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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Table Type VS. Gantry Type

Publish Date: Dec. 12, 2020 Author: Cherry Publisher: EagleTec CNCModify Date: Dec. 12, 2020

When we are talking about the cnc plasma cutting machines, there are usually two different types, the table-type, and the gantry-type. So when we are going to purchase one, how shall we choose between both? This is a good question. In the post here, we will go through the whole thing concerning the difference between both. After reading it, you will know how to make your right decision based on your actual production needs.

Let's dive into the details.

Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Features

• The table type CNC plasma cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and affordable cost.

• The equipment consists of a plasma cutter (Hypertherm or other brands) and a precise plasma cutting cnc table. From a transportation perspective, the table size is generally not too large. It is impossible to expand the cutting size in the future, so please double-check the table size is sufficient for your jobs before buy the cnc plasma machine

table type cnc plasma cutting machine

Gantry CNC Plasma Machine Features

Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly composed of a machine-tool part and a plasma cutter. The machine tool part refers explicitly to construction with only beam and upright columns (gantry), but without a working bed. The unique structure (gantry without bed) opens many possibilities for cutting size. X-axis cutting size can range from 2,000mm to 10,000mm. The Y axis's working size can be extended or shortened according to changes in production requirements in the future, so it lends you more flexibility.


Gantry plasma cutting machine is engineered for large format metal plate cutting. 

gantry cnc plasma cutting machine

• In terms of configuration, it can come with multiple plasma cutting torches, flame / oxy-fuel cutting torches according to the requirements; it has excellent productivity. 

• About the cost, the price of this type of equipment will be relatively high.

If you want to know the difference between plasma cutting and flame cutting, please read flame cutting vs. plasma cutting

Table type VS. Gantry Type

• To be shipped overseas in containers, table type plasma cnc machines generally have a small cutting area. Usually, the X-axis does not exceed 2m, and the Y-axis does not exceed 6 meters. However, due to its unique mechanical structure, the gantry type is not restricted by the container's size. For example, suppose you need to cut a large sheet of 3x12 meters; you can only go with the gantry type option. Because you cannot find a container to get, a table type machine of the same size accommodated in the real world. Therefore, if you need to cut plates larger than 2x6 meters, please choose a gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine.


• The cutting size for table type is fixed; the gantry type has more flexibility; you can increase or decrease its cutting area in the future.


• The table type is prior to gantry-type for small and medium-size plate cutting. This type of machine is more environmentally friendly. You can get downdraft or water table options on the working bed. Both of these options help to exhaust the fumes generated during the cutting process. We'll talk about the downdraft table vs. water table in the next post.

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I hope it helps! See you next time.

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