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Wood Turning Tools for CNC Woodworking Lathe Use

Model: FWCD*L40*R1

Category: CNC Wood Lathe

Brand: EagleTec CNC Best Woodturning Tools for CNC Wood Lathe

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD56.00 / Piece

MOQ: 4 Pieces 

Supply Ability: 2000 Sets Monthly

Availability: 100 Sets ready for shipment (In Stock)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

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EagleTec FWCDxL40xR1 is the best wood turning tools for cnc woodworking lathe machines. The tools contain two parts: blade head and bar. The blade is made of carbide with a hardness of 91.5HRC. Please noted that carbide materials are 20times more durable than white steel and also 10 times that of HSS. Based on this feature, it is the best woodturning tool on market now. We believe that you should always see this tool on the wood cnc lathe.

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best woodturning tools blade head - photo

Video Show of EagleTec Turning Tools for Wood Lathe

Work Demo and Client's Comments for CNC Wood Turning Lathe Tools

Advantages of EagleTec Woodworking Lathe Tools

• 40mm blade length is ideal for deep woodturning and milling when compared with 28mm carbide tips.

best woodturning tools with 40mm blade length - photo

• Blade height is 13mm, which can be grinded more than 50 times, greatly improving its lifespan.

measure carbide blade length and height with calipers

• Each woodturning blade is processed through 20 steps. Each step has strict requirements. The blade is grinded by 6 precision passes. Each fine grinding is via diamond grinding wheels which is more than 500 mesh, to get a mirror edge for each blade.

• The design of the tip arc and the tip cutting groove ensures the smoothness of woodturning.

Production Output of CNC Lathe Woodworking Tools

Each EagleTec best woodturning tools can complete:

• Beechwood - 700 pieces, no burr

• African pear wood wet material - 200 pieces, no burr

Application of Wood Lathe Tools

Applicable Field

For wood-turning. 

Applicable Materials

Beechwood, neutral wood, bamboo, etc.

Package of EagleTec Best Woodturning Tools 

Tools are packed in cartons with tight foam protection; each carton can have 4 pieces tools maximum.

best woodturning tools in packing carton - photo

Quick Details of Best Woodturning Tools for CNC Wood Lathe

• Raw materials: the blade is made of high-quality solid carbide (also known as tungsten)

• Hardness: 91.5HRC

• Tip radius: 1.0mm

• Cutting angle: 17 degree 

• Net weight: 160g

• Blade length: 40mm

• Blade height: 13mm

Useful Tips for Best Woodturning Tools

best woodturning tools on desk - photo

• Before use, please carefully check if there is sand, stone, nails, or other hard objects on the woodturning blank to avoid breaking the carbide blade.

• Before processing, please check the wood blank for dead knots or cracks. Otherwise, it will be easy to get the tips blade stuck when processing. This damages the blades seriously.

• Please fix 4 screws tightly when installing the cutter blade.

• Since the lathe tool tip is made of cemented carbide, it has strong wear resistance and high brittleness, so please avoid the crash and knock on the blade to avoid damage.

• When grinding, please use a professional diamond resin grinding wheel. 


What is the MOQ for this best woodturning tools?

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for this item is 4 pieces.

How long it would take for us to receive this product?

The best woodturning tools here are in stock and ready for fast delivery; it will be sent out by DHL (FedEx or TNT) immediately after payment received. And usually, it would take 3 to 5 business days for you to receive your parcel. 

How can I buy it?

• Contact us for the exact pricing, you will need to advise us of the exact model, the quantity you need (should be no less than MOQ), your location with your zip code together.

• The exact including delivery charges based on your location will be sent to you, with the available payment means as well.

• Please select one acceptable payment means from the options we provided, and advise us that.

• The proforma invoice will be issued to you from us with our account details.

• Make the payment done as per the proforma invoice and inform us. 

• Parcel is sent out from us by DHL or FedEx. Then the tracking number will be updated to you.

If you like the woodturning tools here, please contact us now.


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