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Fully Automatic Wood Lathe Machine with Auto Feed

Model: EA-TL1530SF

Category: CNC Woodworking Lathe

Brand: EagleTec Fully Automatic Wood Lathe Machine with Auto Feed

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD8580.00 / SET

Price Range: USD8580 to USD9998 / SET according to different configuration

Production Capacity: 100 Sets Monthly

Availability: production started after order confirmation (Preorder)

Lead Time: 10 to 15 days

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

H.S. Code: 84659200.00

Popularity: Fully Automatic Wood Lathe Machine with Auto Feed 4.9 based on 5.0



The woodturning equipment for sale here is a fully automatic wood lathe machine with configuration of auto feed system, one cutter head and one broaching (engraving) head. Autofeed is the biggest advantage of this lathe, with this mechanism, manual loading and unloading is not required any more. Instead of that, it is completely done by itself in auto mode, which increases productivity greatly and saves labor resource for you. In fact, this is the whole point of a truely automatic wood turning machine. 

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cnc automatic wood lathe machine – photo

Demo Video: How EagleTec Automatic Wood Lathe Machine Works

You will understand clearly how the auto feed system works from this video. The demo here shows the complete machining process, from wood turn blank feed to the finished job. I hope you enjoy it!

Q: How many pieces can be turned per hour with the fully automatic wood lathe here?

A: It depends. To answer this question, we have to consider the product length, the wood blank dimension (depending on how many times of stepdown are required), and raw material property (depending on feed speed). Let’s illustrate with an example here; assuming the product is 600mm long, the material is beechwood, and one time stepdown is enough to complete the turning, such being the case, we can run the turning at a speed of 1,200mm/min. It is calculated that the pure turning process takes 30 seconds. Except for turning, auto loading and motor starts actions will take approximately 30 seconds. So we can see that it takes 1 minute to complete 1 piece from beginning to end. And one hour gets 60 pieces. The speed here refers to the one that gets a good quality finish. 

auto feeding cnc wood lathe from EagleTec CNC

Advantages of EagleTec Automatic Wood Lathes

• Whole lathe base is cast in one piece from iron, and this structure is obviously superior to the welded one in rigidity and reliability. All foundation planes are finished through a CNC Mill, not hand-made jobs, to get good accuracy. 

• Self-feeder with an air-actuated clamping system improves the wood-turning output greatly. Additionally, this automatic hopper feed mechanism reduces labor resources, in turn, which reduces labor costs for you. Below are pictures of it.

cnc automatic wood lathe hopper feed

auto wood lathe auto feeding system

• The controller is a hand-held controller (HHC), which is dedicated to fully automatic wood turning lathes from RichAuto. The model is F1XHAND-H06. It has two language options, English and Chinese. We will set its language to English before delivery. The picture below is a photo of it.

Q: Is the External Computer Needed with The System? 

A: We run the lathe with the individual handheld controller; thus, the machine's operation doesn't require an external computer. However, it would help if you had a computer to draw designs in AutoCAD software in your office.

cnc automatic wood lathe machine controller photo

• As you can see in the above photo, the EagleTec wood lathe comes with English labels for operation buttons and switches. EagleTec is a professional in exporting CNC lathes. 

• Combination of one knife head and one spindle head makes the auto cnc wood lathe can do wood-turning, twist grooving, and wood-carving jobs. The electric spindle is 3.5kw (4.7hp) air-cooled. Please refer to the pictures below.

automatic wood lathe spindle and knife part front view – photo

• A steady rest comes with the lathe to fix the thin billets as stable as possible; its diameter is 66mm as default, and other sizes can be built as actual needs.

automatic wood lathe spindle and knife with steady rest

• Rotary axis is driven by a 4.0kw (5.36hp) AC servo motor instead of a 3-phase asynchronous motor. The servo mechanism has many advantages; please click here to check it out. It is the top one thing you should know before buying a cnc lathe for wood.

4kw servo motor as the spindle of the cnc automatic wood lathe

• The X and Y linear motion axes are driven by a combined mechanism of stepper motor (NEMA34) and YAKO YKA2811MA driver. Model. YKA2811MA is the best stepper driver in China; very durable. You will have no issue at all! 

• Independent electronic cabinet design for the automatic wood lathe. Please refer to the following photo. 

yako yka2811ma driver inside the electronic cabinet – photo

electronic box for auto feeding cnc wood lathe

• The wood turning blank is clamped by an air-actuated tailstock, which is very firm and does not fall off. The diameter of the spike is 20mm. Referring to the photos below. 

auto wood lathe pneumatic clamp device right view – photo

cnc auto woodworking lathe pneumatic clamp device left view – photo

Quick Details of CNC Automatic Wood Lathe Machine

• Truly automatic workpiece feeding. (hopper feed)

• Working size 11.81"D x 47"L (300 x 1,200mm)

• One blade head + one electronic spindle head combination

• AC servo 5.36HP (4.0KW) as headstock drive

• NEMA34 stepping motor + YAKO YAK2811MA combination as the X and Y drive

• RichAuto hand-held numerical controller special for auto wood lathe, which can read ***.dxf file without making G-code toolpath for turning and broaching jobs. The communication interface is USB. 

