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2024 New 48 x 96 CNC Wood Router Table W1325VC for Sale

Model: EA-W1325VC

Category: Wood CNC Machine

Brand: EagleTec CNC Industrial 48x96 CNC Wood Router Table W1325VC

Condition: New Condition

Price Range: USD5100 to USD7200 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (PreOrder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Trade Assurance

G.W.: 1200KGS

Package Dimension: 3160x2165x1710mm (11.70CBM approximately)

H.S. Code: 84659900.00

Recommendation: 2022 New 48 x 96 CNC Wood Router Table W1325VC for Sale 4.9 /5 based on 210 reviews



The Model W1325VC is a cnc wood router machine with a working dimension of 48 x 96 inches (In metric, that is 1300x2500mm). This machine enjoys good sales in the field of industrial production and teaching in colleges and universities. It is our 2024 new design. All the components the cnc wood router table uses are the most reliable and durable ones, including both electronics and precise transmission components. In terms of operational safety, sufficient protective elements are also adopted. The shallow failure rate is its core advantage; At the same time, its lifespan ranges from 5 to 8 years on average. 2024 new 48 x 96 cnc router for sale at a reasonable price now.

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48x96 cnc router for sale with 2022 latest appearance design

Automated CNC Machine Table in Action

Demonstration Video of How to Make This 48 x 96 CNC Router Work from A to Z

The actual feeding rate in the video is 10,000mm/min. For carving jobs, it is high speed.

The video here demonstrates how to make the EagleTec cnc wood router table W1325VC works step by step, which is a practical guide for beginners from toolpath programming to the completion of the job. It consists of three parts:

Part One. Relief Toolpath Programming (A more detailed tutorial on how to program cnc wood router is here: Use ArtCam to Create Relief Toolpath from Bitmap)

Part Two. CNC Table Operation - How to start a programmable router table 

Part Three. Auto Processing Until Completion of Work

For your information, the programming software we are using in the video is ArtCAM Pro. 8.1 version.

I hope it helps!

2023 newest design cnc wood router 48 x 96 for sale

Q: If We Buy the 48 x 96 CNC Router Wood Cutting Machine from You, Will You Guys Guide Us on How to Use It?

A: We will do that for sure with pleasure. We would provide support in two ways. The first way is a complete set of practical tutorials in English (PDF + Video) would be shipped together with the machine to you. They give demonstrations step by step, so most users are capable of starting their devices after self-study ( There is now a tutorial about this machine on our website, if you are interested, please check here: User Guide of EagleTec CNC Wood Router EA-W1325VC ). The second way, our experienced technicians speak English as well; they are willing to guide you through any relevant questions online anytime when you need it.

industrial cnc wood router table 48x96 for sale

Features of 2024 New CNC Wood Router Tables 48 x 96 

• Aluminum plates (not cast aluminum) are adopted as the spindle subpanel, Z & X slide plate; they are precision-milled by the CNC metal processing center. (If you are interested, please click here to check out how we did that). Shiny nice-looking, more importantly, their precision is exceptionally high. The accuracy is at least ten times higher than the planner mill finished product.

air cooled spindle mounted on the head part of cnc wood router table

• The electric spindle is air-cooled with a power of 3.5KW, 24,000RPM. It is capable of both carving and cutting applications. Easy operation, needn't connect water circulation system. You probably prefer a water cooling option; it's okay; please check this machine: cnc wood router 4x8 with water spindle

• Linear guides are critical to the accuracy and lifespan of a router cnc table. EagleTec uses original PMI rails and bearings (made in Taiwan) for W1325VC. Its lifespan is up to 8 to 10 years if used correctly. As the picture shows, PMI's product logo is visible on the rail.

original PMI linear guides on the beam of cnc wood router table w1325c

• Individual control cabinet; most electronic components are installed in it. Cooling fans are installed on both sides of it to cool the electrical components, just like a computer.

front and rear view of control cabinet of cnc wood router table

• An interlock system is installed at the door of the electrical cabinet. This unit is a protective measure for the operator; It works this way, when locked, the machine power is on, and the cabinet door cannot be opened; When the door is unlocked, the power is cut off. Therefore, if the operator wants to open the cabinet door, he needs to open the lock first. This way, the power is cut off when the cabinet door is opened. It is to protect the operator from electric shock.

interlock system installed to the control cabinet door of cnc wood router table

• The assembly of the electrical part conforms with the CE standard seriously. Every cable has a unique wire mark, which is convenient for future fault diagnosis.

electronics assembled with wire marks

• A well-run lubrication system can significantly extend the lifespan of linear guides and bearings. This woodworking cnc router for sale has a volumetric lubrication pump and dividers, which can evenly deliver lubricant to each bearing; the pipeline is unobstructed and will not block. Experienced users know that regular lubrication systems have two disadvantages. One is that the oil delivered is uneven, some are too much, and some are too little; another problem is that it is effortless to block.

volumetric lubricator and dividers installed on EagleTec cnc wood router table

• T-slot and vacuum combo working platform design. Flexible use, it offers you two options on the way of workpiece clamping, vac-sorb, or clamps.

