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Best 4x4 CNC Router for Sale with HSD Spindle

Model: EA-1212SV

Category: CNC Wood Router

Brand: EagleTec Best 4x4 CNC Router for Sale with HSD Spindle

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$4668 / SET

Price Range: USD4668 to USD7580 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: go into production on receipt of deposit ( PreOrder )

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

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The best 4x4 CNC router for sale here is EagleTec EA-1212SV. Equipped with original Italy HSD spindle 3.0kw, the working size is 4x4 feet (or we can say 48x48 inch, 1200x1200mm in metric). The router table is a PVC based vacuum adsorption table with aluminum T – slot embedded. The material sheet can be held via a vacuum as well as the clamp, so it is a very user-friendly design. Unlike most 4x4 cnc wood router, EA-1212SV adopts helical rack and pinion as the transmission for the X & Y-axis. Matched with rack and pinion drive, Y-axis adopts dual-motor drive design, one for each side of the gantry. Both points allow the 4 x 4 cnc router machine to get the faster working speed and more potent power than the regular ones with ball screws on X and Y axes.

best 4x4 cnc router over view photo

Work Demo: EagleTec 4x4 CNC Router Table Cutting and Engraving with Acrylic

This video is a demonstration of machining acrylic sheets. It consists of two parts: the first part is to cut patterns with acrylic; the second part is to engrave on the acrylic plate. Enjoy it! 

Acrylic projects are most commonly applied in the sign-making industry and the artworks field. Besides that, best wood cnc machine 4x4 can be applied to the following fields: 

Application of 4'x4' CNC Router

Applicable Field

Our cnc router kit 4x4 is applied to industries or jobs like wood & plastic working, sign making 3Dcut, carpentry, artworks, trinkets for souvenirs, decoration wall panels, guitar & speaker making, and more.

Materials Best for 4x4 CNC Routers

Sheet materials (no more than 4x4 in size) include Acrylic, MDF, ACM, Melamine, Copper, Phenolic, Brass, Plywood, Aluminum, HDPE, PVC, Solid Surface, Foam, and Solid Wood.

Advantage of our 4 x 4 CNC Router

You may ask:

Compared with other machines, what advantage does yours have? 

Let's dive in...

• During production, every detail was taken care by us very carefully. The exquisite details of our 4x4 cnc machines can prove this well. For example, brilliant printing is just like a mirror; the neat assembly works; the outstanding accuracy and rate performance. Let's take a look at them from the photos here: 

4x8 cnc router exquisite details show – photo

• The components of top quality in the industry are adopted as raw materials for production, such as original Italian HSD electronic spindle, original PMI high precision linear guides, Schneider electronics. EagleTec CNC never sacrifices quality for low prices, we are seriously on this point, and we are willing to do so always. 

4x4 cnc router hsd spindle and pmi linear guides photo

Scientifically standardized assembly technology is strictly performed to minimize build-up errors from machine assembly. Everyone knows it; good production technics can significantly influence your machine's precision. It's excellent value for money. In other words, a good machine doesn't cost money; it makes money. Think about it when you shop around.  

Quick Details of 4 x 4 CNC Router EA-1212SV

• True 4x4 working area

• 100% original PMI high precision linear guide from Taiwan

• Individual control box

• Helical rack and pinion drive on X & Y

• Original Italian HSD air-cooled spindle 3.0kw, 18000RPM

• RichAuto DSP A11 handheld CNC controller 

• Vacuum T-slot working table

• High load YAKO YKA2811 stepping driver

Q: Is EA-1212SV Coming with a True 4x4 Working Area? And How Can I Confirm That?

A: Yes, it is. First, the bed size is over 4x4, which allows you to put a full 4-foot by 4-foot workpiece on it with no issues. Second, the X and Y travel are also a bit larger than 4ft x 4ft, so you can cut around a 4-foot by 4-foot part. Above is the guidance on how to confirm the working area. 4x4 Router machines that meet these two points have a true 4x4 working area.

Option Details of CNC Router 4 x 4

• Vacuum pump set

• Dust collection system (including a vacuum cleaner with accessories like a dust shoe, hoses, bracket, and clamps.)

• Removable rotary axis add-on (if a fixed rotary axis is your preferred option, please check out the 48 x 48 cnc router with 4th axis)

CNC Router 4x4 Features

• Looking at the construction, it is a 3 axis basic cnc router. If you have interest, please check EagleTec 4 axis cnc router as well. 

• Rack and pinion design on X & Y axis plus dual motor drive on Y allow this 4x4 cnc router kit much higher machining performance than the ones with a ball screw drive.

Vacuum with a t – slot embedded router table is designed to meet various requirements on material holding.

• Working size of router is 4' x 4'. Of course, in terms of size, there are more options, if you have an interest, please check out here: cnc wood router table 48x96, and cnc router 5x10.

• Adopt a user-friendly Richauto DSP controller, which is an accessible item even for beginners.

• Machine is supported by four legs with adjustable leveling feet.

