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CNC Wood Turning Lathe for Table Leg and Pool Cue Making

Model: EA-TL1530ST4

Category: CNC Wood Lathe

Brand: EagleTec CNC Wood Turning Lathe for Table Leg Making

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD8680.00 / SET

Price Range: USD8680 to USD9980 / SET according to different configuration

Supply Ability: 80 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (Preorder)

Lead Time: 10 days. 

Payment Method: T/T

H.S. Code: 84659200.00

Popularity: CNC Wood Turning Lathe for Table Leg Making4.8 /5 based on 39 reviews



The woodturning cnc machine here is a true 4 axis cnc wood turning lathe for table leg and pool cue making, with one rotary, two knives, adjustable gymbals, and broaching spindle. It has the function of turning, broaching, and engraving, which is a fully functioning machine. The working size is 300mm (Diameter) by 1500mm (Length). The two-knife design increases the turn machining speed by one time. With gymbals and spindle configuration, the lathe machine can complete jobs of broaching and engraving. Best quality cnc wood turning lathe for sale at a good price now.

Compared with 3 axis cnc wood lathe, it has one more function - engraving on the plane surface. The 3 axis and 4 axis mentioned here refer to the maximum simultaneous axis quantity. 

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cnc turning lathe for wood – photo

Demo: How Does This 4 Axis CNC Wood Turning Lathe Work?

The following video consists of two parts primely, the first half is a photos show, and the second half is a real shot of how a lathe works.

Can It Lathe A Pool Cue/Billiard Stick?

Please find the answer in the video below.

The billiard stick turned in the video is only 7mm thick at the small end and 30mm at the big end. Its length is 1300mm. To avoid the workpiece wobble, we set the spindle speed to 700RPM; in order to get a smooth finish, we set the speed of the saw blade tool to 18000. This machining strategy is a perfect lathe solution for long and thin projects. So, EA-TL1530ST4 is a perfect billiard cue lathe. 

What Are the Differences Between 3-axis and 4 Axis CNC Wood Lathe?

• The 3-axis and 4-axis we are talking about here refer to the maximum number of simultaneous axes of the wood lathe. Therefore, 4-axis is capable of four axes simultaneous during processing; while, 3-axis can be only three axes simultaneous.

• The 4-axis turning lathe has an independent stepping motor behind the electric spindle, which enables the spindle to move up and down (as shown on the left of the picture given below); 3-axis doesn’t have this stepper (on the right).

4 axis vs 3 axis cnc wood lathe

• Accordingly, the controllers of the two are different. 4-axis needs to be equipped with 4-axis simultaneous controller, while 3-axis only needs to be equipped with a 3-axis type.

• 4 axes can make the spindle move up and down, but 3 axes cannot. Based on this, 4-axis is capable of engraving on a plain surface just like a cnc wood router.

Advantages of EagleTec CNC Cue Lathe Machine

• AC servo motor is equipped to drive the rotary axis, which is a much better choice than the 3-phase asynchronous motor. Click here to learn the difference between both.

• The wood turning lathe is configured with one rotary, two chisels, and one electric spindle for broaching. See the picture below for details.

cnc wood turning lathe rotary axis with chisels and electric spindle – photo

• There are divisions between the two chisels, one for roughing and one for finishing, which doubles milling speed and throughput.

two chisels mechanism on cnc wood turning lathe – photo

• The mechanism of the gimbal can make the electric spindle work in the horizontal direction and in the vertical direction as well. The picture below is the gimbal.

gimbal mechanism on cnc wood working lathe – photo

• This model is a 4 axis cnc wood lathe, its maximum number of simultaneous axes is also 4 axes. If the 4 axis is not required, please check our 3 axis cnc wood lathe machine.

• Linear motion axes are driven by YAKO YKA2811MA stepping driver. 

yako drivers inside the 4 axis cnc wood lathe electronic cabinet

Quick Details of Table Leg Wood Turning CNC Machine

• One rotary + two knives + one broaching spindle

• RichAuto controller special for 4 axis cnc wood lathe 

• AC servo main motor for rotary 

• Stepper motors for XYZ axes

• YAKO YKA2811MA stepping driver

• Fully cast iron woodturning lathe body

• Working diameter: 20 ~ 300mm

• Working length: 100 ~ 1500mm 

Application of 4 Axis Woodworking CNC Cue Lathe 


Woodturning cnc machine is always applied to pool cues, billiard sticks, billiard cues, stair parts making, wooden furniture parts turning like custom table legs for coffee and end tables, chair legs, bed rails, and occasionally Corinthian column heads, busts. The turned surface is pretty nice and clean, please refer to the following photo. 

cnc wood turning lathe just finish a baluster job – photo

Materials Good for Pool Cue Lathe

Wood in round or square shapes, like beechwood, pinewood, pearwood, American ash, Maple, and more other types of non-metallic materials. 

