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CNC Wood Lathe Reviews

Last Purchase Date: Dec. 18, 2018 Last Purchase Item: cnc wood lathe From: Bahrain

“Wood lathe good”

Story Between Us

Mr. Hussain is my good brother; we have known each other for many years. The cnc wood lathe he bought from us with configuration like this: 

Computerized wood lathe EA-TL1530ST

• Working piece diameter range 20 to 300mm

• Working piece length range 100 to 1500mm

• One rotary + Two knives

• 4.0KW AC servo motor for rotary

• Original HSD electronic spindle 3.0kw

• Stepper motor

• YAKO YKA2811MA drivers for stepper

To learn more details of the wood lathe he took, please click here.

He is a newbie for wood lathe machine, after he got the lathe, our technical-support team guide him everything he need to know to put the lathe into production from programming to hardware. One week later, he can operate very well. After using the machine for 3 months, we checked with him how the machine works. He said “wood lathe good”. Screenshot of our dialog is below:

eagletec cnc wood lathe reviews screenshot

CNC Wood Lathe Located in His Workshop

eagletec cnc wood lathe in Bahrain – photo

Some Finished Jobs Made by Him During We Guide Him How to Use the Machine

woodturning jobs made with cnc wood lathe - photo


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