Packaging Process from A to Z of Wood CNC Machine 4x4

Packing List for CNC 4x4 Router with Vacuum Table

• 4x4 CNC Router machine x1

• USB drive with complete manual and tutorials inside x1

• Toolbox x1

• Allen wrench kit x1

• Spanner set for spindle nut x1

• Fuse x3

• Router bit for sample making purpose x 1 case

• 3.175mm&6.35mm&12.7mm Collet

• T-slot clamp kit x8

• Dust shoe x1

• Timing belt x2

• Adjustable machine foot x4

• ON/OFF button x1

• Limit sensor x1

• Emergency stop switch x1

• Rubber seals for vacuum bed x1

• Vacuum pump set – if you purchased

• Dust collection - if you purchased

Technical Parameter of EagleTec Best 4x4 CNC Router Kit

Machine Type4x4 cnc router
Working Stroke4x4 feet or 48 x 48 inch
CNC Motion ControllerRichauto DSP A11E or A11S
Command AcceptableInternation Standard G-code
SpindleOriginal Italian HSD 3.0KW, 18000RPM, ER25 (high package), Chinese brand 3.5Kw (standard package)
Cutting Tool Clamping Range3.175   ~ 16 mm
Motion Axis MotorNEMA 34, stepper, 450B
LubricatingCentral lubrication
CNC Router Lubrication Oil No.30#   ~ 68# engine oil
Working Accuracy0.1mm / 100mm
Max. Speed35,000 mm / min
X   & Y TransmissionHelical rack and pinion
Z TransmissionRolling ball screw
Linear GuidePMI original from Taiwan (high package)
Net Weight
Crate Dimension
1890mm x 2160mm x 1710mm (Approx. 6.98CBM)
Working VoltageAC220V/60Hz, 3Ph, or Single Phase. (Other volts can be customized)

FAQs about the 4’ x 4’ CNC Router

Q: What Kind of Spindle Does The CNC Router Table 4x4 Have, What's the HP, Cooling System, and RPM High/Low?

A: It is a high-speed air-cooled spindle with 4.76HP and 18000RPM. Available brands are Chinese and Italy HSD.

Q: What Would the Entire Footprint Be?

A: It would be 3360 x 2850mm approx.

Q: I have Fusion 360. Will that work for programming?

A: Yes, the machine works with Fusion 360 since it runs international standard G-codes.

Q: What is the controller like? Would I transfer the G-code to the cnc 4x4 machine or run it from my desktop computer?

A: It is a handheld DSP controller. You'll need to transfer the G-code to the machine via a USB port.

Q: How many work coordinate systems can the controller hold?

A: It can hold 9 coordinate systems in total.

Q: What is the customer assistance after purchase going to be?

A: A complete set of operation tutorials would be shipped with the CNC on a USB drive. They are clear and well-written in English. A majority of users can learn how to operate the machine by following the steps. In addition, our team is ready to guide you through the issues whenever you have questions while learning it. You can sleep tight if we are working together.

Q: My Electrical Supply Is US Voltage, 220V, Single-Phase, 60Hz. Can Your 4 x4 CNC Router Be Configured to My Voltage?

A: Yes, it can. Our machine runs off 220 volts/60Hz, single phase too. Other power specifications can be made to order. 

Q: I Would Like the Ability to Move the CNC Router Kit 4x4 Around My Shop. Can You Configure It with Wheels for The Occasional Movement That Can Retract and Leave the Machine on The Solid Floor for Use?

A: We can get the best cnc wood router configured with wheels so that you can move it around your shop when needed. And the wheels come with integrated height-adjustable feet to keep the machine in place. No worries, its stability is the same as that of ordinary machine feet.

Q: Can this 4x4 cnc router for sale rout signs with letters and 3-D images? And what's the maximum depth of the route?

A: It is capable of routing signs with letters, and 3D relief designs. Actually, it is able to do 2D profiling and 3D relief carving/milling with different designs. As long as you have the appropriate design, you can use the router to make that. In terms of the maximum depth, there is no specific limit for this. As long as the bit can reach the position, the machine can cut there. 

Q: Is This 4x4 CNC Wood Router Delivered Ready to Use or Other Assembly Works Required Once It Arrived?

A: There is no assembly works for this machine. Once it arrived, all you need to do is to connect the controller and vacuum pump with plugs. That’s it. For your information, the guide with step-by-step instructions would be provided to you along with the machine.

Q: Does the System Come with Computer And Program?

A: The standard version would come with a handheld CNC controller RichAuto A11E and CAM program ArtCAM. As the A11 controller is not a system based on Windows OS, it will not come with a computer. But we also have that option for you - the system is based on Windows (e.g. NC Studio and Mach3 system). If you prefer that type, we can build the machine as you requested. The control system of the machine can work well with the mainstream CAM programs on the market, such as Aspire, Fusion 360, MasterCAM, and more.

Q: How Long Would It Take to Receive the Machine Once Order Is Placed?

A: We can get the machine ready in 15 business days.

Q: What is the shipping method for the 4x4 cnc machine here?

A: LCL shipment by Sea is a common practice. The cnc is sent to your seaport, and you need to pick up the goods when it arrives at your side. 

If you like the 4 x 4 cnc router for sale here, please contact us today.


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