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2024 Best CNC Lathe for Wood Balusters Fabrication

Model: EA-TL1530T2

Category: CNC Wood Lathe

Brand: EagleTec CNC 2020 Best CNC Lathe for Wood Balusters Fabrication

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD7880 / SET

Price Range: USD7880 to USD9780 / SET as per different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder – Put order into production on receipt of deposit

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Trade Assurance, Credit Card, Apple Pay

G.W.: 1420KGS

Package Dimension: 3050*1200*1770mm (6.50CBM Approx.)

H.S. Code: 84659200.00

Recommendation: 2020 Best CNC Lathe for Wood Balusters Fabrication4.9 /5 based on 75 reviews


Machine Summary

TL1530T2 is a cnc lathe for wood engineered to process turning, broaching, and cutting operations of solid wood balusters. The actual machining size is 11.81” D x 59” L. It is equipped with one operating unit (driven by a 4.0kw servo motor) and two woodturning tools. One of the tools serves as the roughing knife, and the other one works as the finishing cutter. It enables two times of step-down (roughing and finishing) to be completed in one feed cycle. The clamping of the workpieces is through a head and tail stock system. Also, it has an electro-spindle dedicated to broaching. TL1530T2 is the 2024 best cnc lathe for wood balusters fabrication from EagleTec.

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Turning Demo: See How Fast And Easy It Is To Make A Custom Wooden Spindle/Baluster With Best CNC Wood Lathe

Wood Lathe Operations Guide

This video demonstrates the entire process of the daily operation of the cnc lathe machine, including the clamping of workpieces, turning, and broaching operations with instructions step by step. It is also a practical guide for beginners. Enjoy it!

After watching the video, you might be wondering:

How long does it take to complete such a newel post?

A: It depends. But we are willing to give you some ideas. A feeding rate of 1200mm/min is the common practice of cnc lathe for wood. Supposing the wood blank is 1200mm long and the baluster can be completed by two times of stepdown in one feed cycle, we can conclude that it takes only 1 minute for the dual tool lathe to complete such a baluster by calculation.

Industrial Application


Ideal for baluster fabrication business including porch baluster, handrails, verandah posts, newel post, wooden spindles, gable finials, turned posts, finials, stair parts, roman columns, bed support legs, table or chair support legs, and more round stuff.

balusters made by cnc lathe for wood

Materials Good for Best CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine

All types of wood in square and round shapes. 

Process Capacity

Turning, Broaching, and Cutting. 

Specification Details of 2024 Best CNC Lathe for Wood Balusters Fabrication

• The lathe base is fully cast by iron to meet the high rigidity performance, which is essential for woodturning. Additionally, to minimize the assembly tolerance, all mounting planes are milled by a five-axis NC-machining center; it’s not a handjob fabrication.

cast iron cnc woodworking lathe base in the workshop

• Best cnc lathe for wood is equipped with one operation unit and a mobile carriage on the tailstock side. From the maximum simultaneous axes, it is a 3-axis cnc lathe machine. The electric spindle is activated by the cylinder above it. Please check out the 4 axis cnc wood lathe here if you have an interest.

best cnc lathe for wood balusters with one operating unit and dual knives

• The clamping of the workpieces is through a head and tail stock system.

headstock and sheath of the cnc wood lathe

• The lathe is equipped with a steady rest, which is used to fix relatively thin workpieces to avoid swinging during high-speed turning. The default diameter of the sheath is 66mm, and other sizes can be customized according to requirements.

• The headstock is driven by a 4KW AC servo motor with the timing belt, which is prior to three-phase asynchronous motors. Servo never loses step during machining. For more information concerning this point, please check out here: what you must know before buying a cnc wood lathe

servo motor joint with the headstock of best cnc wood lathe machine by a belt transmission

• Air-actuated tailstock ensures that the woodturning blank is firmly fixed and well-clamped for high-speed turning. The spike's diameter is 20mm. 

woodturning blank well clamped with air actuated tailstock of 2020 best cnc lathe for wood

• The gyration nose spike is a #4 Morse Taper 4 1/2" extension with a ring cup and points on end.

