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Best CNC Plasma Table 2021 for Cutting Thin and Thick Plates

Model: EA-PL1530DT

Category: CNC Plasma Table

Plasma Cutter: Hypertherm 65A & HUAYUAN 200A

Brand Name: EagleTec CNC Best CNC Plasma Table for Steel Plate Cutting

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$13,800 / SET

Price Range: USD12500 to USD15000 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: Production after order confirmation (Preorder)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Recommendation: Best CNC Plasma Table for Steel Plate Cutting4.9/5 based on 17 reviews 



The best cnc plasma table EA-PL1530DT is our tailored metal plate cutting solution for specific users; it is launched to market in 2021. It best meets the needs of such users who want to cut both thin and thick steel plates. Let's explain with an example, suppose a user mainly cuts 10mm and 30mm plates. If only take a 200amp plasma cutter, we can get quality cut on 30mm definitely but cannot get quality cut on 10mm; oppositely, if only take a 65amp, the problem is that it cannot cut through 30mm at all. In this case, the cnc plasma cutting table with dual plasma cutters is a perfect solution. Back to EA-PL1530DT, it is equipped with two plasma cutters (65amp and 200amp); The former is used for quality cutting of plates within 10mm; the latter is used for quality cutting of boards with a thickness about 30mm. Coming to the motion system, it is the Japanese Panasonic AC servo system. The configuration is definitely top-level in its class. If you have a similar production requirement, the EA-PL1530DT plasma cnc machine is the best choice for you. 

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top level cnc plasma table for thin and thick sheets cutting

Demo - Cut Carbon Iron with Best CNC Plasma Table for Thin and Thick Metal

In the video below, we are using the machine to cut off 12mm and 16mm carbon steel plates. Please enjoy it! 

Top Level Configuration of EagleTec Best CNC Plasma Cutting Table

● Fully welded heavy duty frame, via a vibrating stress relief process. The overall rigidity of the machine is better.

best cnc plasma table for sheet metal with top configuration

● With slag storage device (drawers) and loading roller; This design makes the cleaning of the waste residue and the material clamping simple.

best cnc plasma table with drawers and rollers

● Dual cutting torches & dual plasma cutters design is the perfect solution for cutting thin and thick plates. Both can be switched at will according to actual needs.

dual plasma cutting torches

● Dual plasma cutters; one is 200amp IGBT from China, the other one is 65amp Hypertherm from American. Hypertherm is known as the best plasma cutter for the cnc table. 

dual plasma cutters for best cnc plasma table

● Top brand Japan Panasonic servo system offers excellent acceleration and deceleration performance; smooth movement and quiet operation.

Panasonic servo driving system on best cnc plasma table

● Z-axis is equipped with a ballscrew drive automatic arc voltage torch height controller. Automatically adjust the cutting distance to ensure the precision cutting of uneven workpieces.

ballscrew drive torch height controller on Z axis

● The T.H.C has an LED monitor to show the operating status in real-time.

THC LED monitor of torch height controller

● The whole cnc plasma table adopts high-precision square linear guide.

square linear guide rails and rack on cnc plasma table

● Sawtooth style plasma cutting burn table design.

sawtooth style plasma cutting burn table

● The plasma-specific CNC control system, STARFIRE; with LED display and keyboard. A rich graphics library is built into the system, and all common shapes can be found here.

starfire cnc plasma controller

Application of Best CNC Plasma Tables for Steel Plate Cutting


It is ideal for a variety of sheet metals cutting; can achieve quality cut on both thick and thin steel plates.

Materials Good For Best Plasma Table EA-PL1530DT

Carbon iron, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.

CNC Plasma Cut Carbon Steel Project

plasma cutting thick carbon iron

Quick Details of EagleTec Best Industrial CNC Plasma Table with Dual Plasma Cutters

● Dual plasma cutter (One Hypertherm Powremax65 + One LGK-200IGBT)

● Dual plasma cutting torches fitting for dual plasma cutters 

● Japan Panasonic AC servo drive system

● STARFIRE plasma CNC controller 

● HYD arc voltage torch height controller

● 1500x3000mm cutting size

● Square linear guideways high precision

● Drawers for slag collection

● Rollers for sheet metal loading

● Sawtooth plasma cutting burn table

Technical Parameter of Best Plasma CNC Table with Dual Cutting Torches

Product ModelEA-PL1530DT
Machine TypeCNC Plasma Table 
Cutting Size 1500x3000mm
Cutting Speed0 ~ 4,000mm/min
Plasma CutterDual, Hypertherm Powermax65 & LGK-200IGBT
Cutting TorchDual plasma torch
Max. Quality Cut Thickness10mm carbon steel & 30mm carbon steel
Plasma Cutting SystemStarfire Brand with LED display in English
Communication InterfaceUSB
Communication CodeInternational standard G-code
Auto Arc Voltage T.H.CEquipped, brand HYD
Linear Guide Rail Square type, 20mm 
Drawers 4 Pieces
Cutting Table TypeSawtooth type, downdraft burn table
Plasma Table VentilationBy exhaust fan
Driving MotorJapan Panasonic AC servo 
TransmissionRack and pinion
Plasma Programming SoftwareFASTCAM in English, acceptable file extension ***.dxf
Plasma Table Working PowerAC220V, Single phase 
Plasma Source Working PowerAC380V, 3 Phase
Plasma Cutter Free ConsumablesNozzles - 20PCS, Electrode - 20PCS
Packing Dimension3700x2250x1850mm (15.4CMB around)
Gross Weight1500KGS

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