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Water Cooled Spindle Motor 3KW GDZ-100-3 9A 100MM

Model: GDZ-100-3

Category: CNC Router Accessory

Brand: EagleTec CNC Water Cooled Spindle Motor 3KW GDZ-100-3 9A 100MM

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD225.00 / SET


Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: In Stock

Delivery Time: in 24 hours on receipt of payment

Dimension: 100x220mm (Dia x L)

Net Weight: 9.0KG

Payment Method: Western Union (Western Digital), Money Gram, or PayPal.

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The cnc spare for sale here is water cooled spindle motor for cnc router. The model number is GDZ-100-3, power is 3KW, outer diameter is 100mm, the maximum speed is 24,000rpm. Cooling mode is water or other liquid. Water cooling spindle is ideal for both long time machining (relief carving) and short time machining (cutting jobs). It can work continuously for 8 hours without a stop on the premise that the water is changed regularly to ensure that the spindle motor temperature is within a reasonable scope (no more than 50 degrees centigrade).

water cooled spindle motor for cnc router

Video of EagleTec Water Cooled Spindle Motor 3KW

Features of Water Cooling Spindle Motor

water cooled spindle motor front view

• It should work with a water-cycling system that usually consists of a submersible pump, an inlet hose, and an outlet hose.

• Quiet. The water-cooled cnc spindle is virtually noiseless.

• Long lifespan. With proper daily maintenance and workload, it can work for several years without any issues.

Packing List of EagleTec 3KW Water Cooled CNC Spindle Motor

• Spindle motor – 1 Piece

• Male plug – 1 Piece

• ER20 Collet – 1 Piece

Package of This Water Cooled CNC Router Spindle Motor

• Spindle set loaded in a fully enclosed foam casing.

• The foam casing load in the carton.

• Seal the box with PVC wrapping films. 

the water cooled spindle motor is being packed

How Do I Know If This 3kw Spindle Motor Is Suitable for Our CNC Router Machine?

This is an important thing we must know before purchasing. There are two points we need to check:

• Volts. There are two options, usually: 220 volts and 380 volts. So you should know which one you will go with. The answer should be on your actual spindle nameplate. If you get a spindle with the wrong volts, it won’t work with your machine at all.

• Diameter. It is 100mm for the 3KW spindle GDZ-100-3. Kindly check if your actual one is the same 100mm from the nameplate. If you get the wrong dimension (not a 100mm spindle), it will not fit your spindle holders, and the result is you can’t mount it on your machine. 

water cooled spindle motor nameplate

How About the Lifespan of This GDZ Spindle Motor for CNC Router?

The lifespan of the spindle depends on the quality of the bearings it uses. The bearing for our spindle is P4 grade top-quality high-speed bearings. So, it is safe to say that, with proper daily maintenance and working load, EagleTec's water-cooled spindle will work for several years without any issues.

What Kind of Daily Maintenance Is Required for This Water Cooled Spindle Motor?

In terms of daily maintenance, there is the only thing, that is to get the water changed regularly to keep the spindle motor temperature is in a proper range that is less than 50 degrees centigrade. Usually, the spindle will not exceed 45 degrees if the water is changed regularly.  

How can we avoid the problem of spindle water jacket clogging? If blocked, what is the solution for it?

• As long as we regularly replace the water with the fresh one on time to ensure the cleanliness of the circulatory system, such problems can be avoided.

• If there is a blockage, what we can do is to run descaling with derusting agents through it to clear the obstruction. The solution works well if the obstacle is not too much. If not, you'll have to get a replacement for your spindle. 

How to Hook Up the 3kw Spindle Motor with The Machine Once Received?

• One complete set connector contains one female and one male. The male plug is the one we need to do the wiring. There are four pins in total: 1,2,3 and PE. Pin (1, 2, 3) should be connected with U V W terminals on VFD, and PE should go to earthing protection terminal.

male and female connectors of water cooled spindle motor 3.0kw

• The suggested cables for wiring should be high soft shielding cables with size 4x2.5. 4 refers to the core quantity, and 2.5 refers to 2.5mm2.

• The wire needs to be soldered to the male plug. If you didn’t handle it, we would like to do soldering here for you.

• If your actual male plug is in good condition, you can connect the new spindle with the exact plug; in this way, no wiring jobs are required.

water cooled spindle motor 3kw rear side with connector

Are There Any Useful Tips When We Run the New Water-Cooled Spindle For The First Time?

Yes, there is.

For the first time to run a new liquid cooled spindle, it is better to start at a low rate of 6,000 rpm and increase by 3,000 rpm after every 10 minutes running, until reaching the Max. Rate – 24,000rpm. It is because the bearings inside new spindles need to be preheated. Furthermore, to extend the service life of the spindle, it is better to start trial operation for 10-15 minutes before we use it regularly. 

Parameter of EagleTec GDZ-100-3 Spindle Motor 3KW

Product No.GDZ-100-3
CategoryWater cooled router spindle
Motor Power3.0KW
Outer Diameter100mm 
VoltsAC380V / AC220V
Ampere9A / 12A
Collet SizeER20
Suitable Tool Diameter3.175mm to 12.7mm 
Cooling ModeWater (Liquid) | Flow Requirement: 3500L/h
Net Weight9KG
UtilizationFor CNC Wood Router Machines 

FAQs concerning 3KW Water-Cooled Spindle Motor 100MM

Q: Do you have a recommendation on the amount of water it needs to circulate to keep cool? Liters per hour?

A: 3500L/h would be adequate for your reference.

If we are ready to buy, how to proceed?

• Please contact us with the contact details on the company site here: “online chat,” “inquire now icon,” Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Kindly tell us the items with model number or specification, and your location with zip code.

• We will get back to you with the official offer proposal for the water cooled router spindle, including shipping charges.

• If you are ok to proceed. The proforma invoice will be issued to you for payment transfer purposes. And please arrange payment as per the PI.

• We arrange the delivery for your parcel on receipt of your payment. And will provide a tracking number to you.

What is the shipping way for the GDZ-100-3 Spindle? How long will it take to reach me?

It is by courier such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc. It usually takes 5 to 7 business days to reach you.


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