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5x10 CNC Router Table for Wood and Plastic

Model: EA-1530SV

Category: CNC Wood Router

Brand: EagleTec CNC 5x10 CNC Router Table for Wood and Plastic

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$5450 / SET

Price Range: USD5000 to USD7500 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (PreOrder)

Lead Time: 10 to 15 days 

Warranty: 12 months 

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

Recommendation: 5x10 CNC Router Table for Wood and Plastic4.8 /5 based on 52 reviews



5x10 CNC Router is a universal model that is engineered to suit for 5x10 feet (1,500x3,000mm) size non-metallic sheet material working. Its main application is in the furniture manufacturing industry, such as wood door, cabinet, and decorative wall panel making. The working table of the CNC routing machine is an ideal design that combines a vacuum-sorb table and a T-slot clamp table together. Compared with the traditional vacuum bed, this one does open a lot of possibilities for workpiece holding ways; No matter it is a big sheet or a small workpiece, the table can accomplish the task very well. 5x10 CNC router for sale at a good price now. 

If it is the right size for you, let's move on; If you are looking for a smaller size than this one, you might be interested: 4x4 cnc router  or 4x8 cnc wood router

Trying to look for a 5x10 CNC with a tool changer? Please check row type ATC CNC router

5x10 cnc router machine for sale photo

Cutting Demo - EagleTec 5x10 CNC Router Cutting MDF Sheet with Amazing Speed

In the following video demonstration, you will see how the EagleTec 5’x10’ cnc router cut through a 12mm thick MDF sheet with only one stepdown yet with unexpected speed! Enjoy it! 


Background information on the cutting job here

• Cutting speed rate: 25,000mm/min

• Step Down: one only

• Material: 5x10 MDF sheet with 12mm thickness

• Machine used for cutting: the exact 5 x 10 cnc router table on this page

• Router bits used in the video: 6mm double flutes up-cut spiral router bits (high quality one)

• Project: hollowed-out pattern cutting

In fact, for such a router table with a stepping system, a rate of 25m/min should be its upper limit. It is nearly impossible to acquire a rate more than this. The question is coming:

cnc router machine with 5x10 working size ready in workshop

Is it possible that all similar 5x10 cnc router machines can achieve such an outstanding cutting rate of 25m/min?

It depends. It's dependent on four direct affecting factors primarily. As the video illustrated, the automatic router machine must meet the following four requirements to acquire a superior speed.

• The stepping system. It refers to the stepper motor and driver. The torque of the motor should be no less than 6.00N.M (60kg/cm). This is also the exact value of a standard 450B stepper motor. As we know, the stepper is controlled by its driver. The driver doesn’t only supply power to the stepper, but it also controls each axis's motion. Back to the point of speed, the criterion is that the higher the voltage given to the motor, the faster the speed. The sufficient voltage should be no less than DC90V. YAKO YKA2811MA is enough for the requirement since it runs off a volt range from DC90V to 110V. In conclusion, a system of 450B stepper plus YAKO2811 driver is ok. Think about it: can a low-cost cnc router with Leadshine DMA860 drivers achieve such a super working rate? No, that's impossible. 

• The spindle motor power. An electronic spindle sufficient for fast cutting should be no less than 3.0kw. And a 380V one is better than a 220V one.

5’ x 10’ cnc router with air cooled spindle

air cooled spindle motor on a 5x10 cnc router table

• Smoothness of the transmission components. It is essential the cnc router for plastic should run smoothly on every axis. How can we know that? To check two aspects. First, the linear guideway and slider should be qualified with good accuracy; second, the linear guides should be well assembled by skilled workers. In addition to that, we should also see what kind of cnc equipment is applied to machining the foundation plane of construction for linear rail mounting. If they use 5-axis cnc milling center, then that would be good enough.

5x10 cnc router table linear transmission components

• The router bits. It should be the one that is well built with high-hardness carbide. It should be no less than 90HRA.

Advantage of EagleTec 5x10 CNC Router Table

•  The CNC router machine 5x10 is built with 15 fantastic technics under a high standard assembly technology.

eagletec new 5x10 cnc router table for sale

•  The electronic part is designed with multiple protections in mind to make the plastic cnc router safer and more durable. Details and pictures are listed below:

1) The two circuits of the vacuum pump and the vacuum cleaner are additionally provided with thermal contact protection on the basis of the fuse protection, thereby playing a double protection role.

2) A door opening and disconnecting device is designed on the cabinet door to ensure the machine operator's safety.

3) Both the spindle motor and the stepper motor are driven by the two best quality brands in China: Fuling VFD and YAKO stepping driver (Model. YKA2811MA).

5x10 cnc router kit electronic part multiple protection details photo

•  CNC controller is adopted PC based NC Studio WEIHONG 95A 3 axis controller, compared with hand-held controller - RichAuto A11, it has advantages below:

nc studio weihong 95a controller on 5x10 cnc router machine photo

1) Because it is based on computer control, the file reading speed is faster, especially when reading large files. In addition to that, you can monitor the engraving path in real-time. 

2) No issue of remembering combination keyboard operation like hand-held controller.

