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Mini CNC Wood Lathe for Chair Legs Making

Model: EA-TL1020ST (2nd Generation), EA-TL1015ST (1st Generation)

Category: Woodworking CNC Lathe

Brand: EagleTec Mini CNC Wood Lathe for Chair Legs Making

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: U.S.$4,868 / SET

Price Range: USD4,198 to USD5,598 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: 2 Sets in Stock

Payment Method: T/T, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay

H.S. Code: 84659200.00

Net Weight: 630KGS (2nd Gen); 310KGS (1st Gen)

Popularity: Mini CNC Wood Lathe for Chair Legs Making 4.9 /5 based on 95 reviews



This mini CNC wood lathe is primely used for chair leg turning, artwork making, and hobbies. Although it is a compact style, it is still equipped with one lathe spindle and two woodturning chisels. From this point of view, it has the same configuration as the heavy duty cnc wood turning machine. The Gen 1 mini cnc wood lathe for sale here is more suitable for small-size and light-duty jobs. Our mini lathe Gen 2 was launched on the market in the year 2021. Compared with the Gen 1, it has been upgraded in 4 aspects. Regarding performance, the Gen 2 can be equivalent to the above mentioned heavy-duty lathes, except for a smaller cutting size.

mini cnc wood lathe full view photo

Work Demonstration: Get a Staircase Post Completely Cut with Smallish Size CNC Wood Lathe EA-TL1020ST in Less Than 90 Seconds! (This is the 2nd Gen. On the lower part of the page, you can find a detailed summary of it)

In the video, you'll see the 2nd Gen mini cnc wood lathe gets a piece of stair post processed completely in less than 90 seconds!

For your information, the lathe here can also be made with only a single woodturning tool, according to your needs. To see how the single knife lathe works, please watch the demo below.

Advantage of EagleTec Mini CNC Lathe for Wood

• Independent, mini-style electrical CNC control cabinet. The advantage of a separate cabinet is that it facilitates the maintenance and further repair of the electrical parts.

mini style independent electronic cabinet of small cnc wood lathe - photo

• Construction design of one rotary and two wood-turning tools makes roughing and finishing simultaneously.

small cnc wood lathe with one rotary and two wood lathe tools

• The Y-axis of the small cnc wood lathe adopts the mechanical transmission mechanism of the rolling ball screw, which has high precision and is more suitable for the processing of small workpieces.

mini cnc wood lathe with rolling ballscrew on Y axis - photo

Free Cutters Along with The EagleTec Mini CNC Wood Lathe Machine

EagleTec provides two sets of cutters freely, one set carbide wood lathe tool, and one set alloy woodturning chisel. Both cutters are top quality here.

free accessories for mini cnc wood lathe in the tool box

The Hobby CNC Wood Lathe can be Built to a Smallish Size 150x600mm

red smallish size cnc wood lathe for hobbyist

hobby cnc wood lathe machine ready for delivery

Quick Details of EagleTec Small CNC Wood Lathe Machine

• Woodturning blank diameter from 20mm to 150mm

• Woodturning blank length from 100mm to 1,000mm

• 2.2kw 3-phase asynchronous motor for rotary driving

a 2.2kw three-phase asynchronous motor in the spindle box of the hobby cnc wood lathe

• EagleTec cnc controller special for small wood lathe machine 

• Stepper motor for linear motion axis

• Rolling ballscrew transmission for XYZ 

lots of mini cnc wood lathe base in workshop

Machining Capacity

Wood-turning only. 


Applicable Field

Mini cnc wood lathe is suitable for small size chair legs / table legs making, stair column, artworks, fishing baits (lures), tap handles, and hobbies.

Applicable Material 

All kinds of wood including oak,  red cedar, and beech. 

Mini CNC Wood Lathe Packing Process

2021 New Model (High Package) Is Available Now - The 2nd Generation Lathe

EagleTec-CNC put the novel mini cnc wood turning lathe on the market on July 28, 2021. This new lathe has been upgraded in the following configuration, so it is the high package.

2021 new built mini wood cnc lathe with cast base and dsp control

2021 new mini cnc wood turning lathe built by eagletec cnc

• The base is upgraded from welded to cast iron one, and the weight of the lathe is up to 630kg.