T-slot and vacuum combo working platform of cnc wood router table

Quick Details of 48 x 96 Router CNC Table

48 x 96 cnc wood router table in eagletec factory

• Precise mechanical parts finished by cnc machining center 

• T-slot & Vacuum combo working platform 

• Working area 48" by 96" – or 1300x2500mm in metric

• Air-cooled electric spindle, 3.5kw, 24000rpm - Chinese brand

• Fuling VFD inverter – the best inverter in China

• Original PMI linear guides and bearings – Made in Taiwan

• Stepping motors with big torque 6.0N.m

• YAKO Stepper drivers heavy duty model. YKA2811MA – the best stepping driver in China

• Electronics in conformity with CE regulation

RichAuto Auto-Now A11E Hand-held CNC controller

• Helical rack and pinions on the X and Y-axis

• Rolling ballscrew on the Z-axis

rearview of eagletec cnc wood router table w1325vc

Utilization of EagleTec Woodworking CNC Router Tables W1325VC

Field of Industrial CNC Router Tables for Sale

EagleTec W1325VC is always applied to college teaching, home shop, and industrial production, such as furniture making, artwork, sign-making, instrument production, etc.

Applicable Materials of CNC Woodworking Table

Good for solid wood, MDF, PVC, HDPE, plastic, Formica, acrylic, resin, aluminum, drywall (plaster), and more.

industrial 48x96 cnc wood router table stand on ground of our factory

Standard and Free Accessories Provided Along with The Wood CNC Machine for Sale

standard accessories coming along with EagleTec cnc router

• USB Drive containing a complete set of digital manuals and tutorials

• ON/OFF button switch – Spare

• E-Stop switch – Spare

• Limit sensor – Spare

• Timing belt - Spare

• Fuse – Spare

• Router bits for sample making

• Collet kit

• Spanner

• T-slot fixtures

• Height-adjustable machine feet

• Dust shoe/Dust collection hood (dust collection system NOT included)

• Rubber seals (for machine with vacuum bed only)

Warranty and Parts of the Woodworking CNC Machines for Sale

EagleTec CNC provides a 12-month limited warranty for the machine. Under the warranty, we will provide deliveries for any damaged parts caused by normal operation; after the warranty expires, we will continue to provide free network technical support and cost-based part replacement.

Manuals and Tutorials of CNC Router for Woodworking

One USB drive containing a complete set of manuals and tutorials will be shipped together with your machine. It will be placed in the toolbox. They include:

• Table Setup Manual (for the first time using of the machine)

• Router table operation manual

• Table operation video tutorials with step-by-step instructions

• CNC controller manual

• Maintenance Tips

• Software operation manual & video tutorials

After-Sales Service Support for EagleTec Woodworking CNC Routers

EagleTec CNC has an engineering team that is ready to guide you through any issues you may have during the process of learning the machine’s operation. This can be conducted in several network ways; it can be an online meeting, a video call, or email communication with essential instructions. Please feel free to contact us when needed.

Technical Parameter 2024 New Wood CNC Router Table

Model No.EA-W1325VC
TypeSingle Head CNC Wood Routing Machine
Axis Quantity Three
Mechanical ConstructionWelded with steel tube, VSR treatment, finish by CNC machining center
Working TableT-slot & PVC based vac-sorb combo
X-Axis Stroke 48" ( or 1300mm )
Y-Axis Stroke96" ( or 2500mm )
Z-Axis Stroke7.87" ( or 200mm )
Max. Feed Height7.87" ( or 200mm )
Position Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy0.10mm/300mm
Fast Travel Speed35,000mm/min 
Max. Feeding Rate20,000mm/min 
X Motion DriveStepper 6.0N.m / 400 watts 
Y Motion DriveStepper 6.0N.m / 400 watts - dual drive
Z Motion DriveStepper 6.0N.m / 400 watts 
X-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, belt-driven gear case 
Y-Axis TransmissionHelical rack and pinion, belt-driven gear case 
Z-Axis TransmissionRolling ballscrew, 25mm
X Linear Guides Original PMI, square type, 20mm
Y Linear GuidesOriginal PMI, square type, 20mm
Z Linear GuidesOriginal PMI, square type, 20mm
Electric Spindle Chinese MTC spindle 3.5kw (4.76HP), air-cooled, 18,000RPM, 7.8A
Collet SizeER25
Tool Diameter Range 3.175 ~ 16mm 
Inverter 3.7kw, Fuling brand 
Tool Calibration Sensor With 
Numerical System RichAuto Auto-Now A11E (in English)
Communication CommandG code 
Compatible SoftwareArtCAM, Aspire, UcanCAM, Type 3, JD Paint, UG, MasterCAM
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
CablesHigh softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Workpiece Clamping WayBy vac-sorb or clamps
Vacuum Pump Sold Separately - Air ring 2.2kw x 2 (single-phase), or Water ring, 5.5kw, 230m³/h (3-phase)
Lubrication SystemVolumetric Central lubricating, manual type
Electronics Protection Interlock system, fuses, overload 
Working PowerAC220V/60Hz, 1Ph or 3Ph (or made to order)
Max. Power Consumption16KW (vacuum pump included)
Net Weight 1,100KGS
Gross Weight1,200KGS
Package WayThe complete machine in plywood case 
Package Dimension3160x2165x1710mm (11.70CBM approximately)
Dust Collectoroptional accessory ( 2.2Kw/1P or 3.0Kw/3P | 53m³/min | ≤70dB )