Is It Already Prepared and Ready to Go Once It's Arrived?

EagleTec automatic wood lathe machine is delivered and ready to run. Once it arrives, you need to connect each part to run the machine. The process is like buying a new computer, and you need to connect the monitor with the host and the keyboard with the host. The same goes for our machine. Under our specific tutorials in English, it is very simple.

cnc wood lathe with auto feeder for sale

Wood Lathe Tools Kit Will be Provided for Free

Two sets of wood lathe tools will be provided for free along with this fully automatic wood lathe machine; they are best carbide cutters for woodturning (capable of turning 700 pieces of beechwood before sharpening) and arch type router bit for broaching/fluting.

Packing List of EagleTec Automatic Wood Turning Machine

In addition to the two types of cutters, the free accessories also includes the following items.

Toolbox – 1 Piece

USB flash with specific tutorials from hardware to software in English – 1 Piece

Limit sensor – 1 Piece

ON/OFF button – 1 Piece

Emergency switch – 1 Piece

Spanner – 1 Piece 

Expert Global Support for EagleTec Fully Automatic Wood Lathe Machines

Our team will guide you in everything from programming to lathe operation after you purchase from us. For your information, the software for the program we are using is AutoCAD. It is simple, just construct several curves and straight lines with the specific measurements you need and then export it with the extension name ***.dxf. If you are interested in learning how to program it in advance, you can check that out here:

Woodturning project tutorials 

Broaching tutorials 

In addition to the tutorials, our technical support team is ready to guide you with everything you need to know to start your wood lathe. You can rest assured that you will get constant support or service from us.

Can we use our own software for wood lathe programming?

Of course, yes. Actually, no matter whether you are using AutoCAD or other software options, just be aware that any software that can export DXF format will work well with the lathe. 

Application of Fully Automatic Wood Turning Machines for Sale


EagleTec CNC automatic wood lathe machine is widely applied to joinery to produce in volume turned posts, finials, fence capitals, post capitals, gable finials, turned corbel, table legs, newel posts, handrails, wooden banister, ladder rungs, stair parts, and more other turned products. The turning finish is smooth and clean; the following photos are the turned projects without polishing/sanding yet. 

balustrade and furniture legs finished by fully automatic wood lathe

Materials Good for

It is capable of turning square and round (dowel) wood such as beechwood, cedar, pearwood, pinewood, American ash, Maple, and natural wood. For your information, the hopper feed unit also works with dowel (round) pieces. 

Machining Capacity of CNC Automatic Wood Lathe

Wood turning, milling, carving, twist grooving, and carving relief on regular round wood. 

How We Pack It?

The package is safe and robust enough for a long-time sea shipment. The proper shipping way for such lathe machines is by Sea. All the EagleTec CNC lathe machine is packed in this way:

• First, tightly wrapped by PVC films for waterproofing.

• Second, the lathe is fixed on the steel pallet by several plywood stakes to ensure the lathe will not move inside the case.

• Third, the whole set is packed into a strong plywood case.

Features of Automatic Woodworking Lathe with Auto Feed

• Fully automatic design with hopper feed device, output increased, and labor cost decreased.

• Capable of wood-turning, broaching, and relief-carving jobs.

• Adopting RichAuto controller dedicated for auto feed cnc wood lathe machines, which can read DXF files directly, no need to make toolpath (G Code).

• EA-TL1530SF is a 2 axis CNC controlled construction as it has one chisel head only.

• Lathe body is fully cast by iron, so the construction is strong enough for high-speed wood-turning production.

• Advanced servo motor mechanism connecting to rotary with timing belt replaces the old structure of 3-phase asynchronous motor connection to rotary via the clutch mechanism. The positioning accuracy of the lathe is much better and more stable, and the misalignment problem does not happen anymore.  You can check the complete details out here: the first thing you should know before buy a cnc wood lathe

Buyer's Guide

If you need to perform turning and then twist/fluting, please go with a wood lathe equipped with a milling spindle, like the EA-TL1530SF here; if you only need to do turning in your production, then you can buy a lathe without a milling spindle to avoid wasting money on useless configurations. EagleTec CNC will build your lathe exactly to your needs.

How to make an EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe Work?

This mainly covers four major steps.

Step 1. According to the shape and size of the wooden spindle you want to make, we first create a drawing that matches the shape and size of the desired product in AutoCAD and save it as a file in ***.dxf format.

Step 2. We save the completed DXF file on a USB flash drive, then insert it into the USB port of the wood lathe controller.

Step 3. Do the setup work before auto processing, which primely includes setting XY=0, turning speed, cut depth of each pass, etc.

