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Best 3 CNC Routers for Guitar Making – EagleTec CNC

Publish Date: Mar. 16, 2022 Author: Esther Publisher: EagleTec CNC Modify Date: Mar. 16, 2022

In the musical instrument fabrication field, especially the guitar manufacturers, the cnc routing machine is vital for them. However, there are so many types of guitar cnc machine, which model is the best one for guitar making? In today's post, we are going to propose the following three classes.

cnc makes guitar simulation

Type 1. Economic CNC Router with Single Head 

A single head wood router is a fundamental and economic model to make the guitar. It can cut one guitar body in one working cycle. The machine is equipped with a single head (air-cooled or water-cooled.) without an auto tool changing function. You'll need to stop the machine to change tools by hand. The most significant advantage of this cnc machine for guitars is that it is cost-effective and requires less investment to start, which is a good fit for small guitar workshops. So for example, a 4x4 cnc router with a single head would be a machine like this. Its cost ranges from USD4500 to USD7000 per set.

wood cnc machine 4x4 for guitar making

Type 2. Three Heads CNC Router

As the name suggests, the 3 head cnc router machine has three spindles that can work simultaneously. So you can cut three pieces of guitar bodies or necks at the same time. Compared with the single head machine, the three heads cnc machine for guitar building improves working efficiency because its output is three times that of single head equipment. Also, identical to the above model, it needs to change tools manually and throw different guitar cnc files for different cutters. Machine cost is about USD 10000-20000/set.

3 head cnc router machine for guitar fabrication

Type 3. ATC CNC Router

EagleTec ATC CNC Router is equipped with an automatic tool changing spindle (Italy HSD or China HQD). The machine has tool storage (tool magazine) containing 8 to 12 cutters, which can be a linear ATC or carousel ATC. During the process of machining, the cnc guitar router can automatically switch between different tools—no need to stop the machine. We just make one tool path file and a one-time setup; the machine will not stop machining until the guitar body is finished. In short, it has the benefit of being able to perform machining tasks that require multiple tools on a single setup basis; thus, it saves time-consumption in the following areas: the tool change process, toolpaths creation, and machining setups. From the perspective of the machining capacity, it is the best cnc for guitar building. Machine cost usually ranges from USD 15000 to USD25000 per set.

linear ATC cnc router for guitar manufacturing

In addition to guitar building, cnc routers are also broadly used in speaker manufacturing. As a high tec computer-controlled machine, please don't compare the price individually when you buy it. Keep in mind price is a measure of value. You get what you paid. The quality, accuracy, durability, precise components, assembly technics, and good after-sales support should also be taken into your consideration. A good cnc router for guitar building should have a reasonable price, excellent performance (quality, durability, precision), and outstanding after-sales support.

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