• It is equipped with a pneumatic tailstock and a steady rest. These two items are not available in the standard package.

pneumatic tailstock and a steady rest on mini cnc wood lathe

• The spindle motor is upgraded from 2.2kw to 3.0kw. 


For more details, please click here.

three sets of EagleTec 2nd Generaton mini cnc wood lathe in workshop

How We Pack the Mini Wood CNC Lathe

Features of Mini CNC Wood Lathe for Fishing Lures / Baits

• Control mode is computer numerical control. 

• Numerical controller in particular for wood lathe machines, simple operation. Run DXF drawing directly; no need to make toolpath programming.

individual control cabinet with woodturning controller unit on it

• Original Taiwan HIWIN square linear guides for XYZ. 

• Mechanical thimble clamping device.

• Equipped with the best quality woodturning tools in China, fast cut with a long lifespan. 

Technical Parameter of Benchtop CNC Wood Lathe

Model No.EA-TL1015ST
Lathe TypeLathe for Wood
Control ModeComputer numerical
Machining CapacityWood-turning
Lathe BaseWelded Tube (standard package); Cast Iron (high package)
Maximum Turning Diameter5.9 inches (150mm)
Maximum Clamping Length23.6" or 39.3" (600mm / 1,000mm)
Air-Actuated Tailstockwithout (standard package); with (high package)
Sheath (Steady Rest)
without (standard package); with (high package)
CNC ControllerRichAuto handheld controller / EagleTec controller based on Windows OS
Motor for Rotary Driving2.2kw (standard package); 3.0kw (high package)
Motor for XYZStepper
Stepper DriverLeadshine
Software CompatibilityAutoCAD, Vcarve, Fushion 360, Aspire, ArtCAM, etc. 
Compatible file format***.dxf and G-code files
XYZ TransmissionRolling ballscrew from Taiwan
Linear GuidesTaiwan square linear rails 
Working PowerAC220V/50Hz, Single Ph or customized
Gross Weight347KGS (1st Gen); 670KGS (2nd Gen)
Packing Dimension2200 x 1010 x 1160mm (about 2.57CBM)
PackageFumigation-free wooden box

FAQs about Mini CNC Wood Lathe

Q: Please what is the difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2? Except for the weight, of course.

A: Good question. We made the following improvements on Gen 2, compared with Gen 1.

• The construction/base was upgraded to cast iron from the welded structure, which allows Gen 2 to have much better mechanical rigidity.

• Gen 2 comes with an air-actuated tailstock, while Gen 1 is equipped with a manual type. The air-actuated tailstock is capable of securely holding the workpiece throughout the machining process. A common problem with manual tailstock is that it tends to wobble during machining. This results in decreased pressure from the tailstock, leading to increased vibrations and a failed cut.

• The spindle power is different; Gen 2 is 3KW and Gen 1 is 2.2KW.

• Gen 2 is equipped with a sheath, while Gen 1 doesn’t have that unit.

Q: Is It Possible to Get a 250mm Working Diameter on This Mini Lathe?

A: Yes, EagleTec-CNC can customize a 250mm size for you. Please note that orders for special sizes will take longer than standard sizes.

Q: Can It Make Hollow Bowls (Inside Diameters)?

A: Yes, it can do that. Here is a demo for you.

Q: Are There Attachments For The Stabilizer For Skinny Spindles?

A: There is a central sheath through which the material passes. The wood blank must have a consistent diameter with the sheath. The turning should be done in one pass since, in any following passes, the sheath will no longer be in contact with the workpiece.

Q: Any Recommendations On Feed Rate And Spindle Speed ? Or It All Depends?

A: It all depends. But we can give you some guidelines. The typical feed rate we are using is 500, and the spindle RPM is 3000. This is the parameter we usually use, but not always. We must comprehensively consider factors such as material hardness, cutting depth, and the shape of the wooden spindles, such as whether the wooden posts have very steep details. I believe that through multiple experiments, you will come up with the best processing parameters.

Q: If You Had A Tapered Spindle Would You Want The Skinny End Towards The Motor Or The Other End?

