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Best Wood Turning Chisels 3 in 1 Alloy Steel

Model: WTC25x25x200-R0.5; WTC25x25x200-R1.0

Category: CNC Wood Lathe

Brand: EagleTec Best Wood Turning Chisels 3 in 1 Alloy Steel

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD48.00 / SET

MOQ: 2 Sets

Supply Ability: 1000 Sets Monthly

Availability: 100 Sets ready for shipment (In Stock)

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

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The best wood turning chisels for sale here is 3 in 1 alloy steel knife for woodworking cnc lathe using. The material of the chisel head is made of alloy steel, and its hardness reaches 67-69HRC. In comparison, the hardness of general high-speed steel is only 64-66HRC; while the carbide woodturning cutters is 91-91.5HRC. (The hardness standard is based on the hardness of the diamond. The hardness of the diamond is HRC100.) The higher the hardness, the more wear-resistant, the hardness is 1-degree difference, and the wear resistance is very different. 

alloy steel best wood turning chisels - photo

Video show of EagleTec Best Wood Turning Chisels 

Advantage of EagleTec Alloy Steel Best Wood Turning Chisels

• Design of triple construction makes the chisels cut more stable

triples design best woodturning chisels - photo

• Only the blade needs to be replace in future use, which will save money for you.

• Excellent durability, life span is more than 2 times that of ordinary white steel knives.

• Blade hardness is 67~69 HRC.

• The grinding area is small, and the ordinary white wheel can sharpen it.

• Excellent clean cut, our woodturning chisels are ground by precision grinding machines and ultra-fine diamond grinding wheels, which are more durable and durable. No matter what kind of wood is cut, it is superior to other white steel knives.

Size Description of Three-in-one Best Wood Turning Chisels

three-in-one best wood turning chisels – photo

This tool has two sizes in total: R0.5 and R1.0. The difference between the two is mainly the difference in the arc size of the tip. From the finishing effect, R1.0 is relatively smooth; R0.5 can get a stronger line profile.


Materials Good For

Rubber wood, oak, cottonwood, birch, china fir, bubinga, beechwood etc.


Used on cnc wood lathe for wood-turning jobs. Normally used on two-knife cnc wood lathe machines as the roughing tool.

What Parts Does the Best Wood Turning Chisels Consist Of?

three parts of the best wood turning chisels - photo

• The chisel body, which is made of tool steel. This material is selected after our continuous experiments. Tool steel has features of high hardness and toughness, no fracture, no deformation, durable, high precision. 

• The chisel blade, which is made of alloy steel with hardness of 67~69HRC.

• The hold-down strip, which is mode of tool steel also.

Details of EagleTec Triple Best Wood Turning Chisels

Blade: made of alloy steel with hardness 67~69 HRC

Tip Size: R1.0 (2mm), R0.5 (1mm)

Chisel Body: made of tool steel

Outer Dimension: 25x25x200mm

Package: one set chisel in one individual packing

wood turning chisel in individual packing

FAQ Concerning 3 In 1 Best Woodturning Chisels

Can I sharpen it?

Yes, it can be sharpened after long term using and the finish become not smooth.

What is the MOQ for this steel alloy woodturning chisels?

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for this item is 2 sets.

How can I buy it?

• Contact us for the exact pricing, you will need to advise us the exact model, quantity you need (should be no less than MOQ), your location with your zip code together.

• The exact including delivery charges based on your location will be sent to you, with the available payment means as well.

• Please select one acceptable payment means from the options we provided, and advise us that.

• The proforma invoice will be issued to you from us with our account details.

• Make the payment done as per the proforma invoice and inform us. 

• Parcel is sent out from us by DHL or FedEx. Then the tracking number will be updated to you.

If you are looking for this type wood turning chisels, please contact us now.


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