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Why Do We Need a Robust Industrial CNC Plasma Table?

Publish Date: Sep. 24, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 24, 2022

When you try to search cnc plasma table on google, you usually get these results: a simple bolted-together frame made of aluminum profiles or steel. This kind of cnc plasma cutting table is only suitable for hobbies and small metal fab shops.

simple cnc plasma table with bolted together frame

If you are serious about your metal cutting business, we suggest you choose an industrial cnc plasma table like this:

industrial cnc plasma table with robust welded base

Why do we suggest this type? What are its outstanding features? Let EagleTec CNC Explain it to you.


• Industrial CNC plasma table's machine stability is better.

The whole machine body is heavy-duty on the frame, a welded construction made of 4mm thick steel pipes. And the machine base is with eight steel pipe supports and center supports. This design ensures that the cnc plasma cutter will not shake during metal processing, affecting the accuracy.

welded industrial cnc plasma table base

• Machine costs less than a simple locally made cnc plasma table.

Choosing a famous Chinese brand industrial table usually costs less than locally made ones; compared with Canada or America, China has relatively low-cost raw materials and labor force.


Taking a 5x10 cnc plasma table as an example, after we search on google, and eBay, a simple model usually costs 12,000 to 15,000 dollars if you choose to buy locally. And if you decide to import an industrial cnc plasma table from a reliable machine manufacturer in China, the total cost (including machine, shipping, and tax)is about 9,000-10,000 dollars. You spend less money and get a more robust machine.

And about the after-sale service, no need to worry since the internet is so convenient today. You can talk with our technicians, after-sale service teams, and sales teams at any time convenient. Not to mention that EalgeTec CNC will provide a complete set of tutorials along with the machine, which is clear and well-written in English.

• More Cutting possibilities.

Industrial plasma cnc tables can cut thin and thick metal plates since their body is strong enough to support the metal plate.


If you have determined to buy an industrial cnc plasma cutting machine, which brand is your best choice? The answer is EagleTec-CNC.

As a reliable cnc machine manufacturer, treating every machine with heart and never cutting corners are our fundamental rule. Nowadays, almost every company that sells you a plasma table and promises service & support will not give you the time of day free of charge, just excuses/more of a reason why it is not covered or how much they will charge for technical support. But this will never happen in EagleTec CNC. You can ever trust our technical support. No matter how long you have bought the plasma cutting machine from us, once you have met troubles or need help, feel free to contact us.


Are you looking for a plasma table cnc now? Contact EagleTec CNC!

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