

A: To order the RichAuto controller here, please contact us via live chat, email, or other means (WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber) to get the exact cost, including freight; if the price ok, then kindly advise us the proper payment method for you; next, the proforma invoice will be issued to you for arranging payment; last, the controller will be dispatched after the payment received. 

Q: Will it come pre-programmed for my machine, or will I have to set it up?

A: Once it is received by you, you just need to set up the pulse and table size, the other part is pre-programmed. So, please write down the pulse value of X, Y, and Z before replacing the new one. That's it.

Q: What is the available means for payment?

A: Available payment method includes Bank Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union (Western Digital), and Money Gram. Please select the proper one for you. 

Q: What is the lead time? And how fast can I receive it? 

A: The controller is in stock and ready for fast delivery. The lead time is within 24 hours on receipt of payment. 

Shipping way is by couriers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, Aramex, or others; Usually, it takes around 5 business days for you to receive the parcel. 

five cartons of richauto a11 cnc controller on desk

If you like the Rich Auto A11 controller here, please call for order now.


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