Step 4. Run the file, and the lathe will start working automatically.

Daily Maintenance List

Daily maintenance mainly includes the following three points:

Point 1. Clean the sawdust falling on the machine transmission parts every day to ensure the accuracy of the transmission components and extend their life.

Point 2. Check the wear of turning and fluting tools regularly and replace them in time.

Point 3. Do lubrication for the lathes regularly.

Technical Parameter of EagleTec Automatic Wood Lathe Machine

Model No.EA-TL1530SF
Lathe TypeFully automatic lathe machine that turns wood
Knife QuantityOne knife
Woodturning Blank DiameterRange from 20 to 300mm (from 0.79" to 11.81")
Woodturning Blank LengthRange from 100 to 1200mm (from 3.94" to 47.24")
Acceptable Diameter for Hopper Unit30 to 100mm (from 1.18" to 3.93")
Acceptable Length for Hopper Unit200 to 1200mm (from 7.87" to 47.24")
Rotary Axis QuantityOne rotary axis - turns one wood piece at a time
Broaching (Engraving) Head4.7HP (3.5kw) air-cooled, variable rate from 0 to 18,000RPM
Max. Simultaneous Axis QuantityThree
Drive Motor for Head StockAC Servo 4.0Kw (5.36HP) / AC380V / 8.2A / 25.5N.m / 6000RPM, <70dB(A)
CNC ControllerRichAuto F1X HAND-H06 with USB interface
Machining CapacityWood-turning, broaching, relief-carving on round
X Y Axes MotorNEMA34 stepper
Communication Code***.dxf
Inverter1 Piece
Tail Stock
Air actuated tailstock
Spike Diameter20mm (the smallest part only)
Sheath Diameter66mm (other sizes can be built as requested)
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Working PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Ph 4 Wire (AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph or Single Phase)
Power Consumption10KW
Circuit ProtectionShort-circuit protection, Overload protection
Net Weight1450KGS
Gross Weight1520KGS
Lathe Foot Print161"L x 56"W x 71"H (4100 x 1400 x 1800mm)
PackageFumigation-free wood case
Packing Dimension3150 x 1710 x 1480mm (7.97 CBM around)

FAQs Regarding EagleTec Automatic Wood Lathe Turning Machine

Q: What Is the Shortest Piece in Length We Can Process with The Auto Feed?

A: The shortest piece in length you can process is 100mm.

Q: Does It Come with An English Label For Operation Buttons And Switches?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Is the RichAuto-AutoNow-F136B Hand-Held Controller in An English Firmware And Software?

A: Yes, it has two language options: English and Chinese. We will set its language to English before delivery.

Q: Does this lathe come with an English manual for operation?

A: Yes, it does. A complete set of manuals, including text and video will be provided to you on a USB drive. Below is a demo for your reference. 

Q: Does this lathe work with Vcarve software?

A: The lathe can run files of two formats: DXF and G-code. The output code of Vcarve is G-code. So, it can work with Vcarve also.

Q: Are there optional items required for the machine's operation but not included in the specification?

A: The air compressor is required for the lathe's operation but not included in the default configuration. There are air compressors in most of the workshops. Except for this, there are no other optional items.

Q: Can the wooden lathe machines run without the compressor?

A: As both the auto-feed system and air-actuated tailstock need compressed air to move, the automated wood lathe here can't run without the air compressor.

Q: How do troubleshoot if the lathe goes wrong?

A: Our team will guide you directly to diagnose the issue by means of live chat, email, PDF, or video instructions. So kindly contact us when your lathe has an issue; usually, you will get a solution within 24 hours. Since we have been focusing on wood lathes for more than 10 years, everyone on our team is an expert at troubleshooting. You will risk nothing if you work with us.

Q: What Is the Warranty for EagleTec Automatic Wood Turning Machine?

A: All wood turning machines for sale from EagleTec are covered with a 12-month warranty since departure. During the warranty, you will enjoy free replacement for any broken parts, excluding the Vulnerable parts. You can check more here: EagleTec Warranty Terms

Q: Where to find the replacement parts for the wood lathe turning machine after the warranty?

A: We are always here for you to offer the replacement parts along with the best support. Whenever you need it, just contact us. 

Q: How is the automatic stair chair wood turning lathe package?

A: It is safe and robust enough for a long-time sea shipment. The proper shipping way for such a lathe machine is by Sea. The automatic wood turning lathe machine is packed in this way:

First, tightly wrapped in PVC films for waterproofing.

Second, the lathe is fixed on the steel pallet by several plywood stakes to ensure the lathe will not move inside the case.

Third, the whole set is packed into a strong plywood case. 

Q: What is the payment term if we deal?

A: A 40% deposit is required to start the production; when the lathe is ready, photos and videos will be sent to you for inspection. And then, the balance payment should be made by T/T before delivery. 

If you like this automatic wood lathe machine here, please contact us now.


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