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Best Wood Bowl Turning Lathe CNC Machine for Sale

Model: EA-TL1530B PRO

Category: CNC Wood Lathe

Brand Name: EagleTec CNCBest Wood Bowl Turning Lathe CNC Machine for Sale

Condition: New Condition

Reference Price: USD8580 / SET

Price Range: USD8580 to USD11180 / SET in accordance with Different Configuration

Supply Ability: 200 Sets Monthly

Availability: PreOrder - Put into production on receipt of down payment

Payment Method: T/T, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Trade Assurance

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Brief Description­­

EA-TL1530B PRO is a wood turning cnc machine for the bowl-like object, vase, cup, mug, goblet, furniture leg, and baluster production engineered to process turning and broaching out of the woods. Thanks to the auto tool change option and 3-jaw chuck design, they allow the lathe to turn the outside and inside the project. The equipped electric tool rest on Z-axis can accommodate up to 4 pieces of different woodturning tools and perform automatic tool change actions. There is a fixed lathe saddle on the X-axis; Thus, the bowl lathe can simultaneously use two tools to turn the outside of the workpiece. One serves as roughing and the other for finishing; it dramatically improves productivity. Best wood bowl turning lathe cnc machine for sale with unmatched after-sales support now! 

If you are looking to purchase a woodworking lathe for bowls/plates/cups turning only, please check the model EA-T5030

cnc wood bowl turing lathe for sale with best support


Demo – Wooden Bowl Turning On Lathe EA-TL1530B PRO

It shows how a wooden bowl was turned on the lathe from beginning to end. The turning process is divided into two parts: the first part is turning the outside, which is done by the two tools on the X-axis and the Z-axis. The second part is the internal turning, which is completed by another two knives on the Z-axis. The automatic tool change action is also performed in the process. Enjoy it!

You may ask: Why Do You Say This Is The Best CNC Wood Bowl Turning Lathe?

best cnc wood bowl turning lathe ready to delivery in plant

Compared with conventional woodturning cnc bowl lathes, our machine has the following three benefits.

• Larger turning area – 11.8” D x 59” L (300x1500mm)

• Coming with auto tool changing option (electric rotation tool rest) – It can "stitch" together multiple different profile cuts to run consecutively. In other words, the machine can get various programs to run one after the other. In this case, the lathe can complete multiple turning processes without stopping, for example, the bowl's outer and inner turning. This option significantly improves the productivity of the machine.

cnc wood lathe with electric rotation tool rest

• Fully cast iron lathe base - This kind of base has advantages when machining some large-size workpieces because it is self-heavy and has no welds. Hence, the machine has muscular rigidity; The woodturning cnc lathe is stable without vibration during high-speed processing.

woodturning cnc lathe with cast iron base

Application of Bowl Turning Lathes for Sale

Applicable Field

It is perfect for making bowls, vases, cups, mugs, goblets, jars, vessels, furniture legs, balusters, posts, columns, and sofa feet out of wood elements.

Applicable Materials

It is suitable for working on all kinds of wood, square or circular (dowel).

Projects completed by the CNC Wood Bowl Lathes

lathe turned bowls and vases

Specification Details of Woodturning CNC Bowl Making Lathe

• The wood lathe is equipped with an independent floor-standing electrical control cabinet.

wood lathe with independent electric cabinet

• The X/Y/Z motion axes are all powered by super torque stepper motors.

high torque stepper motors on Y and Z axes

• The machining cell includes an operating unit (rotary) and two pieces of tool rests. One of the tool carriers is an electric one that can perform automatic tool change action. What is more, it can get 4 different turning gouges accommodated.

machining cell details of woodturning cnc bowl making lathe

• With dual tool rests, the lathe can turn the job with two cutters; one serves as the roughing tool, and the other as the finishing knife. This design is also considered from the perspective of improving productivity. It is twice the speed of machining with one cutter only.

woodturning cnc with dual tool rest design

• The machine is coming with a steady rest. Its function is to ensure that the wood piece does not swing under high-speed rotation, thereby ensuring the turning's accuracy. The sheath is essential when turning slender projects.

• Both spike and chuck can be attached to the headstock per your production needs. 

one 4-jaw chuck attached to the headstock

• A 4kw three-phase asynchronous motor drives the 3-jaw chuck headstock.

3-jaw chuck headstock of the best wood bowl turning lathe

• Air actuated tailstock on a sliding carriage can flexibly clamp different lengths of blanks.

air actuated tailstock on the bowl turning lathe

• The equipment adopts a GXK brand CNC controller, particularly for cnc wood lathe machines with double feed cutters. It comes with an auto tool change option and a manual pulse generator. The operation language is English. And all the parts are labeled in English. 

GXK lathe CNC controller for wood bowl turning cnc lathe

best wood lathe for turning bowls

Quick Details of Best Wood Lathe For Turning Bowls

• One operating unit with a 4kw three-phase asynchronous motor

• 3-Jaw chuck headstock and air-actuated tailstock

• Larger turning area – 11.8” D x 59” L (300x1500mm)

• Fully cast iron lathe base

• Dual two rests – 1 electric plus 1 conventional

• Auto tool change function

• Two cutters can feed simultaneously  

• GXK brand CNC controller with MPG

• With a center sheath

• High torque stepper motors and YAKO YKA2811MA drivers on X/Y/Z

best lathe for bowl turning in workshop

Free Accessories Coming with the Best Wood Lathe for Turning Large Bowls

All the free accessories would come with the lathe in a toolbox. They usually include a USB drive with tutorials inside, spanners, cutters (carbide turning tools), on/off button spare, relay spare, emergency stop switch spare, etc.

free accessories coming with the bowl turning lathe

Package Details of Best Lathe for Turning Bowls

• Stack the electrical cabinet on the lathe and get it well fixed there.

