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Should I Upgrade My Manual Wood Lathe to CNC Wood Lathe

Publish Date: Sep. 19, 2023 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Sep. 19, 2023

CNC (Computer numerical control) is becoming more and more popular in our daily life. In woodturning business, lots of home woodworking shop or woodworking enthusiast already have their own manual wood lathe model. With the popularity of CNC, some of them are considering to upgrade their machine to CNC model. Will it be a risk or an opportunity? Let EagleTec CNC explain to you in detail.


A wood lathe is a versatile tool used for turning wooden projects. Whether you're a fresher or an experienced woodworker, there are many interesting projects you can make with a wood lathe, such as making bowls, vases, baseball bats, plates, balls, balusters, etc.

CNC Wood Lathe has the following obvious advantages:

Precision: CNC lathes are known for their high precision and accuracy. They can turn wood with consistent measurements and details that may be difficult to achieve manually.


Repeatability: CNC wood turning lathe does an excellent work at producing multiple identical pieces with precise dimensions. Once a design is programmed, the CNC lathe can reproduce it perfectly every time.


Automation: CNC wood turning machines are automated, which means they can work continuously without the need for constant manual supervision. What you only need to do is programming and feeding.


Multi-Axis Capability: Some CNC wood lathes are equipped with multiple axes, allowing for even more intricate and three-dimensional turning work, such as engraving and slotting.

Customization: CNC lathes offer flexibility in customizing designs and patterns. You can easily modify a design in the CNC software to suit your preferences.


Upgrading your manual wood lathe to a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) model can greatly enhance its capabilities and precision, allowing you to automate various tasks and create more intricate and detailed woodturning projects.


While CNC wood lathes offer these advantages, it's important to note that they do require learning, particularly in terms of CNC programming and machine operation. Additionally, they cost more than manual wood lathe.


The choice between a manual wood lathe and a CNC wood lathe depends on your specific needs and goals. If you just take wood turning as a hobby and enjoy the hands-on experience of manual turning, or your current productivity can meet your order, a manual lathe may sufficient. However, if you're interested in producing complex, precise, and repeatable woodturning projects or if you plan to work on a larger scale, investing in a CNC wood lathe could be a valuable addition to your workshop.


Once you make your mind to buy a cnc wood lathe, pls consider the following steps to help you get a wonderful machine.

Buy a cnc wood lathe locally or import it from China.

Usually, local cnc wood lathe cost more money than import directly from China, but you can enjoy good and timely after-sales service. Importing a cnc wood lathe from China can help you save budget while the service is 24 hours online.


The decision of whether to buy a CNC wood lathe made in America or one made in China should depend on various factors, including your specific needs, budget, and personal preferences. Both American and Chinese manufacturers produce CNC wood lathes of varying quality, and it's important to carefully evaluate your options before making a decision.


Improve your skills and knowledge in cnc machining: cnc wood lathe require computer programming and setup. If you are not very familiar with cnc, find a cnc wood lathe seller who can assist you.


Be clear about your requirements: you just do wood turning or also need the cnc wood lathe has other functions, such as slotting, engraving, auto feeding… This can help you quickly find the machine model that meets your requirement.


As a CNC wood lathe manufacturer, EagleTec CNC earns a good fame among machine users. Once you determine to import a cnc wood lathe from China, welcome to contact Jinan EagleTec. Our sales, technicians and after-sale team will provide best service for you.

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