A: The headstock and tailstock of the lathe hold up the two ends of the wood blank respectively. No special arrangement is required for the end facing the motor. We usually place them in consistency with the DXF drawing.

Q: Should You Always Leave A Block On Each End And Cut To Length Later On?

A: It depends. You can also leave no blocks at both ends.

Q: Is It Possible to Install an Std Chuck on To the Drive Section?

A: Yes, you can get a standard chuck attachment with the lathe. So it is possible to install it in the drive section. FYI, the standard chuck can hold a 200mm diameter at most.

Q: I noticed this machine runs with air pressure? Or is this only during the setup? It looks like it needs 0.8MPA for the force, is this pressure required all the time while the machine is running? I don’t have an air setup in my small shop, but maybe I can use an air compressor?

A: Yes, the air-actuated tailstock requires a small air compressor. The air pressure is needed all the time while the machine is running.

Q: I notice the machine is super heavy. Wow, more than I expected. I think I would have to make a stand with wheels. How do your customers handle the weight of the machines? Does it come with a wheel stand? I'm worried about if I ever need to move the machine, it is so heavy.

A: A high-performance lathe must be robust. Because only the heavy lathe will not have a vibration in the process of high-speed turning and offers you a nice and clean finish.

It doesn't come with a wheel stand; you can use a manual hydraulic pallet truck to move the lathe as our customer did. It doesn't make sense to equip it with a wheel stand as this would reduce the rigidity of the lathe and further causes the machine to vibrate while turning.

Q: I was wondering if this lathe comes ready to use out of the crate?

A: Yes, it is. For this mini cnc wood lathe, it comes ready to use. Simply plug it into the electricity, and you can start it.

Q: How long does it take to get the Mini CNC wood lathe that turns table legs?

A: From the machining start, most table legs can be finished in 1 to 3 minutes. This is a rough reference range; the specific time depends on the leg dimension, the diameter of the material, and the material type.

Q: I turn wood. No longer than 20 inches. No greater diameter than 5 inches. Which of your machine do I need?

A: The mini lathe machine here meets your requirement very well. The maximum working size is 5.9” D x 23.6” L (150mm x 600mm).

Q: What Does the Power Cord of this Small CNC Wood Turning Lathe Look Like So I Know What Connection I Need?

A: The hobby cnc wood lathe runs off AC220V/single phase electricity; so it will come with a 220volts plug; It can be American standard or European standard. The picture below is a commonly used American standard plug for your reference. If what you are using is different from this one, we can build the lathe according to your outlet.

American standard power cord for mini cnc wood lathe machine

Q: How Many Plugs Does It Have? One For The Computer And One For The Lathe Motor?

A: There is a 24V power supply for the cnc control system, which is mounted in the electric house, so the cnc controller doesn't need a plug anymore. That means the whole set lathe has one plug only.

Q: Does It Take a Flash Drive to Upload Files?

A: Yes, it does. The small cnc wood lathe would come with a user-friendly cnc controller, which is a handheld unit. The file input is through the USB port.

handheld cnc controller system of hobby cnc wood lathe

Q: Is the Hobby CNC Wood Lathe Only Compatible with AutoCAD Program?

A: The controller supports both ***.dxf file and ***.mmg file.(standard G-code). So it is compatible with any software that can output the two types of files.

Q: Does It Have A PC That Comes With The Machine Or Can We Use One Of Our Own With Our Own Program?

A: The lathe doesn't come with a PC; and you can use one of your own computers to run the AutoCAD program.

Q: Are you able to run the small cnc woodworking lathe without executing a cut path? For instance, if I wanted to sand a piece on the lathe by hand, could I have it spin at the desired RPM?

A: Yes, we are able to run the lathe without executing a cut depth. We can manually start or stop the spindle through the lathe's handheld controller; there is an ON/OFF key for this purpose. We can also adjust the RPM manually by the knob on the control panel so that you can have it spin at the desired RPM.

Q: What is the electric current draw of the lathe?

A: It is 18 Amps.

If you like this mini cnc wood lathe from EagleTec, please contact us for quote now.


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