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How Thick Can A CNC Flame Cutting Machine Cut?

Publish Date: Aug. 23, 2023 Author: Jackie Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Aug. 23, 2023

CNC flame cutting machines are commonly used for metal cutting. What is the maximum thickness of metal that can be cut using these machines?


The thickness of the steel plate cut by the CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine ranges from 6mm to 200mm. In this cutting range, the conventional torch is used. If a special bulk torch is used, the thickness can be cut to 300mm with a quality of 200mm to 240mm. Actually, there is no fixed value for quality cut thickness. It all depends on the operator's flame adjustment level. If the flame is adjusted properly, the cutting quality will be better.

gantry cnc flame cutter machine with three torches

Currently, there are four primary types of CNC flame cutting machines: gantry, cantilever, table, and portable. The cutting size is also in this order from large to small, and the scope of application of various models is also slightly different. Thanks to its strong rigidity, the gantry CNC flame cutting machine can span horizontally from 3-10m. However, the installation of the equipment requires a dedicated workshop area that is typically suitable for processing operations in large-scale industrial and mining enterprises. The cantilever CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine is more convenient to move and install, does not need to occupy a fixed factory building, and the equipment cost is low. However, due to the cantilever structure, the transverse cutting width is restricted and the beam rigidity is low during high-speed cutting. The table-type cutting machine is an integral structure, which is convenient to move and place, but the cutting size is limited to a certain extent; Due to its lightweight and ease of use, the portable CNC flame cutting machine is typically utilized in steel plate surface cutting operations and is ideal for small businesses.

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