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How to Use CNC Wood Lathe Machine – Everything You Need to Know

Publish Date: May. 14, 2021 Author: Liam Publisher: EagleTec CNCModify Date: May. 14, 2021

Some time ago, we posted practical cnc wood lathe tutorials part 1, and now we move on to the other part, which is the second part. These two chapters constitute a complete set of cnc wood lathe operation tutorials. Hope it helps.

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Let's dive into the details of each step.

Step 1. How to Clamp the Wood Blank Perfectly


• Please leave a gap of 1 to 2 cm in this place

• Tighten the nut to lock the tailstock position for cnc wood lathe machine

• Lock complete

• Check the air pressure value, it should be 0.6 Mpa

• Pull this lever first

• Press this button to activate the air to hold the workpiece tightly

• Clamping Complete

Step 2. How to Set Stop Position and Offset Correctly


• Move X/Y/Z to a reasonable and safe position

• Press combination keys of “Mode & 8” to set the current location as the stop position, and then press button “OK”, complete.

• Run the two knives to touch the wood blank corners. Turn the blank by hand to make the two wood lathe knives scratch the wood separately.

• Measure the distance between the two scratches; this is the exact spacing between the two tools, which is the offset value we need to set in the cnc wood turning machine handheld controller.

• Do setup in DSP, press MENU key, select USER PARAM SETUP, select MACHINE SETUP, and select OFFSET, input the value we got, and press OK, complete.

Step 3. X/Y/Z Clear – Set the Start Point of The Woodturning


• The start position of XYZ in the program is the process origin we should set up here.

• Move X, Y, and Z to the start position one by one by press the keys [X+] [Y+] [Z+].

• Pro Tip: The rule is to make the tips of the two wood turning tools just touch the corners of the wood.

• Press [XY-0], then Press [OK] to set up the origin of X and Y.

• Press [Z-0], then Press [OK] to set up the origin Z.

Step 4. Load the Design and Start Auto Turning


• Press Mode and 9 both keys same time, we will enter into the dialog SelectWorkFile.

Friendly reminder: before selecting files, please save your design file in USB flash and insert it into your cnc woodworking lathe controller handheld unit.

• We will enter the USB flash file list, find the right file, and then press OK.

• We enter into Set work parameters menu, suggested feeding rate: X – 500mm/min, Y – 1200mm/min, Z – 500mm/min. Please set it accordingly.

• Please twist the knob next to the emergency stop switch to set up the proper RPM for woodturning.

• Press OK. The system checks the processing code and starts turning when the checking is complete.

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See you next time.

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