2022 newest design 48 x 96 cnc router table for sale

FAQs about the 2024 New 48 x 96 Table CNC for Wood

Q: Is the Computer Controlled Router Table EA W1325VC Available with Liquid Cooling Spindle?

A: Yes, EA-W1325VC is available with a liquid spindle, also. There are 3.2kw, 4.5kw, and 5.5kw options.

Q: Is Air Cooled Better than Liquid for this Computerized Router Table?

A: We can't say that air cooling is better than liquid. Most users choose according to their actual needs. For example, customers who prefer a quiet operating environment will go with the liquid-cooled spindles, while users who focus on ease of operation will choose air-cooled spindles.

Q: Do I Need an Air Compressor to Cool The Spindle?

A: No, you don't need it. An air-cooled spindle cools itself using a cooling fan located on the same axis as the motor.

Q: Do I Need to Supply Any Additional Computer Equipment to Be Able to Run the Machine or Is It Complete and Ready To Run As Supplied?

A: We run the machine with its individual cnc controller, which is a handheld unit. So, this part doesn't require a computer. However, you need one computer to run the CAM program to create the G-codes for the machine. This can be an existing computer in your office or your technician's office. As for the configuration, any computer based on the Windows system will work; it can be Windows 7, 8, or 10. We can also add a suitable computer to the order if you want us to.

Q: What Is the DB Rating of The Wood Router CNC Machine, And What Is It With The Muffler?

A: When the ambient noise is 53dB, the machine's operating noise level is about 80dB. We conducted noise measurements on the machine and have attached a screenshot of the test results below for your reference. The muffler is available only for the vacuum pump system. Therefore, this muffler can only reduce the noise of the vacuum pump.

screenshot of noise measurements on the cnc wood router machine

Q: Do You Have a Rotary Device Option on This Machine?

A: The removable rotary add-on device is available, as you requested. This option may have additional costs.

Q: How Many Segments Does the Vacuum Table Have?

A: It has six areas.

Q: How Many Pumps Does the Vacuum System Consist Of?

A: The vacuum pump is sold separately. To achieve the best adsorption effect, it is advisable to buy two vacuum pumps.

Q: Which Type of Vacuum Pump Is It?

A: It is a dry-type air ring pump. Free maintenance and strong flow rate of 280m3/h.

Q: Which Aspiration Power (Mpa) Does the Vacuum Pump Have?

A: It is -260Mbar. (minus)

Q: Does The Spindle Come with A Dust Cover to Suck the Dust?

A: Yes, the spindle comes with a dust hood; please see the photo here.

Q: For The Dust Collector, Can We Change It to A Higher Power for Better Suction of Dust?

A: Yes, of course. Higher power will offer you a better dust collection effect. Power options like 4KW, 5.5KW, and 7.5KW are available. You can select one as per your production needs.

Q: Do We Need to Assemble the CNC Routing Table Once It Arrived Here?

A: There isn't assembly work for W1325VC since it is shipped without disassembly. Once you receive it, just connect the vacuum pump and dust extraction unit, and it's ready to use. 

48x96 cnc router w1325c packing process

Q: What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer on This C and C Router Table for Sale?

A: It's a 12-months warranty since the shipping date. Under warranty, you enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts. When the warranty expires, we will still provide continuous technical support to you for your computer router table. 

Q: It Has Come to My Attention That I Can't Import This If It Isn't CE-Branded. It's A Requirement Here. Do You Have A CE Branding?

A: Yes, we have CE branding. EagleTec CNC has exported many machines to Europe before. Every machine that we export to Europe meets the necessary requirements, as follows. Otherwise, there will be problems going through the customs process on your side.

• The machine is labeled with the CE mark.

• The machine comes with EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY.

If you like this cnc router table for sale, contact us for a free quote now!


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