• Two woodturning chisels for one operation unit enable roughing and finishing to be complete in one feeding cycle.

cnc wood lathe with roughing and finishing tools on it

• Electric spindle is engineered to process broaching operations in wood balusters.

wood lathe electric spindle with broaching tool mounted on it

• The electro-spindle is installed on a universal bracket, so according to the actual processing requirements, it can be fixed in the vertical direction as well as in the horizontal direction.

electric mill spindle installed on a universal bracket of a cnc lathe for wood

• X, Y, and Z axes are driven by a high-torque powerful stepping system (NEMA34 stepper motors + YAKO YKA2811MA drivers).

stepper motors on Y axis of cnc wood lathe machine

electronic cabinets with yako drivers inside it

Standard Accessory Coming Together with Best Wood Lathe CNC Machine

The standard accessories include the following items:

• Vulnerable parts replacement: belt, on/off button, emergency stop button, limit sensor

• Tools: spanner, collet, USB flash

• Wood lathe knife: woodturning carbide cutter, HSS wood turning chisel, and broaching bit. If you have an interest, please check out how to use the carbide woodturning tool properly.

wood lathe accessories in tool kit

Packing Details of Best Wood Turning Lathes CNC

We usually use wrapping materials to wrap the full wood lathe set up to protect it from damage, then load it on a steel pallet, and finally packed into a strong plywood case that is very suitable for long-time sea shipping.

cnc wood lathe package – packed in plywood crate with plastic films covered around

To check the packing details step by step, please watch the demo below.

Technical Parameter

Model No.EA-TL1530T2
TypeCNC Lathe for woodworking
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Three
Operation UnitOne
Woodturning Tool QtyTwo
Machine BaseCast iron and milled by NC-machining center
Turning Diameter0.79" to 11.81" (20mm to 300mm)
Turning Length3.94" to 59" (100mm to 1500mm)
Broaching HeadInvolved, 4.7HP (3.5kw) air-cooled spindle, 18,000RPM
Headstock DriveAC Servo with the belt-driven transmission, 4.0Kw (5.36HP) / AC380V / 8.2A / 25.5N.m / 6000RPM, <70dB(A)
TailstockAir actuated
Spike Diameter20mm
Sheath Diameter66mm (Steady Rest)
X Y Z MotionNEMA34 stepper motors with belt gear
X Y Z DriverYAKO YKA2811MA
X Y Z Linear Guideway20mm square type
ControllerRichAuto Auto-Now A132
Acceptable File***.dxf, ***.mmg
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Circuit ProtectionShort-circuit protection, Overload protection
Electronic CabinetIndividuals with cooling fans
Lubricating SystemWith
Net Weight1350KGS
Gross Weight1420KGS
PackageFumigation-free wood case
Working VoltsAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph, or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph, or AC220V/60Hz, Single phase | Running Current: 16A
Lathe Foot Print153"L x 39"W x 68"H (3900L x 1000W x 1750H)
Packing Dimension3050*1200*1770mm (6.50CBM Approx.)

FAQs about 2024 Best CNC Lathe for Wood Balusters Fabrication

Q: Is It Possible to Install an Std Chuck on To the Drive Section?

A: Yes, you can get a standard chuck attachment with the lathe. So it is possible to install it in the drive section. FYI, the standard chuck can hold a 200mm diameter at most.

Q: Does It Come with Extra Knives?

A: FYI, the lathe would come with a complete set of knives which includes one piece of carbide wood lathe tools, one piece of alloy steel wood turning chisel (3 in 1 type), and one piece of twist grooving router bit. If you need more, you can purchase them from us or other vendors. 

Q: How Long Do The Knives Last, As Far As Sharpness?

A: On average, a carbide tool can turn 700 pieces of beechwood spindles before becoming dull. This is a reference value and not an absolute. Because the life of the tool depends on several factors including machining parameters.