• Load the lathe on the pallet and get it fixed with bolts.

• Wrap the lathe tightly with wrapping film.

• Nail the wooden crate.

best lathe for turning bowls under packing process

We Provide You Unmatched After-sales Support with EagleTec Best Bowl Lathe Wood Turning CNC Machine

• We will guide you through everything from the beginning until you put your bowl turning lathe into production.

• A full set user manual in English from hardware to software is provided to you along with the lathe. It is a specific, practical, step-by-step tutorial for your exact machine, not a general, meaningless one for many models. Beginners can master the operation by following our instructions.

• If you still have questions, we can guide you online via video chat, video tutorials, text guides, etc.

cnc wood lathe for bowl and table legs

Technical Parameters of Best Bowl Turning Lathe For Sale

Model No.EA-TL1530B Pro
TypeCNC Wood Turning Lathe
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Three
Operation UnitOne
Tool Rest QtyTwo - One electric & One Regular
Electronic Tool RestFor performing auto tool change action, can accommodate 4 lathe cutters maximum
Machine BaseCast iron and milled by metalworking CNC machining center
Turning Diameter0.79" to 11.81" (20mm to 300mm)
Turning Length3.94" to 59" (100mm to 1500mm)
Broaching HeadOptional
Lathe Spindle 4kw three-phase asynchronous motor 
Headstock3-Jaw chuck or spike 
TailstockAir actuated 
X/Y/Z MotionNEMA34 stepper motors with belt gear
X/Y/Z DriverYAKO YKA2811MA
X/Y/Z Linear Guideway20mm square type
ControllerGXK with MPG
Acceptable File***.dxf, ***mmg
Air Pressure Requirement0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Circuit ProtectionShort-circuit protection, Overload protection
Electronic CabinetIndividual, with cooling fans
Lubricating SystemWith
Net Weight1350KGS
Gross Weight1420KGS
PackageFumigation-free wood case
Working VoltsAC380V/3Ph, or AC220V/3Ph, 50&60Hz, or Make to order
Lathe Foot Print137"L x 67"W x 78"H (3500L x 1700W x 2000H)
Packing Dimension3100*1350*1470mm (6.15CBM Approx.)

FAQs about the Best Lathe For Bowl Turning

Q: What The Largest File Size I Can Use Is?

A: The controller manual says the program capacity is 56MB and can contain 400 procedures (including subroutines and macro programs).

Q: What is the largest diameter and depth size wood bowl that can be created?

A: The wood bowl making machine can turn 300mm in diameter at maximum. When turning a bowl or vase, only one end of the workpiece is clamped. Therefore, when it exceeds a certain length, the workpiece will swing. For this reason, it is safe to say the maximum depth is 200mm. However, if you make tooling for these workpieces, the maximum processing depth can be increased to 300mm or even 400mm.

tools for turning the inside of the wood bowl

Q: This Bowl Lathe for Sale Unfortunately Is Too Large For My Need; Because My Working Shop Is Small I Don't Have a Large Area To Work.

A: EagleTec CNC also has a mini cnc wood lathe that is perfect for wooden bowl making.

Q: Is It Already Prepared And Ready To Go Once It's Arrived?

A: The woodturning cnc bowl making lathe is packaged and shipped as a whole; therefore, no intricate assembly work is required. It just needs an effortless installation once it's arrived. To mount a small part by fixing screws under our detailed tutorials. This piece would be taken off to decrease package case height and, in turn, to save port charges and freight for you.

Q: Does The Wood Turning CNC Machine Include Packaging And Computer Software?

A: Yes, the lathe has a seaworthy plywood case as the package.

The programming software for this lathe is regular AutoCAD. In case you are using it in your daily work now, you can continue to use your one; if you do not have that, we will provide you the program along with the machine. And a full set of tutorials would be sent to you to guide you through everything from software installation to how to program.

cnc wood turning lathe for making bowls  and custom balusters

Q: Are Your Wood Lathe for Making Bowls Built By Hand Or By A Milling Machine?

A: To minimalize the manufacturing tolerance as much as possible, all basal planes for mounting are finished by a metalworking CNC machining center, especially the plane for mounting linear rails and racks. They're vital to the lathe's accuracy. For more details, please visit how we build CNC

Q: Would You Be Able To Make This Wood Lathe On 1 Phase With A 4kw Motor?

A: Yes, we can build the machine on a single-phase with a 4kw lathe motor as you requested. Please also note that the single-phase will make the power of the lathe relatively weaker. Of course, the single-phase lathe would work fine with the turning jobs; however, it is not as strong as 3-phase power. Therefore, the 3 phase is the first option for you if it is possible.

If you like the cnc wood bowl turning lathe for sale here, please ask for a free proposal now. 


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