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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A CNC Router

Publish Date: Sep. 09, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 09, 2023

A cnc wood router is a powerful tool that make a massive progress for small-to-mid-size businesses by helping improve woodworking efficiency, quality, and productivity. It is easy to see why so many shops who looking to start or expand business look into purchasing a CNC router.

But with so many options on the cnc market today, it is difficult to know where we can start and what should we consider when we researching cnc routers. Here, from a professional production perspective, we provide some of the top aspects you need to know to ensure you get a cnc machine that provide the best service to your current and future works-while also staying within your budget. Let's take a look.

Features and Capabilities

• Have a clear understanding of your own production needs

Before you buy your cnc wood router, the first question you should ask yourself is: What does my shop really need out of a cnc router? How big is my studio? How large is my team? What type of parts or projects we planning to produce? What material that I mainly use? These questions will help you accurately find the right cnc wood router models that suit your needs.

Maybe your workshop is short of manpower and need a more automated ATC CNC router with top-end vacuum technology to save labor; maybe improving the production environment is necessary for you so that you need to have a cnc router with powerful vacuum cleaner; maybe you need to improve production efficiency and need a multi-head cnc router.  If you frequently work with camber shapes in production, or your project is required to process three sides on the basis of one-time workpiece clamping, a 4-axis CNC router would be the most suitable choice. If you plan to work on both wood panels, square or cylinder wood, a CNC router with a rotary add-on may be the right tool for you. If you're primely working on materials like marble, granite, or aluminum and copper, please go with a stone cnc router. If your project requires machining of 5 sides in one setup, consider using a 5-axis CNC router for complex projects. Whatever the case may be, understanding your specific goals is a key first step in narrowing down your purchasing decision.

• Machining Size

Machine size is another important aspect you need to consider during searing a cnc router, especially for the shops who has limited space. If you accidentally buy an oversized machine which is too big for your space, you’ll either have to sacrifice other elements of the shop or spend time and money expanding your space.

Typical sizes for CNC routers are 2'x3', 4'x8' and 5'x10'. EaglecTec CNC also offers customized machines for specific needs. We need to select a bed size that meets production needs and fits our shop space.

• Transmission system

When searching cnc router drive systems on google, you will find two types: one is rolling ball-screw and the other is rack and pinion. For larger and higher tech cnc routers, such as 5 axis cnc router, cnc routers for large form mold making, ball screw transmission is the better choice to produce better parts by operating in a way that is more precise. But this is not to say that rack and pinion is not a good option. Quite the opposite, in fact.

For general wood cnc machine, rack and pinion is a cost-effective transmission method that has been tested countless times. EagleTec general cnc router models are driven by XY-axis rack- and-pinion systems and Z axis ball-screw technology. EagleTec technical parts try their best to increase the performance and lifespan of the gear while reducing maintenance in the process of designing and producing of our cnc routers.

• Drive motor

Except the transmission system we need to consider, the other system we should keep in mind when shopping a cnc router is machine drive system. There are also two primary types used in cnc routers: stepper motor and servo motor.

Stepper motors are usually used on small cnc routers that do not need high speed or torque. The stepper motors run open-loop (means the driver only send the command to the motor but doesn’t receive feedback from it), this one-way communication can help to remove the cost of adding an encoder. The step motor keeps working and will not stop until it is broken. A cnc router with stepper motors is very suitable for massive and repetitive cutting and engraving work.

Servo motors come into paly when we need a big cnc router which requires more power to work effectively. And they are best for atc cnc machine which requires improved positioning precision and resolution. They run faster than stepper motors. Servo motors run closed-loop(connect with encoder, the driver receives feedback from the motor after sending command to it).

At the same time, we will equip a planetary reducer on EagleTec high level cnc router with servo motor to improve speed and accuracy with less maintenance.

Machine Budget

This one is obvious. If you cannot afford to add a cnc router to your shop, it means this is not a proper time to get it. If you want to buy a high cost-effective cnc router with certain budget, a reliable Chinese made machine is your best choice.

Don't rush to refute if you have different opinions on Chinese made machine.

Pls note that what I say is reliable cnc router manufacturer, not the one you purchased at significantly lower prices than normal. If you find two cnc routers which look the same by pictures but their price has huge differences, do not past the expensive supplier first. Try to know more details that you can not see in a machine picture. And try to search their machine and service feedback. Then you will know why same machine has such different price.

Ease of Use

Depending on your level of wood working experience and cnc expertise, ease of use may also be a key factor in choosing a CNC router.

If You Have Plan to Import a CNC Router from China but Have No Import Experience, What Should You Do?

First, contact Jinan EagleTec to make decision about which machine model you want. (our sales and technicians also will recommend you proper machine model according to your work).

Second, pay deposit and factory start manufacturing. (Pay attention to the voltage you need)

Third, Machine production is completed and the customer pays the final payment.

During second and third process, you can find a local freight forwarder or customs clearance agent. They can help you handle with all the importing issues, such as shipping cost and tariffs.

Also, you can arrange machine manufacture responsible for sea shipping and you only find an agent to do with importing issues.

Forth, Sea shipping.

Fifth, the machine arrived the port and agent deal with importing issues.

Sixth, Find a proper truck according to machine size and bring it home.

Finally, contact machine suppliers to learn to how to install and use your cnc router.

Then you can immerse yourself in cnc zone.

What Could We Make After We Get a CNC Router?

As a kind of woodworking cnc machine, cnc routers are often applied in cutting, engraving and milling works in soft material, including wood, cardboard, mdf, foam, plywood and acrylic.


• Providing customized furniture service

Use your own cnc wood carving machine, you can make uniquely designed furniture for your customers and get higher profits than common furniture.

• Panel-furniture making industry

CNC router has fast working speed and high cutting accuracy. For panel furniture making companies, replacing labors with cnc router machines can highly improve working efficiency.


• Advertisement board or letters cutting

Every store needs its own sign boards and there are also some shops that often change their advertising signs to attract customers. Beautiful and impressive advertising boards are important to shop owners. So they will be glad to pay more money to get a satisfied sign board.

A cnc router is a good tool to make advertising signs. We can cut all the patterns and get various results with different cutters.

• Musical instruments, Audio Making

More and more people choose to start a musical instrument or listen to music as a daily pastime. CNC Router is one of the machine than making musical instruments, such as violin, guitar and audio.


• Slatwall cutting industry

In South America, slatwall cutting is a main industry. A suitable powerful cnc router can highly improve working efficiency. Usually, for slatwall cutting, a cnc router with two spindles, three spindles or four spindles is the most suitable. Setting with T-slot router bits, several spindles cutting together. You only need to hire workers to do loading and unloading job.

Except these aspects above, cnc router can do many oter works also, such as wall décor cutting, insulation materials cutting, foam and wooden mold milling, crafts making…


Each EagleTec cnc router has its step-by-step instructions for machine users to set up and use. Even a novice in the CNC field can understand it and start the machine at a glance.  And just in case, EagleTec also offers 24/7 technical support to deliver guidance and to answer any questions you may have about getting up and running.


EagleTec dedicated experts team offers one-on-one support to help you find the right machine and to make sure it works the way business need it now and in future. Want to know more exciting machine videos and shipping information, please subscribe to our channel - EagleTec Machinery.

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