3) Support remote desktop technical assistance, which is much more convenient for technical support in the future. 

By the way, if you prefer the same 5x10 cnc router table for wood and plastic sheets working, but with RichAuto hand-held controller, it is also available. Please see the photo below, which is such a machine we ever built. 

5x10 feet cnc router with richauto hand-held controller photo

Quick Details of 5x10 CNC Router for Sale

• 5x10 feet working table size (60"x120")

• 3.0kw water-cooled electronic spindle, 24000RPM, ER20 

• Original top quality VFD - Fuling brand (best one in China)

• NEMA34 stepper motor model. 450B - big holding torque

• Original top quality stepping driver YAKO - YKA2811MA (best and most reliable one)

• Original PC-based controller WEIHONG 95A-3L NC Studio 

• 2 in 1 vacuum working table

• Omron and Schneider electronics

5'x10' CNC Router Application

Applicable Materials

Materials good for CNC Router 5x10 are solid wood, MDF, plastic sheet, ABS, PVC, acrylic, foam, and other nonmetal materials.

Applicable Field of CNC Machine for Plastic

Ideal for panel furniture production, including wood doors, cabinet, bed, chair, etc., slat wall panel, decoration wall panels, ABS plastic switch panels, and sign making.    

5 x 10 CNC Router Machine Features

• Ideal design on the table, which gives more possibility on workpiece fix. It gives two choices on fix type, vac-sorb and clamp. 

5’ x 10’ cnc router table with vac-bed

5’x10’ cnc router’s vacuum gauge

• EagleTec 5x10 plastic cnc cutting machine base is welded with thick-wall steel tube; processed vibrating stress relief (VSR) reduces residual stress, and 6 legs support it with adjustable leveling feet.

6mm thick well steel tubes as the raw material of 5x10 cnc router base

• The X and Y-axis transmission are by rack and pinion, which is hardened for extremely long life and ground for a very good accuracy; The Z-axis transmission is driven by a hardened rolling antibacklash ball screw.

X-axis rack of the cnc router 5x10

• Each axis of motion is supported on high-precision linear guideways. Hiwin linear guides allow for higher feed speeds and a better finish of the cut. 

• The Y-axis uses a dual drive, one drive motor for each side of the gantry.

the right side drive of Y-axis of cnc router 5 x 10

• Software suitable for 5x10 cnc wood router: CAD/CAM designing software, e.g., Type 3/Artcam/UcanCAM, etc.

• All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central system.

Package & Shipment of 5x10 Plastic CNC Machine

Technical Parameter of EagleTec CNC Router 5x10

Working Size (X Y Z)1500×3000×200 mm (Metric)  5x10 feet (English)
Driving MotorStepping big torque - 6N.M
ControllerWEIHONG 95A-3L 3 axis cnc router controller
Max.Traveling Speed35,000mm/min
Cutting Speed Limit25,000mm/min
Work-HoldingBy Vac-sorb or Clamp, both available
Vacuum Pump5.5KW water ring, the flow rate of 230 CBM/hour
X Y TransmissionRack and pinion transmission - Helical, 1.25 module
Z TransmissionTaiwan TBI rolling ballscrew - 25mm 
Spindle3.0kw, China air cooling, 0-18000 RPM variable speed  
Collet SizeER20, the available diameter of cutter bits 3.175 - 12mm
Working Power380V/50-60Hz, 3 Phase 4 Wire (or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph or Single Phase)
Max.Power Consumption14 KW
Net Weight1500 KGS
Package Plywood case suitable for long time sea shipment
Optional Configuration 1.Original WEIHONG Hand-held pulse generator (known as handwheel also)
Optional Configuration 2.Dust clean system ( 3.0Kw | 53m³/min | ≤70dB )

FAQs about 5x10 CNC Machine for Wood EA-1530SV

Q: What Software Program Does This CNC Plastic Cutting Machine Use?

A: They run G-code files. According to Wikipedia's explanation, G-code (also RS-274) is the most widely used computer numerical control (CNC) programming language. It is used mainly in computer-aided manufacturing to control automated machine tools and has many variants. Therefore, any software that can output G codes can make the machine work—for example, ArtCAM, Aspire, Powermill, UG, etc.

Q: I Need to Know If We Can Have Access to Online Machine Tutorials from When We Do the Down Payment to Gain Time.

A: Of course, we can provide you with a full set of tutorials once the down payment is made.

Q: I Need to Know If the CNC Machine Plastic Cutter Comes All Assembled and Ready to Work

A: Exactly, the EagleTec 5x10 cnc routers come all assembled and ready to work. No onsite assembly is required.

Q: Does the spindle come with a high-quality set of collets?

A: Yes, it does. It would come with four pieces total.

Q: Do the 5x10 CNC Routers Have Limit Switches Installed & Operational?

A: Yes, of course. Three pieces of limit sensors are installed on the X/Y/Z axis, one piece on each axis.

Q: Do You Have an Optional Dust Collection Attachment for The Spindle That I Can Attach My Dust Collection Hose To?

A: Yes, our cnc router table 5x10 would come with a dust hood that fits a 100mm hose.

If you like this 5x10 cnc router for sale here, please get a quote today.


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