Machining Capacity of 4 Axis CNC Pool Cue Lathe 

Wood-turning, milling, cutting, broaching, and carving on both plane and round surfaces. 

Free Woodturning Tool Set Provided with the CNC Lathe Wood Turning Machine

We offer users 3 sets of free knives, they are best carbide woodturning tools (capable of turning 700 pieces of beechwood before resharpening), alloy steel wood turning chisels, and broaching bits

Full Set Tutorials Including Program and Hardware is Ready for You Also.

Expert online technical support will be offered to you after purchase. We will guide you through all the things until put your machine into production. And full set tutorials are ready for you. If you have any interest, you can learn them in advance.  

Programming Guide for Wood Turning

Programming Guide for Broaching  

EagleTec Wood Turning Lathe Operation Guide

Package Details of EagleTec Woodturning CNC Lathe

Tightly wrapped with plastic films and then packed into a strong plywood case for delivery.

cnc wood turning lathe set wrapped by plastic films tightly and packed into case

Features of China 4 Axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine

• The cnc wood turning lathe body is fully casting iron to ensure the rigidity, stability, and accuracy of the lathe. In addition to that, all mounting planes are finished through a CNC machining center, not a handjob. 

• Adopting a User-friendly Richauto DSP hand-held controller which is specially designed for woodworking cnc lathe machines. The lathe is operated independently, with no need for a computer.

• Adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw and Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail with high transmitting precision and longevity.

• Rotating speed is adjusted by an inverter, and the speed data is shown on the controlling cabinet panel. 
• One-time tool setting to finish the whole workpiece.

Technical Parameter of 4 Axis CNC Wood Turning Lathe for Table Legs

Model No.EA-TL1530ST4
Machine TypeCNC Woodworking Lathe
Number of RotaryOne - turning 1 wood piece at a time 
Knife QuantityTwo for each rotary (1 roughing tool + 1 finishing tool)
Broaching SpindleElectronic, 3.5kw air-cooled, 18000RPM, ER20
Working Direction of SpindleVertical and horizontal
Woodturning Blank Diameter20 to 300mm (0.78"~11.8")
Woodturning Blank Length100 to 1500mm (3.93"~59")
Drive Motor for Rotary  AC servo, 4.0Kw (5.36HP) / AC380V / 8.2A / 25.5N.m / 6000RPM, <70dB(A)
Motors for XYZStepper 450B (NEMA34)
Drivers for StepperYAKO YKA2811MA
Machining Capacityturn-milling, broaching, turn-broaching, engraving on plain and round surface
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 – 0.8 Mpa
Power Supply RequirementAC380V/3Ph 4 Wires, or AC220V/3Ph or Single Phase | Running Current: 16A
Electric Frequency Requirement50Hz and 60Hz
Circuitry ProtectionShort-circuit protection 
Lathe Net Weight1400KGS
Gross Weight1460KGS
Packing Dimension3150x1220x1680mm  (6.46CBM)
Package MethodPlywood case


FAQs about CNC Pool Cue Lathes for Sale

Q: How Long Does It Take to Ship to the USA?

A: Your order would be put into production on the receipt of the down payment. Both the production and shipping would take 50 days approx. So let's say two months approx.

Q: Can I Get This In 220 3 Phase?

A: Yes, for orders from America, the standard configuration is 220V3 phase.

Q: What Chuck Does the Spindle Use? I'm Referring to The Spindle the 4th Axis?

A: It is ER25 collet.

Q: Can I Order it longer than 59 inches blank length 96 inches or 84 minimum?

A: Yes, you can. We would be able to build it 84 or 96 inches long.

Q: How are your tech support, WhatsApp, and video chat? Time?

A: When it comes to after-sales support, that's our strength. We have a complete system. First, EagleTec CNC will provide a complete set of tutorials along with the cnc cue lathe on a USB drive. They are clear and well-written in English. Most customers can learn how to use it by following the steps shown in tutorials. In addition, our team is ready to guide you through the issues whenever you have questions while learning it. We can do this online through video calls, meetings, group chats, etc. The time depends on the user's requirements.

If you like the cnc wood turning lathe for sale here, please contact us now.  


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