Q: Should We Have A Spare Set Of Knives In Case Of Getting Dull?

A: Absolutely, we highly recommend this. A majority of users usually keep 5 extra sets of knives on hand. For the carbide turning tools, you can just keep a few extra blades because the shank is universal and won't break.

Q: Do You Sharpen The Knives?

A: Yes, we do. It just may not be practical for users outside of China to send back their knives for sharpening. This is due to the high cost of express delivery, which could end up being more expensive than buying a new set of knives altogether.

Q: What Software Is Used to Do the CNC Wood Lathe Program?

A: Since the wood lathe controller reads ***.dxf file, as common practice, AutoCAD is used for the wood-turn and broaching programming software. If you have basic knowledge of the CAD system, that would be an effortless job. And even if you didn't use it before, it is not rocket science. Just construct several curves in 2D according to the baluster shape and export them in the format of ***.dxf. For more information, kindly check out our tutorials on how to program for cnc wood lathe. Besides AutoCAD, any software that can export the DXF file can be used as the programming software. 

Please do not worry, even if you are not familiar with AutoCAD. In addition to providing your full set of detailed tutorials, we will guide you with everything you need to know to start your wood lathe online. 

Q: I Use Aspire, Will That Work?

A: Yes, the EagleTec lathe would work well with Aspire program. In addition to that, it also works with AutoCAD. Because the CNC control system can run both G-code and DXF 2D drawings. 

Q: What Do You Recommend Doing To Limit Chattering When Doing A Deeper Cut In The Middle Of A Spindle?

A: The typical measures to minimize chattering include reducing spindle RPM, proper number of passes setup, and reducing the feed rate.

Q: Is the Spindle Motor Water Cooled?

A: The spindle motor is air-cooled 3.5kw, ER25 collets. The acceptable bit range is 1/8" ~ 5/8".

Q: From Where Do You Set Stepdown Times with The Cut Depth Of Each?

A: It is in the lathe machine's controller (RichAuto A132), not in the programming software.

Q: Any Recommendations As Far As Feed Rate/Spindle Speeds For Different Woods?

A: It is case by case. The guiding principle is that on the premise of no wobble, the suggested feed speed and spindle speed are 500 and 3000 RPM (referring to 50 on display). If this parameter cannot meet your turning needs, please make fine adjustments based on the material hardness and workpiece shape characteristics; I believe that after experiments with the speed, rpm, and number of passes to balance the finish, you will get the best practice for the parameters.

Q: Any Woods To Stay Away From That Are Very Difficult To Turn?

A: No, there isn't.

Q: Do You Recommend Using Hardwood Instead Of Softwood For Turnings?

A: Yes. In China, they usually use oak and beechwood for turning, which is hardwood. That's not to say the lathe wouldn't work with softwood.

Q: Would This Machine Be Shipped By Air Or Sea?

A: The machine will be shipped by Sea.

Q: What Type Of Customer Service Is Available If Needed?

A: Customer service can be conducted via live video conference, email, or video. With 15 years of experience in this field, we can speak to you when needed. Technical support can be provided at any time; we can agree on a time that is convenient for both parties. In addition, replacement of the parts are easily available. The warranty is 12 months. We provide deliveries for any damaged parts caused by production or quality defects during the guarantee. P.S. After years of experience accumulation, the machines we built with the most reliable components and the most scientific methods have a very low failure rate. 

Q: What Warranty Does the Lathe Have?

A: It covers a 12-month warranty. During the warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for the broken parts. (exclude Vulnerable parts). For more details, kindly refer to EagleTec Warranty Clause.

Q: Where to Find the Replacement Parts for The Lathe When Warranty Is Over?

EagleTec CNC provides you with support for life! No matter whether you need parts or technical support, we will always be here for you. Just feel free to contact us.

Q: What Is the Lead Time?

A: It is ten business days once the order is placed. 

If you like our 2024 best cnc lathe for wood banisters fabrication, please contact us for a quote.


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